Botorro R5 Folding Treadmill: Solid Build and Folds Flat

Designed with an innovative parallelogram double-column support construction, the BOTORRO R5 Folding Treadmill is made of steel and aluminum. This Botorro treadmill review is about a sturdy and long-lasting treadmill due to its triangular design. The maximum user weight limit is 265 pounds for the B5 (120 kg).

With a 14-point shock absorption system, you can work confidently, knowing that your knees, feet, waist, and neck joints are well-protected while enjoying a more enjoyable experience. A 7-layer tread belt (18″ x 50″), a high-density textured belt, and the nonslip function are only some of the features of the B5.

Botorro R5 Folding Treadmill

  • It doesn’t matter if the console has no screen but lights up to show a few exercise stats and has space for your tablet.
  • Residents in apartments, condominiums, or rooms in houses who may or may not have their own
  • If you want to mostly jog or walk at a maximum pace of 9 mph
  • The belt’s 18.5″ wide x 49.2″ long dimensions may not be enough for heavier users.

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The Botorro R5 is best suited for mild running, jogging, or walking because of its small size and easy console. This is a great option if you’re tiny or live in a small space.

Intensity of Sound

There isn’t a lot of noise even while jogging quickly with the Botorro R5 belt. Our rigorous testing found this treadmill very quiet for a machine of this size. Typically, tiny treadmills are good for low-speed running, but the further you go, the more noise you’ll hear. The Botorro R5’s deck absorbs foot contact and noise better than anticipated.

Folding / Rearranging

The easy-to-read and use console may be raised and locked using two locking levers on the uprights’ sides or unlocked and lowered. It’s not difficult to fold the console since it isn’t very heavy.

The Botorro R5 has a unique feature in that you can lock the console in place at any height you want. Just a little bit will be enough. If you’re a little person, this implies that you may lower the console to the deck so you can see it easily.

Botorro R5 Treadmill1

If you don’t lift it all the way, the console does restrict your walking area since it folds vertically, but it offers an intriguing alternative for shorter users.


The general design of the Botorro R5 treadmill differs from other models due to its innovative foldable frame. Solid and secure, the deck is a pleasure to walk on.

Shock absorption helps to reduce the force of impact you feel when you walk or jog outside.

Botorro R5 Treadmill2


A 2.0 HP motor powers the BOTORRO treadmill. While it isn’t the most powerful treadmill motor, it allows you to run for a long time without becoming too hot. The addition of a tiny flywheel further increases stability.

Speeds vary from 0.6 MPH to 9.0 MPH on the BOTORRO R5. There are 0.1-mile-per-hour steps on the speedometer. Slow and fast speed adjustments may be made using the console’s controls. Each button corresponds to a different speed: 2 mph; 4 mph; 6 mph; and 8 mph.

Even if you use one of the fast adjustment settings to change the speed of the belt, the speed will slowly go up or down, letting you quickly change your pace.

The treadmill uses very little electricity since its motor isn’t very strong. Its maximum output is just 2.0 HP. Even if you use it daily, you should expect to pay less than $5 monthly.

The motor itself doesn’t produce much noise while running, but your cadence may make a difference in the amount of noise you hear.


This console’s design was the result of cutting-edge engineering. Despite the lack of a display, the digital digits on this calculator are big and easy to see. When you place a book, tablet, or phone on the shelf above the console, it won’t interfere with the display.

A device holder and speakers are built into the console. The device holder just above the LED screen is a safe place to put a tablet or smartphone.

The loudspeakers are rather substantial in size. The tablet holder has two of these on each side of it. They’re Bluetooth-enabled, so you can connect your phone or tablet to the console and use it to play music.

There are no extra connectors on the console (no AUX, no USB) to use a phone or tablet. Rewind and volume are, of course, options. There are also two bottle holders on each side of the keypad, a Start/Stop button, a magnetic key, and quick speed controls on the console.


Workouts may be started and stopped by using the Start/Stop buttons. 2mph, 4mph, 6mph, and 8mph are all buttons that may be used to increase or decrease your pace by 0.1mph. You don’t have to press any buttons to get there.

Volume: When your phone is plugged in and playing music, the buttons on the remote control let you change the volume.

