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9 Best Treadmills With 400 lb Capacity to Lose Weight in 2023

Unlock True Potential: Find the Perfect High-Capacity Treadmill for Every Fitness Goal & Lifestyle!

Whether overweight or obese, embark on a thrilling fitness adventure with the mighty 400-pound treadmill, your trusted ally on this journey. Together, we’ll unveil its robust features, find the perfect fit for your lifestyle, and unlock your true potential. Ready to become the hero of your own fitness story?

The most important aspect of a treadmill we need to know is that our weight should be 5 to 10% less than the treadmill’s weight capacity. People who weigh up to 380 pounds can use treadmills with 400 lb capacity. Don’t buy a treadmill with 350 pounds capacity if your weight is 380 pounds. There are two reasons for this.

  • Sometimes companies advertise a treadmill’s inflated weight capability.
  • We shouldn’t use any machine to its full potential for long.

Comparison Treadmills with 400 lb weight capacity

Bowflex T104-5 – 1560x221285×39.6×65.31799323
LifeSpan TR50003No50×20470.5×46.75×521819122
3G Cardio Elite40 – 1560×221284×35.5×583499366
Asuna ManualNo10.5-17.651×17.7555×30.5×571200165
Sole F8540 – 1560×221282x37x661999308
LifeSpan TR 7000iM3.5 AC-3 – 1262×221280.5×36.5×614999434
Life Fitness T530 – 1560×221279.5x32x614949341
Exerpeutic 10001.52 levels40×20451.2x32x63596142
ProGear HCXL40001.52 levels40×20451.2x32x63429130
Treadmills 400 lbs weight Capacity

We discuss here various types of treadmills for 400 lbs individuals. This is the last category with several choices. Above this is a 500-pound capacity treadmill, but both the need and the options are extremely limited.

In addition to treadmill training, you will also need diet control to lose weight.

1. Heavy duty Commercial & Semi Commercial Treadmills

A treadmill for a 400-pound person has to be a heavy duty machine. These treadmills can be used by people with above-normal ranges as well as by athletes and marathon runners. So along with a higher weight capacity, these also have a high maximum speed, a good incline and decline, a bigger motor, a bigger running track, and a robust frame. These are also the most expensive ones. Some of these also have various extra features.

Example –

  • LifeSpan TR 7000iM
  • Life Fitness T5
  • Sole F85

2. Heavy Duty Treadmills 400 lb Capacity

These are heavy-duty treadmills for 400 lb persons or good runners.

Example –

  • Bowflex T10
  • 3G Cardio Elite

3. Walking Treadmills

These are for people who want to walk only and don’t have a big motor. Their maximum speed is 4-5 mph. These have smaller tracks and warranties and are comparatively inexpensive. Some of these do have an incline but no decline. These don’t have any bells and whistles.

Example –

  • Exerpeutic 1000
  • ProGear HCXL4000

4. Under Desk Treadmill 400 lb Capacity

These are to be used in offices or work-from-home environments, to be placed below the desk, and to keep working while walking and getting fitter.

Example – LifeSpan TR5000

5. Manual Treadmills

These do not have a motor and work at our walking speed. They also have a smaller walking track.

Example – Asuna Manual

When choosing a treadmill, there are many things to consider, especially if you are heavier than average. Heavier people require more robust treadmills for home usage. Treadmills with a 400 lb weight capacity will have different specifications and features compared to those meant for a 200 lb capacity.

We start with a comparison table so that you can compare their essential specifications and features.

Best Treadmills with 400 lb Capacity

Choosing the appropriate treadmill is crucial for weight loss and increased fitness. Following our short recommendations, you will have no trouble selecting a heavy-duty, upright treadmill.

Bowflex Treadmill 10

Here is a foldable treadmill, 400 lb capacity with incline. It has a lot to offer at a low price.


  • Display- Adjustable 10-inch HD touchscreen
  • The biggest footprint of all the treadmills in the category.
  • Best Incline & Decline in the category.
  • Warranty: Frame – 15 yrs, Mechanical Parts – 5 yrs, Electronics – 1 yr, Labor – 2 Yrs
  • Streaming Apps – Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video Disney, HBO Max
  • Set a higher training intensity goal, such as running longer distances or sprint intervals.
  • It has a Comfort Tech Cushioning, making the deck quite comfortable to walk or run on.
  • It has a SoftDroptm folding system.
  • Bluetooth® enabled for smart devices and heart rate monitors.
  • It is Zwift compatible, and wifi enabled.


