Two of the most popular aerobic workout equipment. Both help you improve your aerobic fitness by replicating walking or jogging movements.

Treadmills vs Elliptical

Similiarities - Treadmill & Elliptical

1. Cardiovascular workout 2. Low-impact exercise 3. Indoor workout 4. Customizable workout intensity 5. Built-in workout program 6. Electronic console 7. Home gym compatibility



On a treadmill, you walk or run along a belt. The incline and tempo can be adjusted. Treadmills provide excellent resistance for exercising.


You pedal on an elliptical machine while standing on a platform. Ellipticals are also excellent cardio machines due to their gentler on the joints design.



For Treadmill

Compared to elliptical trainers, the calories burned by treadmills are roughly 20% higher. The gap, however, is negligible.


For Elliptical

Your upper body, particularly your triceps, upper back, shoulder, and chest muscles, may develop as a result of arm movement.


Against Treadmill

Running has a larger impact than elliptical, which raises the risk of knee, ankle, and hip problems.


Against Elliptical

You use less energy because it does the majority of the work. The pedals are designed to use momentum to move the elliptical.

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