CLMBR02 Connected

CLMBR02 Connected: Discover the All-in-One Fitness Solution

You’re in the right place if you’re searching for a machine that offers a high-intensity, low-impact workout! The CLMBR02 Connected is a feature-rich elliptical with a smaller footprint than most others. The handles and pedals move vertically, working your entire body.

Additionally, you can use all available handles to perform targeted training. I think it’s great that it helps you maintain good posture when working out because it keeps you upright and your spine neutral. In this CLMBR review, I will discuss our team’s observations of the machine following our testing. To learn everything there is to know about the CLMBR, continue reading.

Unique Benefits of CLMBR02 Connected

With 11 magnetic resistance levels, exciting lessons, and vertical climbing, this CLMBR machine provides a distinctive, immersive exercise experience. Its big HD touchscreen, configurable features, and compact form guarantee a challenging but pleasurable training trip.

Comparison to Other Machines

The CLMBR02 Connected uses a vertical rising motion, which engages more muscle areas simultaneously for a thorough full-body workout than standard ellipticals or stair climbers. It offers a customized workout experience with interactive lessons and customizable features that boost motivation and outcomes. Its small size allows it to be used at home, saving room and providing a high-intensity, low-impact workout.

Highlights of CLMBR02 Connected

Warranty: 1 Year 

The Limited Warranty for CLMBR products covers various components for one year from the date of purchase or delivery, whichever is later. This includes the touchscreen/display, frame (excluding moving parts), components, power supply, and hardware such as screws.

Replacement parts are covered for the remainder of the original warranty period or 45 days, whichever is longer. CLMBR also covers labor costs for repairs or replacements for one year.


  • Height: 88”
  • Base Dimension: 35″ x 32″
  • Max User Height: 84 inches
  • Weight: 180 lbs
  • Max User Weight: 350 lbs
  • Resistance: 11


Although there have been vertical climbers for a while, none truly match the CLMBR 02 Connected, the most immersive vertical climber available for homes today. This machine provides a whole-body, high-intensity aerobic workout and resistance training. In fact, according to CLMBR, 86% of your muscles are used during a single workout, burning a significant amount of calories quickly.

Users can have an immersive experience using a vast interactive screen. Customers can purchase a membership to access exclusive on-demand workouts on their online fitness platform. Additionally, you may use any Alexa-enabled device to connect to the app and start, pause, stop, or continue an active climb.

CLMBR02 Connected
CLMBR02 Connected

With the CLMBR’s integrated sound system, you can stay engaged and connected while working out in various ways. Set your fitness benchmarks and use the CLMBR app—for which you must pay a monthly subscription—to keep yourself on track. This app allows you to track your fitness measurements and evaluate your progress anytime.

Convenient and practical, the CLMBR02 Connected features three ergonomic grip positions, oversized, textured pedals, and caster carriage wheels. However, it has a high price tag and is offered in three distinct bundles with marginally varying features: Base, Peak, and Summit. It’s also disappointing that the CLMBR only provides a one-year warranty.  



The frame and stabilizers make the CLMBR02 Connected an exceptional vertical climber. The handles and pedals of other vertical climbers, such as the VersaClimber, Cascade Climber, and MaxiClimber, are typically coupled to a single vertical frame. In this conventional design, you must straddle the frame to move the handlebars and pedals. When utilizing the CLMBR, two vertical beams in the frame are positioned on either side of you. The console, pedals, and handles are attached.

CLMBR02 Connected
CLMBR02 Connected Frame

We didn’t feel any shaking. Adjustable leveling feet assist you in planting the CLMBR on the ground. Overall, this design makes sense and is a pleasant improvement over typical vertical climbers.


The circular, textured pedals have an optional foot strap system. You can turn the pedal over without the straps or adjust the foot straps to fit over the top of your shoe.

Either way, the pedals function perfectly, but we advise using the straps for a more secure use of the CLMBR02 Connected. Nonetheless, you need to ensure they are somewhat flexible around your feet. Using them, in my opinion, keeps my feet firmly planted on the pedals.

The pedals’ diminutive size is the only issue we have with them. My feet fit perfectly on the pedals, and I wear a women’s size 7 shoe. One of our reviewers has a men’s size 13 shoe, and his boots protrude a little from the pedals. Although it doesn’t stop him from using the CLMBR, larger or taller users could benefit more from a longer pedal.


With a 21.5-inch HD reconfigurable touchscreen, the CLMBR02 Connected is a tremendously tech-driven device. The sound system is quite loud for its tiny size, and both the music and instructions are audible.