  • A more recent model has a brighter 10″ touchscreen and newer technology.
  • Impressive drop to -5 percent and rise to 15 percent.
  • A 15-year guarantee covers the frame and motor.
  • Subscribe to JRNY and get access to handpicked music and extra training materials.
  • When not used, it neatly folds and locks into a storage compartment.
  • Designed with Comfort Tech cushioning to minimize pressure on joints and the spine.
  • The motor’s power level is sufficient for walking, jogging, or running.


  • The screen size may be too small for those with low eyesight.
  • It’s a bit cumbersome to assemble.
  • If you are not using JRNY, you can’t use any streaming services.

LifeSpan TR 5000

Designed to slot under your current standing desk, the Lifespan TR5000-DT3 is a heavy-duty treadmill 400 lb user capacity for walking. The 3.5″D x 13″W x 2.25″H treadmill console rests on your desk, allowing you to adjust the treadmill’s speed. It’s capable of a maximum speed of 4 miles per hour. LifeSpan’s Intelli-Walk technology automatically shuts down the treadmill when you step off it. The LifeSpan Active Track fitness app also works with Bluetooth to sync your workouts.


  • It has the biggest motor among all the under desk treadmills at 3.0 CHP motor.
  • Being an under desk treadmill, it has no incline or decline.
  • Full-time or several part-time users will find this to be an excellent choice.
  • It is so quiet that the company has given markings on the belt to show when it is moving.
  • Warranty: Frame: 10 Years | Parts: 2 Years | Labor: 1 Year
  • It has the Best Warranty among all under desk treadmills.
LifeSpan TR5000
  • You may use any standing desk with this app.
  • It is an excellent choice for individuals who like to stroll rather than sit at a desk.


  • As a result, belt markings have been added to make it easier for users to track the movement of the belt.
  • The Intelli-Guard feature ensures that the treadmill stops running as soon as you step away. It won’t keep going when it’s not being used.
  • You can return to where you left off on the treadmill using the resume option.
  • Counting calories, distance traveled, speed, and steps done in real-time.
  • A mere 4.6″ in height means You may easily tuck it beneath most standing workstations.
  • If you have many part-time employees at the same workstation, this may be used by all of them.
  • The belt will not run when you step off it, making it safe for use in a home office with children or pets.


  • It doesn’t come with a standing desk, but you may use your own or combine it with one of LifeSpan’s desks.
  • To accommodate the console, you must clear some space on your desk.

3G Cardio Elite Runner Treadmill

The Elite Runner Treadmill 400 lb weight capacity with incline, 4.0 HP DC motor, and massive 3″ rollers is exceptionally quiet and smooth.


  • 3 display screens: A heart rate tracker, an LCD dot matrix distance tracker, and a workout matrix screen for speed, distance, calories burned, etc.
  • For user convenience, Ortho Flex ShockTM Suspension System and the largest running surface of 22″ x 62″ in the category.
  • Residential Warranty: Motor & Frame – Lifetime, Parts – 10 years, Labor – 2 years in-home
  • Pace and incline controls on the console allow users to manage the treadmill’s speed and elevation with a single touch.
  • This model has eight pre-programmed workouts, two personalized workouts, and three fitness test programs.
  • As a bonus, this model comes with a receiver that you can use with the contact grip and wireless heart rate monitoring features.
  • The commercial warranty includes five years on the frame and motor, two years for components, and one year on labor for the parts.


  • This model has eight built-in routines, including three fitness test programs that may be customized.
  • Built-in speakers and MP3 compatibility make it simple to listen to your favorite music while exercising on the Elite Runner.
  • With a 15% incline, you can focus on specific muscle groups and work on your endurance.
  • This suspension system is easy on the joints because it uses the Ortho Flex Shock (TM) Suspension System and an orthopaedic running belt with 3′′ rollers.
  • With the One-Touch Controls on this console, you can quickly and easily adjust the incline/speed with only the press of a button.


  • Lack of entertainment choices and sparse console space.
  • Web-connected or Bluetooth-enabled consoles are a specific complaint of this model’s lack of entertainment alternatives.

Asuna Heavy Duty Manual Treadmill

The twin flywheel design of the Asuna manual treadmill ensures a smooth and steady workout. It’s more responsive, so you get a more enjoyable workout with fewer bumps in the road.


  • 8 levels of adjustable resistance for workout variety
  • Highest maximum user weight of up to 442 pounds.
  • A device holder for tablets to watch movies while doing your workouts.
  • Warranty: Frame- 5 Yrs, Parts & Components – 180 Days
Sunny HF Asuna High Performance Manual Treadmill
  • Keeping a firm grip on the sweat-and slip-resistant handlebars will help you maintain equilibrium and prevent mishaps. The front-mounted integrated holder makes it easy to keep your tablet nearby.


