Best Exercise Equipment for Seniors?

Why has it become a necessity now? With more and more people understanding the health benefits of strength training, the necessity of maintaining fitness levels is felt like never before.

It is becoming clear to more and more elderly that improving the quality of life and having a fixed exercise routine are the best possible alternatives to sick golden years.

Cable strength machines, low-impact treadmills, elliptical trainers, and exercise bikes are among the best exercise equipment for older adults with many features. The machines have an LCD with digital monitors, a heart rate monitor, an exercise guide, video workout programs, safety features, and various additional benefits to guide you regarding a wide range of workouts. The treadmill is the best single piece of home exercise equipment for seniors. Due to its simple operations and some specially made for seniors, they are safe too.

These are effective but expensive and space-consuming. If you are worried about the prices, we suggest inexpensive equipment equally effective, less space-consuming, and easily transportable—free weights, kettlebells, resistance training bands, yoga mats, etc.

Here we share the best exercise machines for seniors with tentative prices. However, you can know the exact prices at Amazon by clicking on the links below.

  1. Cable Strength Machines – $1499.00
  2. Elliptical Machine – $ 1099.00
  3. Treadmill – $ 1149.00
  4. Stationary Bike – $ 499.00
  5. Adjustable Dumbbells – $ 239.00
  6. Kettlebells – $ 179.00
  7. Stability Ball – $ 48.98
  8. Yoga Mat – $ 24.98
  9. Wrist Weights – $ 14.98
  10. Resistance Bands – $ 19.98
  11. Running/Walking Shoes – $ 160.00

Best Home Exercise Equipment for Over 60’s

Cable Strength Machine

Bowflex Xtreme 2SE Home Gym

Bowflex Xtreme 2SE Home Gym

  • User Weight – 300 lb.
  • 70 plus Exercises
  • 7 Free Trainer-Built Workouts
  • Guarantee – Machine – 7yr, Power Rods – Life Time.

It is one piece of best fitness equipment for seniors that very few seniors will like to keep at home. Most of us have lost enthusiasm by this time to develop a muscular body. But there are still some like me who are starting now. So this particular machine is for those few.

These machines do the job of weight lifting only, but normally in the opposite fashion to picking up free weights. For example, in Arm Curles, you pull up the bar or dumbbells against gravity. But in the case of Cable Strength Machines, you pull down the weights hanging from a cable and a pully and then release them upwards slowly. That is the basic function of these, though there are other more sophisticated commercial machines too.

You can use your muscles in various directions, still against the gravitational pull, and achieve two or even three times more than what you do with free weights. It would be best if you also had a big place for placing these and using them.

Elliptical Machine

Nautilus Elliptical E616

Nautilus E616

  • User Weight – 300 lb.
  • 29 Built-in Programs
  • Goal Tracking
  • Resistance – 25 Levels
  • Warranty – Frame – 10yr, Parts & Electronics – 3yr, Labour – 1yr 

These also occupy a lot of space, though not as much as cable strength machines. But these are super useful cardio workouts with adjustable resistance. You can do a full-body, low-impact exercise on this, and your joints will also be safe as there is no jumping. So the joints are strengthened with an elliptical trainer.

These give you complete workouts and muscle tone, increasing your fitness level at whatever age you are. You can boost your stamina and cardio capacity while burning calories and with little stress on your joints.


Nautilus T616 Treadmill

Nautilus T616

  • User Weight – 300 lb.
  • 26 Built-in Programs
  • Goal Tracking
  • DualTrack LCDs
  • Warranty – Frame – 10yr, Parts & Electronics – 3yr, Labour – 1yr 

Treadmills are the most used-at-home machines for cardio. Running burns maximum calories, so using a treadmill is very effective. There are many walking, jogging, and running-related workouts that you can do on a treadmill. Some companies give you complete details of the various types of exercise you can do on a treadmill.

You can also watch your favourite program or movie while doing your workout. Most people who initiate a weight loss program do like to buy a treadmill.

There are treadmills made for exercise for seniors with long rails, bigger numerical figures for reading and only for walking and jogging.

