How Protein Boosts Metabolism?

The process of digesting protein helps to boost our metabolism compared to any other nutrients available on the market today.

Complete Protein

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A complete protein means it should contribute all 22 amino acids to the body. Amino acids work as a building blocks of protein.

Incomplete Protein

An incomplete protein contributes only some of the 9 essential amino acids to the body.

Fat Protein Efficient Metabolism

A person who is fat protein efficient digests and converts protein and fat into energy more effectively than carbs.

Where does Protein Digestion Start?

The phase of protein digestion starts when we first start chewing our food in the mouth. This happens due to two enzymes found in your saliva- amylase and lipase.

Protein Metabolism Pathway

Once the protein source reaches the stomach, acid and enzymes break it down into smaller chains of amino acids.

What Foods slow down Metabolism?

– Soda – Alcohol – Fruit Juice – Farmed Beer – Fried Food – Refined Grain – Traditional Yogurt



So, when it comes to weight loss, metabolism is the rate at which you burn calories. Boost metabolism with protein-rich food