  • It has two flywheels.
  • Sweat- and slip-resistant handlebars
  • 440-pound weight capacity
  • 8 different levels of resistance.
  • You may select four different inclination settings.
  • Design that you can fold up.
  • Wheels are incorporated into the design.
  • A sturdy tablet stand


  • Expensive

Sole F85 Treadmill

With the same robust deck and motor, the console now features a 10″ color touchscreen that can accommodate up to seven external applications! Netflix, YouTube, ESPN, CBS News, NBC News, ABC News, and CNN are just a few news organizations that provide streaming services.


  • The 10.1″ touchscreen display has 7 preconfigured Apps like YouTube and Netflix and screen mirroring for exercises. It links to the Android and Apple New Sole+ App.
  • It can save up to 12 customised programs, giving customers flexibility and variation in their workouts.
  • Military Fitness Tests are included in the F85.
  • Warranty: Frame/Motor/Deck – Lifetime, Electronics & Parts – 5 Yrs, Labor – 2 Yrs.
  • Construction of high quality without the need for an online membership
  • It is easier to transport since it has more wheels than other versions (4 rather than the standard 2)


  • When you’re done using it, the steel frame folds into a compact size.
  • The Strap Around Your Middle is available with the console’s heart rate training programs.
  • You may operate the onboard programs on a basic LCD screen without a subscription.
  • The top of the console has a tablet holder for your device.


  • Raised buttons are more prone to dirt and grime accumulation.
  • The deck’s hood is huge and rests above the deck’s railing.
  • When compared to similar products, the cushioning isn’t quite as plush.
  • It’s a basic console, but the pre-set buttons don’t work two-by-two.

LifeSpan TR 7000iM Treadmill

This light commercial treadmill has sturdy components, a 62-inch track, and iPad integration.


  • 18.5” Colorful touch screen and touch panel
  • It has two heart rate programs, two user-designed, and 17 preset programs.
  • It is the heaviest of all the treadmills in this category at 434 lbs.
  • It has an AC motor- 3.5 CHP
  • A LifeSpan Fitness Club membership provides lifetime personalized exercises.
  • Graph your treadmill workout data using a Bluetooth connection at LifeSpan Fitness Club.
  • WARRANTY: Frame: 10 Years | Parts: 2 Years | Labor: 1 Year
  • Heart rate monitors feature contact grips. The treadmill has wireless telemetry, but the chest strap is not included in the price.
  • 3″ Crown Rollers and 3 level decline function too.
  • Dual speakers for music, podcasts, or audiobooks.
  • Two USB ports allow you to charge your iPad and phone at once.


  • Its 62″ x 22″ track is roomy. 
  • Extra-thick, multi-plied track
  • 3-inch rollers.
  • Reversible deck shock absorbers
  • A quiet 5 HP AC motor


  • No fans
  • This 80.5″ x 33.25″ unit is huge

Life Fitness T5 Treadmill

Because they include the FlexDeck Select technology, these fantastic treadmills for big men allow users to choose between three distinct levels of running surface stiffness.


  • This is the most expensive of the lot.
  • It remembers your preferred walking and running speeds and various other fitness routines. At the push of a button, all of this is possible!
  • Warranty: Frame & Shock Absorbers – Lifetime, Motor – 10 Yrs, Parts – 7 Yrs, Console – 3 Yrs, Labor – 1 Yr
  • This Life Fitness treadmill’s console is one of a kind, with a dual-zone design that divides it into an entertainment and exercise zone.
  • You may listen to music and watch videos while working out by putting your phone and tablet at eye level.
  • Self-illuminating lights in the training zone help you keep track of your progress. When not in use, they dim to a soft glow.


  • The frame is covered for life—10 years on the motor and 7 years on the components.
  • The FlexDeck design allows for a variety of jogging surfaces.
  • Placement of electrical devices at eye level is an option.
  • You may adjust the deck’s stiffness to simulate working out on a grassy or paved surface.


  • Equipment that is 341 pounds in weight is unsuitable for individuals who want a small treadmill.

Exerpeutic TF1000 Treadmill

This 148-pound treadmill is the lightest and smallest of the ones we’ve evaluated. It’s remarkably small, even though it’s not as small as other compact treadmills.