Stationary Bike

Nautilus U616 Upright Bike

Nautilus U616 Upright Bike

  • Weight Capacity – 300 lbs.
  • Goal Tracking
  • Resistance – 25 Levels
  • DualTrack LCDs
  • Warranty – Frame – 10yr, Parts & Electronics – 3yr, Labour – 1yr

Another best exercise machine for seniors for aerobic workouts in the safety of their home is an exercise bike. It gives you the same benefits as cycling outside, providing a very low-impact workout. Its key features are an adjustable seat, pedals, and handles. For comfort, you can have a padded seat as well.

A small piece of equipment compared to a treadmill or an elliptical machine. Due to the varying resistance levels, you can work out at different intensities.

Affordable Options

Adjustable Dumbbells

Bowflex-Xtreme 552 Dumbbells

Bowflex SelectTech 552

  • Adjustable – 5 to 52.5 lbs in 2.5 lb increments
  • Designed for home use
  • Bowflex Selecttech Training App
  • Exercises – 30 plus
  • Warranty – 2 Years

It is an essential resistance training equipment for anyone who has to do strength building. Seniors can also do various chair exercises with these. Starting with light dumbbells can be very useful for seniors, and then they can progressively increase the load and build on their strength. With adjustable dumbles, you can do a whole lot of different workouts. All or most muscle groups can be involved in using these.

Dumbbells are also available in a huge variety, from cast iron to rubber to silicon-covered dumbbells.
These are easier to carry and use as compared to barbells. For this reason, I don’t suggest barbells to anyone.


Bowflex Kettlebell 8-40lb

Bowflex SelectTech 840

  • Adjustable – 8 to 40 lb.
  • Designed for home use
  • Warranty – 2 Yr 

Another best exercise equipment for over 60 is kettlebells. Nowadays, you can get adjustable kettlebells. You can do many exercises with kettlebells, which are quite different from the other regular weight-training exercises.

But one needs to be careful about using kettlebells initially. You can hurt yourself by swinging these or pull a muscle too. But after the initial week or ten days, you get used to them, and then they are really fun to use.

Stability Ball

APRI Elite 45cm Stability Ball

SPRI Stability Ball

  • Slow Deflate Ball
  • Capacity 300 to 500lb 

The stability ball or exercise ball is also an old age exercise equipment that is very useful for helping with balance and can also help strengthen core muscles. They can also help improve balance and core strength while sitting in front of the TV or a computer.

There are several exercises you can do on a stability ball, both upper body and lower body. It is a major benefit in terms of cost, storage, and transport.

Yoga Mat

SPRI Yoga Mat

Gaiam Premium Citron Sundial

  • Size – 68′′x 24′′x 6mm
  • Textured Material
  • Non-Slip Surface

A yoga mat is the most basic of all the exercise equipment and the most common too. Starting with meditation and yoga, one can do several exercises on it. But when buying a yoga mat, be careful to buy a mat that is at least 6mm thick but not more than 12mm.

Any less and it won’t be comfortable, and any more will reduce the effect of many exercises and will be difficult to balance on. Be careful of the material also. Some materials become slippery with sweat.

Wrist Weights

Ankle & Wrist Weights

SPRI Wrist & Ankle Weight Set

  • Neoprene & Sand
  • One lb Each Wrist Weights
  • Five lb Each Ankle Weights 

Wrist waits or ankle weights can also be a part of the best home exercise equipment for seniors and are very useful if you can not pick up dumbbells or a kettlebell, especially if you go to the park for daily exercise. These start at 500gm and go up to 5kg.

They are especially good for endurance workouts. They are easy to work with as you do not have to carry them in your hands.

Resistance Bands

SPRI Band Kit

SPRI Tube & Band Kit

  • 5 Color coded clip-in cords
  • 3 Color coded mini bands
  • 2 Cord Handles & 1 Ankle Strap
  • 1 Door Attachment & 1 Storage

Resistance bands are a quick and easy way to increase muscle strength. These take up minimum space. They will assist you with combining strength and cardio training. They are good at improving your posture and stability.

Resistance loop bands come in five different degrees of resistance, allowing you to tailor your workout to your specific needs. There are also various types of loop bands, and you can even purchase just one band at a time.

