Spirit XT285 Treadmill

The Power Within: Spirit XT285 – Features & User Insights

Boost your training with the latest Spirit XT285 treadmill. With its roomy 20″x60″ deck, vivid blue backlit LCD featuring all performance-oriented information, and straightforward speed and incline controls excellent for interval training, this treadmill goes above and beyond the essential features. 

You’re driven to work out longer thanks to the handlebar-mounted speed, incline controls, Bluetooth connectivity, pulse grips, pre-programmed courses, and customizable training options. Beyond the competition are the many safety and convenience features, such as the kid lock, safety key, deck lift aid, gradual deployment, and optional longer railings.

Highlights of Spirit XT285 TREADMILL

WARRANTY: Frame, Motor & Deck: Lifetime, Parts: 10 Years, Labor: 1 Year

  • Maximum Speed: 12 Miles per Hour
  • Maximum Incline Percentage: 12
  • Item Weight: 236 Pounds
  • Maximum User Weight: 350 lbs
  • Bluetooth: Spirit Fit App
  • Deck: 1″ Phenolic, Silicone-Lubricated
  • Belt: 20″ x 60″
  • Motor Horsepower: 3.25 HP
  • Product Dimensions: 81″D x 35″W x 57.5″H
Spirit XT285 Treadmill
Spirit XT285 Treadmill

Spirit XT285 Treadmill: Features

  1. Special Feature: Folding, Accessory Pockets
  2. 7.5″ Bright Blue Backlit LCD Screen
  3. Remote Handlebar Toggles – Speed & Incline 
  4. Direct Access Speed & Incline Buttons
  5. Running Belt – 20″ x 60″ with 3.25 HP Motor.
Spirit xt285 deck
Spirit XT285 deck

This treadmill has Bluetooth and may be linked to the Spirit Fit app, which is free, to track your fitness and other things. If you’d like, you can also connect using the Zwift app.

7.5″ Blue Backlit LCD

This treadmill has a basic screen but is large enough to see clearly and has a blue backlight. It monitors every standard exercise metric you may anticipate. It also has a tiny built-in medical shelf, although using a tablet will obscure the screen.

Spirit XT285 Console

Strong Motor

The XT285’s 3.25 HP motor offers a speed range of 0.5 – 12 mph, allowing you to customize your workout whether you intend to run or walk. To acquire a decent warmup, beginners should start with little modifications, like 0.1 mph. It operates in a reassuringly quiet manner as well. Even at maximum speed, the 3.25 CHP motor’s immense power and the large diameter of the hefty 2.5″ rollers allow the 1.6 mm thick belt to spin with little more noise than a hum.

Incline Ranges

12 Levels of Incline may liven up a routine stroll and vary your training. Handlebar speed/incline controls have become increasingly common on treadmills in recent years, and this particular model is no exception. The clever concept of including a “disable” button on the console to switch them on or off is less popular. For those who often grip the rails but prefer to have the flexibility to grab anywhere on the handlebars without worrying about accidentally pressing the controls, this is perfect.

Heart Rate Monitoring 

The Heart rate is monitored during exercise using an attached heart rate strap and built-in hand pulse grips. The chest band(sold separately) must be worn to guarantee precise pulse monitoring and take full advantage of the two heart rate-controlled programs. There are two distinct objective settings for the HRC programs.

  • For fat burning at 60% of the maximum heart rate
  • For cardiovascular conditioning and increased fitness at 80%

The computer automatically adjusts the treadmill’s speed or incline to maintain the user’s exercise within the intended heart rate range.

Safe Drop & Lift Assistance

While the Safe Drop feature gradually lowers the treadmill deck for increased safety, Lift Assist assists in lifting the treadmill deck to fold it up.

Add-on Storage

You may keep water bottles, keys, cell phones, remote controls, and nearly any other small item that would need to be stored during an exercise session in these roomy storage sections on either side of the console.

Toggles Mounted on Handlebars

Remote speed and incline controls are conveniently located for safe and enjoyable training.

Customized Home Workout Partner

Spirit Fitness XT285 Treadmill
Spirit Fitness XT285 Treadmill

Noiseless – Spirit intended it to be so silent that you could place it in front of the TV and not be interrupted when hiking up the hill or watching programs that burn fat. Its vast running surface, 0.5 to 12 mph speed range, and high torque rate make it purr like a kitten receiving an expert back massage.

Robust – This exercise equipment is designed to last a lifetime. It was made to last. Everything is made of high-quality materials, including rollers, a two-ply textured Duraweave belt, a cooling fan, and elastomer cushioning.

Effective – This treadmill offers so many choices for incline, speeds, and resistance levels that it is difficult to reach a plateau. There are always ways to mess things up, but the advantages and outcomes start to show up quickly.


  • Overall, the build quality is excellent.
  • The running deck feels good, making it perfect for runners.
  • Simple to roll about and fold
  • A lifetime warranty covers the frame, motor, and all other parts, and on-site labor is guaranteed for two years.


  • There is slightly less selection of pre-programmed options than on devices of the same price.
  • No memory for many user profiles

User Experience 

One user said, “I am very unhappy with the design as it has an incline even when set to 0. When desired, slopes are fantastic, but they ought to be able to be adjusted to 0%. The base and feet are set to have a natural slope that cannot be altered with the feet, unlike so many other treadmills, even when the control indicates 0%. With hindsight, I would pick a different running machine. Aside from this, I’m pleased with the longevity and quality. This is an error in design.”

Erin Geyer has given the treadmill a 4-star on Amazon and said: The folding mechanism of the Spirit XT285 treadmill is better than that of many other treadmills we’ve looked at.

Easily and securely release the deck from its locked folding position using Spirit’s strategically placed yellow handle near the top of the running deck, as opposed to the conventional foot-operated lever hidden beneath the deck or a pull-pin halfway down the underside. Naturally, hydraulic assistance is included to guarantee a smooth descent and facilitate folding.

Spirit XT285 Folded Treadmill

Save your money, and don’t worry if you’re purchasing the Spirit XT285 treadmill rather than the Spirit XT185 treadmill in part so that you can track your exercises. Customer support acknowledges an issue with their app. However, they are unsure of when an update will be made available. I asked him for more information, and he came across as, at most, indifferent. Since keeping track of my workouts is vital, I wish I had known before spending my money.

The lack of Bluetooth capabilities seems to be a serious misrepresentation of the product. There’s an app that feels more like a simulation than it does anything. Purchase another machine if personal metrics are important to you.

Alternative to XT285 Treadmill

I believe that there are better solutions within this budget. I prefer the Horizon 7.8 AT and Sole’s F85 because they both have larger running surfaces and bigger motors. However, XT285 is frequently available at a discounted price.


The Spirit XT285 treadmill is another excellent illustration of Spirit’s straightforward, profitable formula: they never stop making robust, useful devices with top-notch components! In addition to having a good number of features and a lot of power, this treadmill is well-built. Now, the guarantee is excellent, and I could imagine picking the Spirit XT285 treadmill if you’re a real stickler for a solid warranty.


Ques: What is the warranty on the Spirit XT285 treadmill?

Ans) It has a Lifetime warranty on the Spirit XT285 treadmill’s frame, motor, and deck, 10 years on parts, and a year on labor.

Ques: How do you move a Spirit XT285 treadmill?

Ans) You can just fold and roll the Spirit XT285 treadmill for transportation. 

WARNING: Unless the device is locked and folded, do not try to move it. To prevent potential damage, disconnect the power cable from the front of the device. To move the unit to the required position, use both handrails.

Ques: Are Spirit XT285 treadmills in miles or km?

Ans) It is displayed in both miles and km. 

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