Fans/Other Objects

The Botorro R5 console does not have a fan. However, two handy water bottle compartments are on each console side. A bottle placed inside won’t jingle because of the silicone-lined construction.


  • Uprights and a console that folds up.

Fully detachable uprights allow the Botorro R5 to be folded against the frame. When not used, the console may be raised, locked into position, and folded.

  • Weight Capacity: 265 lb.

The Botorro R5 weighs only 125 pounds, yet it can sustain up to 250 pounds of weight. This allows it to be used by bigger individuals who need a foldable treadmill.

  • Running Surface: 50″ long x 18.5″ wide.

A Botorro R5 can wander about the deck without feeling cramped. The deck is modest enough for small users but too cramped for bigger ones.

  • Frame Composed of Various Materials.

Cushioning is added to the Botorro R5’s lightweight frame. Despite the lack of cushioning, given its size, this treadmill provides enough support.

  • Backlit Screen with a Sleek Look.

This console provides an easy-to-read display and basic controls.


  • It is possible to fold the console and uprights right up against the frame for storage.
  • Low-noise motor.
  • Apartments and condominiums will love this.
  • Stream music from your phone to the speakers.


  • The lack of a screen
  • The limited 2.0 HP motor may not be able to sustain running-it is best suited for strolling.
  • Larger people may be unable to wear the walking belt because it is too small.


The Botorro R5 folding treadmill is a great option for people who are looking for a compact and quiet treadmill that can be easily stored away. It is perfect for apartment dwellers or anyone who has limited space. The treadmill has a 2.0 HP motor that is powerful enough for walking and light jogging, but it may not be suitable for running. The treadmill also has a backlit console with basic workout stats, as well as two water bottle holders and a tablet holder. Overall, the Botorro R5 is a great option for people who are looking for a basic and affordable folding treadmill.


Are folding treadmills worth it?

Folding treadmills can be a great way to get some exercise while you work, but they’re not for everyone. Here are some pros and cons to consider:
– They can help you stay active during the workday, improving your overall health and well-being.
– They’re a great way to burn calories and lose weight.
– They can help you improve your cardiovascular health.
– They’re a relatively affordable way to get a treadmill.
– They can be noisy, which can be disruptive to others in your workspace.
– They can be difficult to store, especially with limited space.
– They may not be suitable for everyone, especially people who are overweight or have certain health conditions.

Do folding treadmills work well?

Here are some factors to consider when deciding if a folding treadmill is right for you:

Your fitness goals: Folding treadmills are typically not as powerful as traditional treadmills, so they may not be suitable for people who want to do high-intensity workouts.
Your space constraints: Folding treadmills are designed to be compact and easy to store, so they’re a good option for people who have limited space.
Your health: Some health conditions, such as joint problems, may make using a folding treadmill difficult.

Are folding treadmills as good as non-folding?

– They are compact and easy to store, making them a good option for people with limited space.
– They allow you to walk or run while you work, which can help you stay active during the workday.
– They are typically less expensive than non-folding treadmills.
– They may not be as powerful as non-folding treadmills, so they may not be suitable for people who want to do high-intensity workouts.
– They may be noisy, which can be disruptive to others in your workspace.
– They may not be as comfortable as non-folding treadmills, as they may not have as large of a running surface or as much cushioning.

2 thoughts on “Botorro R5 Folding Treadmill: Solid Build and Folds Flat”

  1. Hello, I am wondering if the review on the Botorro Folding Treadmill is current. I have heard that, perhaps, they. have added a cooling fan for the motor, which is not super quiet.

    We are very interested in this for light use.
    Love the low profile folding design.
    Most specs look good for us.
    Length of running deck should not be too short, as we are 5’9″ and 5′.


    1. Hi Kilmer,
      Following is the reply received from Botorro:
      Hello dear Anil
      Thank you so much for your contact! This is Gary from Botorro to assist you.
      Really appreciate for your support and feeback! We have added a fan into the motor area to prevent some issues happened to the motor, so there might be some noise when starting up the machine. While after running for a period of time and using for some time, the sound will get lower.

      If the sound is still the same after the speed gets higher, could you please ask the customer to contact us and attach a short video to show the noise? We will check with our technician for solutions.

      If any further questions or concerns please let us know!
      Have a nice day!

      Best Regards,
      Gary |Botorro Support Team

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