Echelon – Stair Climber

Echelon Stair Climber: Power Up Your Fitness Journey

The Echelon stair climber sport is the only stair climber that Echelon has. There are a couple of things I like about this. If you are looking for a lightweight and affordable stair climber, this is a good one; I mean, if you have read the fifth book and want to take on the Valkyrie challenge.

I know that is a niche reference, but if you get that, please let me know in the comments. However, this is honestly a pretty sturdy machine. There are a couple of things I like about this. 

Unique Benefits of Echelon – Stair Climber

Enjoy low-impact cardio with the Echelon Stair Climber Sport. Its small size and foldable construction make it easily stored in any home. It provides quiet, smooth exercise with magnetic resistance.

Using the Echelon Fit app, you can monitor your progress and access workouts whenever possible. It offers flexibility with adjustable resistance levels, is feature-rich, and is reasonably priced.

The Echelon Stair Climber Sport is stable and durable yet lightweight, making it suitable for users of all fitness levels. It offers a quick and efficient way to get in shape.

Comparison to Other Machines

One notable feature of the Echelon Stair Climber Sport is how little space it takes up—its small, foldable design makes it perfect for apartments. It offers a low-impact cardio option to high-impact treadmills and stationary bikes, which lessens joint strain while still providing efficient exercise.

Furthermore, it’s less expensive than high-end smart devices like the Climber Connected 02, which provides magnetic resistance and adaptable exercise regimens at a lower cost.

Its adaptability works your core and lower body muscles, giving you a fuller workout than single-purpose equipment like bikes or rowers.

Highlights of Echelon – Stair Climber

Warranty: 1 Year


  • Dimension: 39 L x 22 W x 55 H
  • Max User Weight: 275 lbs
  • Numbers of batteries: 2AA batteries required


According to the manufacturer, Echelon’s Stair Climber Sport is a small, foldable exercise equipment designed to provide low-impact exercises that burn up to three times as many calories as jogging on a treadmill for the same amount of time.

Echelon – Stair Climber Overview
Echelon Stair Climber Overview

In addition, it has wheels, which make it simple to move, fold, and store under your bed or couch or in the closet while you’re not using it to work on your glutes.

In contrast to other reasonably priced stair climber substitutes, Echelon’s Stair Climber Sport provides all the features and capabilities of a full-sized machine, including customized programming for varying resistance levels, picturesque climbs, beginning exercises, and more.

Like everything in Echelon’s smart fitness range, you can access its library of expert-led, on-demand exercises when you join up for the Echelon Choice membership (which also comes with free shipping!).

The best of all? Now, during its New Year’s sale, you can get $200 off the already-cheap machine—no coupon needed.


As you can see, this is the folded-up form of the Climber. I don’t love how it folds up only because it’s not super intuitive, it’s not super easy, and there are a lot of like knobs along the way that you have to work with.

So you can change the handlebar into different positions, but to do that, you have to turn the knobs and tighten them, and it just takes a long time. It feels cheap to me. 

Echelon – Stair Climber
Echelon Stair Climber Folded

They are like cheaper plastic knobs, so I don’t love that fact, also exposed wiring. I don’t know why that is left out like that, but again, it feels Slightly cheaper or not as well thought out.

There is a handlebar that is super thin and super tiny. It hurts your hands when you’re holding it, and you can’t roll it around, but the wheels are so small that moving it around on turf or carpet is annoying. 

Let’s talk about the incline. There is a manual incline. They have three levels, this being at the highest level. I don’t love the functionality of how they set it up, so to change it, you have to pull on the handlebar and then lock it into place. It’s not hard. It’s just annoying.

Echelon – Stair Climber knob
Echelon – Stair Climber knob

One major drawback is the linked adjustments. To adjust the incline, I must also change the screen angle. If the screen is at a comfortable level (level one), tilting the treadmill forward forces you to adjust the screen again, which requires reaching behind the machine to a small knob.

It’s almost there. It just feels like there are a lot of little moving parts that are slightly cheaper. I get this as a budget-friendly Climber. 

I think I noticed this is smooth, but there’s a sound coming through the machine. Regarding the noise you’re hearing as I was using it, I didn’t find anywhere online where that was a common complaint that people had, so that could have just been our error in the assembly.

Something went wrong, but it is worth calling out because, again, that is our experience with the machine. 

While changing the resistance again, there’s a manual knob with no numbers on it. I wish there were a number, or it showed up on the screen because I can’t tell what resistance I’m at until I reach the end.

The pedals are super comfortable, wide, and grippy. I don’t feel like slipping off even when the incline is set at the highest. They feel smooth, and my feet feel secure. 

The overall cost is 600 dollars. When you sign up, you can get a 30-day free membership to the Echelon programming. Echelon only has one class available for this Climber, but you can take other courses.

They have treadmill classes, rowing classes, bike classes, and yoga strength training. There are so many courses available, and truth be told, others are my favorite programming. I like it better than Souls programming.

Echelon – Stair Climber
Echelon Stair Climber Screen

The screen is very basic. It’s not a touchscreen. The LED-backlit screen shows your steps, time, steps per minute, elevation, calories, and distance. The weight capacity on this is 275 lbs. I feel like that’s decent for this. It is super stable and super secure. It does feel like a sturdy machine.


  • Foldable
  • Easy on legs
  • Magnetic resistance is exceptionally silent and smooth to the touch.


  • No touchscreen

User Experience

Dara T from the United States states: I can’t believe the workout you get!! I have seen commercials, but sometimes they are hard to trust! This is exactly as it says it is! I get an intense workout in about 10 minutes.

The resistance is perfect for toning it up or down! The best part is how easy it is to fold up, pack away, and carry from room to room.

The setup took about 15 minutes. It was well constructed for my husband and me to use. I love this brand and have a few other pieces of equipment from this company.

I’ve made a pretty cool home gym, and this stair climber is the perfect final addition. I recommend it for a great, affordable, all-over workout!!!


The Echelon Stair Climber Sport is significantly less expensive than many other smart home exercise equipment, at $799.99. However, its affordable price or feature-rich companion app doesn’t offset its lackluster hardware.

It doesn’t simulate ascending stairs because your feet are always on the pedals. Its handlebar feels fragile, its stride length and pedals are insufficient for larger individuals, and altering the slope is not smooth.

It raises your heart rate more than a micro stepper and is a great low-impact cardio alternative for small people. It also costs a lot less than the more expensive Climber Connect 02.

If not, we suggest using the gym’s stair stepper or choosing one of our top picks for smart treadmills, rowing machines, or stationary bikes for at-home exercise.


Is the Echelon stair climber worth it?

Benefits of stair climbing include calorie burning, muscular building, and increased cardiovascular fitness. A stair climber is a beautiful choice for senior citizens who wish to improve their balance or strengthen their bones.

What distinguishing qualities does the Echelon Stair Climber Sport offer?

The Stair Climber Sport has a lightweight frame for convenient storage, magnetic resistance, a folding design, a 3-inch display, and connectivity with the Echelon Fit app.

What differences exist between the Echelon Stair Climber Sport and conventional stair steppers?

Because the Stair Climber Sport doesn’t have a tread like regular stair steppers, users must pump their legs up and down against resistance. It is intended for usage at home and is more compact.

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