It is for runners who want a sturdy, folding treadmill with simple features and technology. This treadmill is meant for heavier athletes or long-distance runners. Due to its robust construction, it is a long-lasting treadmill.

Sole F80 Folding Treadmill

Sole F80 is the most popular treadmills on the market in its segment. This machine is a favored choice at a large number of hotels, further cementing its image as high-quality equipment.

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The Sole F80 treadmill, which is manufactured by Sole, is simple to set up and comes with a variety of features that make your indoor exercise pleasant, entertaining, and pleasurable. Bluetooth speakers, cooling fans, a tablet tray, a USB connection, 15% inclination, and a Cushion Flex Whisper Deck to minimize joint impact are just some of the features available.

It has a steel frame. If you are looking for quality construction, and don’t need the extra tech and online subscription options this machine is for you. Sole F80 is a quiet treadmill and quiet light as well.

The Sole F80 has side and cross beams beneath the deck for strength. The sturdy running track is securely planted on the ground. It is very sturdy and allows for little movement while a runner is jogging up an incline. The F80’s railings are epoxy-covered steel, unlike other treadmills that feature plastic molded handrails.

Sole F80 Treadmill Review

F80 Construction – Exceptional

F80 has a very robust build, giving the management enough confidence to allow life long warranty on the frame, deck, and motor. So there is no doubt that it is long-lasting. For the same reason, it is used in hotels as well. The company’s sole focus is on quality rather than bells and whistles.

F80 White LCD – Easy on Eyes

It has a clean white backlit 9” LCD and has 10 workout options. With the LCD on the treadmill, you can see real-time data to keep track of your progress toward your objectives. The simple LCD shows your distance, incline, pace, speed, total time, pulse, number of calories burnt, and heart rate. The screen may show laps, vertical, segment time, or data scan.

While it is not a touchscreen, the big numerals are easy to read.

F80 Heavy Duty Motor – 3.5 CHP – For long runs & more power

The F80’s motor is excellent for longer trips and heavier users who need more power. This treadmill can readily handle long runs, interval and incline training. With a 3.5 CHP motor, the Sole F80 can easily keep and hold the deck stable on a high slope.

F80 Weight & Weighing Capacity – Highest in the price range

The Sole F80 is 278 lbs in weight. Its weight capacity is 375 lbs. That makes it a very robust treadmill but it is portable as well. Large runners seeking quality and stability love it. Especially folding and pushing it to the store after workout.

F80 Preset Exercise Programs

It has six preset exercise programs, two customized workout programs, and two heart rate programs, among other features. Attach your personal device to the tablet holder at top of the console and access popular workout applications like as iFit and Peloton.

F80 Speed & Incline – Complete Marathon Training

The Sole F80 has good speed options and a top speed of 12mph. The top speed is typical for this price range. Even at peak speed, the F80 is quite stable. Various options, such as interval training, drills, etc., are all possible on F80. Slower speeds are equally smooth & comfortable for walkers and joggers

A workout at 15-percent incline does wonders for your thighs especially glutes. Having various pace choices and a good inclination range adds variety to any workout program. The robust structure of Sole’s F80 impresses me since there is no shaking or swaying of the deck.

F80 The Running Track – 60″ x 22″ – Suits all runners.

The Sole F80 is equipped with a cushioned running deck that is designed to minimize joint impact during exercise. The running surface is elegant and has enough space to accommodate tall runners even. The belt is tight as it slides over the deck.

The hood is 13″ in the center and 16″ on each side of the console, which I thought was a little high. This doesn’t affect the total belt length as there’s still plenty of space.

The Sole F80 is my favorite treadmill to walk about on.

F80 Easy to Fold and Move

It is effortless to fold up Sole F80 after the workout. You can easily store it when not in use since it is foldable and fitted with Easy Assist technology, which allows you to quickly and easily fold it up and put it out of the way. To unfold just release the deck and it will unfold by itself.

You just have to pick up the deck’s base to raise and secure the frame vertically. To move, gently rotate the treadmill towards yourself. Two wheels under the side legs and two under the deck allow for easy gliding over the carpet or into closets. Most of the competition has 2 wheels only.

F80 Chest Strap – Real time monitoring

The integrated chest strap syncs with LCD for real-time heart rate monitoring. The F80 treadmill is the only one in this price range with chest straps, and its readings are quite precise. The handrails also have sensors for convenience.

F80 Treadmill Price – Available at a good price

Even while it is not the most affordable treadmill available, the Sole F80 is much less costly than several of Sole’s more sophisticated models. It’s also less expensive than similar treadmills from rival manufacturers like NordicTrack and ProForm, which are comparable in quality.

The Sole F80 treadmill has a suggested retail price of $2,799.99, with discount pricing available on the company’s website on a regular basis. As of today(the day this article is publised), it is available for just $1,599.99, which is $1,200 less than the retail price of $2,799.

F80 Bluetooth – Transfer Data to Phone

With Bluetooth you can transfer your data to smart phone, tablet or any app. You may also listen to the music on your device through the treadmill speakers.

F80 Treadmill Problems

  • Raised buttons are more likely to get dirty or sticky.
  • The Hood is large and sits high at the front of the deck.
  • Cushioning isn’t as soft as some comparable machines.
  • It is not directly compatible with workout streaming services.
  • It has only 10 preset workout programs
  • The side rails are not as long as some of us will want them to be. Though I must clarify here that you are not supposed to hold the rails while running or walking on the treadmill. They are required only for senior citizens and persons in rehabilation.
  • A touchscreen with on-demand courses is missing, which is unlike many other popular high-end treadmills on the market.

F80 Guarantee – The best in range

Sole stands behind its goods with a lifetime frame, deck, and motor guarantee.

It also has a 5-year guarantee on electronics and components, as well as a 2-year warranty on labor.

Free delivery, as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee, are included with your purchase.

Few businesses still provide lifetime warranties.

Sole F80 vs F85 – Compared to the higher model

  • Motor Size Sole F85 – 4.0 CHP / F80 – 3.5 CHP
  • Weight capacity Sole F85 – 400 lb / F80 – 375 lb.
  • Roller size Sole F85 – 2.75” / F80 – 2.5″
  • Display Sole F85 – 10.1″ TFT LCD / F80 – 9.0″ LCD.
  • Price Sole F85 – $1999.99 / F80 – 1599.99

F80 Preparing for a Race

Sole has focused on a basic, well-built treadmill. So it is a functional, no frills treadmill.

If you’re preparing for a race and want to use the treadmill for speed training, you may discover that the F80’s speed and inclination choices are superior to those of many comparable rivals.