Bluetooth-capable gadgets, such as smartphones, fitness trackers, and headphones, can be linked to the machine. The CLMBR02 Connected has a good feature that asks whether you want to connect to anything via Bluetooth before starting a class. 


This vertical climber offers a great deal of adjustability around the handles. The pedals and moving handles move together. You may set them to suit your needs best because they adjust in 1″ increments. When wearing shoes, I stand at around 5’1″; thus, I must move the handles to the lowest position. Standing at 6’5″, the tallest reviewer sets them to the highest level.

For people taller than 6’4″, extender handles are available for purchase separately. These will probably help provide tall users with a complete range of motion. These grips seem useful, even though our tallest reviewer (seen above) could operate the CLMBR02 Connected.

These handles provide three alternative grip options (neutral, pronated, and supinated), which I particularly appreciate. You can use this to work your arms and back muscles differently. These handles fold up to make them out of the way for focused training and lower body isolation. This is quite simple: just push the button on each handle. I can usually fold them up during a class quickly, but occasionally, I have to use two hands to accomplish this.

When these handles are folded up, you have several options for stationary handles to hold onto. The most noticeable feature of the CLMBR02 Connected is the long dip bars that stretch behind and to either side of you.

I can still use these to strengthen my triceps depending on how much weight I place on my hands instead of my legs. The dip bars have a slight texture compared to the handles, which move more smoothly.

The other handles are integrated into the crossbar where the screen is placed, holding the device tray. When you face the CLMBR02 Connected and look at the screen, they are out of sight because they are on the backside. Before enrolling in a CLMBR course, I was unaware of their existence.

The little handles are helpful for underhand gripping. You grasp the plastic covering the crossbar rather than holding the handle with an overhand grip. This is good, but if you want to work primarily on your lower body, you should probably not be gripping these handles too hard. Instead, make the plastic a little rounder or perhaps textured to improve your grip.

Overall, I think the range of handles is excellent, and having more than six grip options makes this one of my favorite aspects of the CLMBR’s design.


The resistance can be changed via the crossbar’s dial. You can feel and hear each adjustment as it’s made, and it’s easily accessible. The CLMBR02 Connected uses eleven levels of magnetic resistance. While we did not see much difference between some minor resistance levels, there is undoubtedly a difference between level 1 and level 11. Although level 11 offers resistance, it isn’t the strongest, and level 1 feels like there isn’t any. This is not to say that the CLMBR won’t provide you with a challenging workout—quite the contrary—it will.

After using this machine for ten minutes, all of our testers were perspiring and struggling to breathe. This is primarily due to the machine’s vertical motion; thus, it’s undoubtedly an excellent high-intensity aerobic workout. Be aware that the resistance isn’t as high as on other devices, such as certain ellipticals we have tested.


  • Adjustable 21.5-inch HD touchscreen
  • Fun and exciting shows with well-known songs
  • Speaker integrated inside the display
  • compatible with devices made by Apple and Android
  • Bluetooth compatibility
  • Available financing options
  • Eleven magnetic resistance settings


  • The incredibly challenging assembling procedure
  • Very brief warranty of one year
  • Starting at $3,495, prices increase for more comprehensive packages.

User Experience

Here is the CLMBR02 Connected review by an owner

John John from the United States states: Love this machine. Very low profile, solid, attractive, and doesn’t take up much space. Also bought the mat designed for it separately.

Installation wasn’t too bad. The BILT app makes it pretty easy to put together. One person could install it, but having two people helps.

The only somewhat frustrating thing about this machine is the software. From a usability and look standpoint, the software is good. Also, the monitor is pretty bright and big. However, it doesn’t look like they tested the software much. It will frequently run into Network Connection issues, etc

What has worked for me is always shutting it down after I’m done using it. Works most of the time that way. Fully unplug it overnight and reset it if you still have issues.

Overall, I’m happy with it. The workout is serious and unique and takes very little space.


The CLMBR02 Connected is an enjoyable tool with engaging classes that mimic the Peloton experience. However, there are a few unsatisfactory aspects, such as the short warranty, assembly problems, and incompatibility for taller people. I believe that the CLMBR02 Connected has the potential to be a serious competitor in the future with a few adjustments (and a more extended warranty).


Does the CLMBR Make Sense?

It is worthwhile if you have additional cash and are looking for something exciting and different. This machine isn’t meant for the occasional exerciser looking for a durable piece of gear.

What Does A CLMBR Cost?

CLMBR increases in price if you buy a bundle, starting at about $3,495 in total. However, CLMBR does provide financing options through Affirm for as little as $70 a month.

Is Exercise Effective With A Vertical Climber?

Yes, working out on a vertical climber is fantastic! These are great machines to increase your heart rate and burn calories.

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