  • LCD window features elapsed time, distance walked, calorie burn, speed, and pulse monitoring.
  • A walking treadmill with a 400 lb capacity is rare.
  • The motor has a high torque of 1.5 HP and is very quiet.
  • PULSE MONITOR: Measure your target heart rate
  • The 2-position manual incline feature
  • Motor- 5 Yrs, Frame- 1 Yr, Parts- 90 Days + 5 Extra Years When You Buy On
Exerpeutic TF1000 Treadmill
  • In addition, many larger men found the extra-long railings quite robust. It is critical if you have trouble walking and often depend on the handrails.
  • Most walkers can use this since the oversized side rails on the TF1000 treadmill are an additional bonus.


  • It’s light.
  • The motor is very quiet.
  • Extra long handrails for those with mobility issues.
  • 2-level manual incline
  • It is pre-assembled and ready for immediate use.


  • You can only walk on the treadmill.
  • An adjustment is sometimes necessary if the belt becomes slack.
  • There aren’t any unique features on this screen.
  • The warranty is limited, but that’s expected at this price point.

ProGear HCXL 4000 Ultimate Treadmill

The ProGear HCXL 4000 is an excellent option for an extra-wide treadmill with a 400-pound capacity for walking and running. It is a good option because it is made by the company that makes the Exerpeutic TF 1000.


  • LCD window features elapsed time, distance walked, calorie burn, speed, and pulse monitoring.
  • It is more of a walking treadmill with a maximum speed of 4 mph to help you become fit.
  • The elderly, obese individuals and people who have recently had sickness or surgery can use this treadmill very effectively.
  • Warranty: Motor- 5 Years, Frame- 2 Years, Parts- 90 Days 
ProGear HCXL 4000 Ultimate Treadmill
  • Low-impact cardio workouts may be done at any time using this machine.
  • This treadmill’s structure has been strengthened to accommodate the additional weight.
  • Pulse sensors are attached to long handles. When exercising on a treadmill, you’ll want to ensure you have sturdy grips to grab onto. The grips on this one are 18 inches long and feature sensors to monitor your heartbeat.
  • The LCD screen shows you your heart rate in beats per minute. Along with the time and distance, you can check how many calories you’ve burnt while using the app.


  • You can set the incline at two different levels and increase the difficulty.
  • Increase your speed by 0.1 mph.


  • A very small LCD and is not backlit.


As a rule of thumb, the bigger the running space, the more natural your strides will be for runners (especially those above 5’8″ or so).

Unnatural strides per exercise build up quickly and may easily lead to various repetitive motion injuries. Therefore, this is a highly crucial component to ensure.

Choose a running surface based on these general guidelines: 

A minimum walking width of 20 inches is advised, especially for heavier individuals. It would be best to steer clear of cheap treadmills since their running/walking areas are nearly always too small for someone of larger stature to stroll comfortably.

Generally, competitive runners’ optimal running space width is 22 inches wide, while 20 inches may be enough for those who want a light run or stroll.


  1. What are the benefits of using a treadmill with a 400 lb weight capacity?

Treadmills with a 400 lb capacity are designed for heavier users, so they are more durable and withstand more wear and tear. They also tend to have larger running decks and wider belts, making heavier users more comfortable. Additionally, treadmills with a 400 lb weight capacity often have more features, such as incline and decline, to help users get a more challenging workout.

  1. What are some features of a treadmill with a 400 lb weight capacity?

Some of the features to look for in a treadmill with a 400 lb weight capacity include:

  • A durable frame and motor
  • A large running deck and wide belt
  • Incline and decline capabilities
  • Multiple workout programs
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Speakers and MP3 compatibility
  1. What are some drawbacks of using a treadmill with a 400 lb weight capacity?

Some of the drawbacks of using a treadmill with a 400 lb weight capacity include:

  • More expensive than treadmills with a lower weight capacity
  • Larger and heavier, which can make them more difficult to move
  • Not as portable as treadmills with a lower weight capacity.
  1. How do I choose the right treadmill for my needs?

When choosing a treadmill, it is important to consider your weight, fitness level, and budget. You should also consider the important features, such as incline and decline capabilities, multiple workout programs, heart rate monitoring, speakers, and MP3 compatibility.

  1. Where can I buy a treadmill with a 400 lb weight capacity?

Treadmills with a 400 lb weight capacity are available at many major retailers, including sporting goods stores, department stores, and online retailers.

Here are some additional tips for choosing a treadmill with a 400 lb weight capacity:

  • Read reviews from other users to get their feedback on the treadmills you are considering.
  • Ask a salesperson for help in choosing the right treadmill for your needs.
  • Ensure the treadmill is easy to use and has all your desired features.
  • Get a warranty on the treadmill so that you are covered if something goes wrong.

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