Running/Walking Shoes

Asics Shoes

Asics Weight 221 gm

  • Mesh Upper
  • Seamless Construction
  • Gel Cushioning
  • FlyteFoam Midsole

A good walking shoe should be light and absorb shock well. You can avoid sores and bruises by wearing comfortable walking shoes that fit the feet. Find a shoe that is both stylish and comfortable for you. Comfortable shoes do not have to be expensive. If it is difficult to bend down and tie the laces, you can purchase Velcro shoes. Velcro shoes are now manufactured by almost every shoe company.

Regular exercise with these pieces of exercise equipment can be very motivating too. A complete full-body workout can be designed around these, comprising four kinds of exercise, i.e. strength, balance, flexibility, and cardio.


Of all the exercise options, strength training is the first thing that people stop doing as they grow older. With age, fitness goals take a back seat. Pieces of equipment are considered less important compared to insulin doses.

But now things are changing, though slowly. The older generation has also started buying equipment like exercise balls, recumbent bikes, and weight stacks to increase the various types of exercises they can do at home.

Strength training can help prevent many chronic illnesses like osteoporosis, heart disease, asthma, and type 2 diabetes, and improve sleep and relieve depression.

Weight lifting, resistance bands, and dumbbells allow us to do various exercises to increase strength. If workout for seniors includes these exercises and cardio workouts like an aerobic exercise in their workout routine, it increases their fitness levels.

It is more advantageous to do strength training as we grow older. The muscle mass that we start losing with age should be stopped or at least slowed down. Strength training not only halts but can also increase our muscle mass and keep us in shape at any age if done regularly.

Maintaining Weight

Obesity is a major risk factor for chronic diseases like cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. Your mobility is reduced, as does your independence. There is more pressure on the limbs, creating problems for the knees also. It also results in lung disease, arthritis, high blood pressure, and skin problems. Strength and cardio exercise, along with an improvement in diet, can be very beneficial in reducing weight and the danger of all these ailments. Regular strength exercises keep all these health issues at bay.


Strength training increases resting metabolic rate and norepinephrine levels in healthy 50- to 65-yr-old men.

With age, there is a regular loss of metabolism. Strength exercises help keep the metabolism high and old age does not let it go down. You can maintain blood glucose and insulin levels with regular strength exercises.

Another interesting fact is that muscles burn three times more calories than fat. One pound of muscle burns about 6 to 7 calories a day, about three times those burned by a pound of fat.

Mental Health

Weightlifting can decrease instances of mental depression and anxiety. Low-intensity weight lifting is very beneficial for mild depression. It also raises your self-esteem, helps maintain memory, and stops any decline in attention and decision-making capabilities.

Compared to medicines and doctor’s fees, this is a much more inexpensive way to improve mental health and have no side effects. You can, however, invest in some simple senior exercise equipment, for that matter.

Best Exercise Equipment for Seniors

When you are over 40, your body requires a lot more care and attention than it did when you were younger. Your heart (if you have one) has to work harder to pump blood around your body, and your bones need to carry your body around.

All of this takes a toll on your joints and muscles. If you don’t do something to counter this, you will begin to notice that you are getting out of breath more easily and that your knees, hips, ankles, and elbows are taking a pounding.

The only option for seniors to stay in tip-top shape and carry themselves independently and with dignity is regular exercise. There are various kinds of exercises, but the importance of strength training can not be overstated.

Seniors can use various types of equipment for strength training exercises at home. The range of exercises increases manifold by using equipment due to various levels of resistance. Regular use of such equipment ensures consistency in routine. It also ensures added interest in workouts.


Is a treadmill or a bike better for elderly?

Better to workout on a treadmill. It burns more calories than a stationary bike. It exercises the entire body, while the stationary bike focuses on the legs. But the risk of injury is higher so, it should be used with caution. You can sit on a bike and ride which isn’t possible on a treadmill.

Can a stationary bike help you reduce tummy fat?

You can burn lots of calories riding a stationary bike. But for losing belly fat you also have to ensure that you are in calorie deficit on day to day basis. Besides spot reduction is a myth. So you will lose belly fat only when over all fat is reduced.

How long should an elderly person ride a stationary bike?

Twenty-five minutes of ride six days a week is good enough. What is more important is to stay active through out the day rather than a sedentary lifestyle after those twenty-five minutes.