OMA Folding Treadmills

OMA Folding Treadmills: 2 Good Workout Partners for Runners?

OMA folding treadmills, one of the new brands in the industry, has gained market share fairly fast. The company has developed two premium models in OMA fitness treadmills: the OMA 5925 CAI and 6134 EAI.

These OMA treadmills for home are mid-range machines that fully satisfy all sorts of walkers and beginner runners. To know more, let’s read all about these two in detail.

Comparison Table – Key specifications of OMA Folding Treadmills

SpecificationsOMA 5925 CAIOMA 6134 EAI
Dimensions69.7″D x 31.1″W x 64.4″H75.8″D x 36.4″W x 69.7″H
Motor3.0 HP3.5HP
Top speed11.2 MPH12.4 MPH
Weight capacity300 LBS350 LBS
Display7” LCD Screen7” LED Screen
Built-in programs36+3 interval, four countdowns, one heart rate control36+3 interval, four countdowns, one heart rate control
Running surface20″ x 55″22″ x 60″

Over the last two years, OMA has launched some good products that have gained popularity due to good user reviews. 82% of the users have given them 4 or 5 stars on Amazon.

OMA Treadmill 5925 CAI

It has a large, premium-quality HDF running deck and six shock-absorbing cushions that can protect and improve the health and fitness of all family members. That means no matter your age, your joints, knees, muscles, and various other parts of the body will not get hurt. 

Apart from that, a 3.0 HP permanent direct magnet current motor is quiet and allows individuals to exercise without disturbing their family members.

OMA treadmill 6134 EAI

The 6134 EAI also has six shock-absorbing cushions that absorb impacts and protect body parts. Besides, this treadmill folds up easily and can be moved because it has two hydraulic cylinders that work together. 

OMA is also compatible with Zwift, Kinomap and AnyRun, which makes the treadmill smart because you can have a structured workout.

Features of OMA Home Treadmills


The assembly of both treadmills is not very difficult. The 5925 CAI has three steps of assembly: attaching the uprights, console, and holder, which takes around 20 to 30 minutes.

The other model requires two people for assembly, which takes 1 to 2 hours. For precise and detailed instructions, ensure to read the user manual.


The OMA 5925 CAI and 6134 EAI treadmills have a robust frame manufactured with commercial-grade steel and grit blasting. Additionally, a few parts of both models are made of sturdy plastic for long life.

On top of that, the frame is coated with rust-resistant black paint. However, the best part of these treadmills is that the frame goes through various running tests before coming to market to check its durability and safety.


In terms of motors, both of them vary a little bit. The OMA 6134 EAI model has a powerful 3.5 PMDC (permanent magnet direct current) continuous-duty motor that works smoothly without sound

The best part of this motor is that it offers higher rotational speeds while using magnetic bearings. It has small footprints and a high efficiency of 95%, running at a unity power factor.

The OMA 5925 CAI has a 3.0 HP permanent magnet direct current motor. It is infused with a flywheel that minimizes vibration and helps the belt work smoothly.

Folding design

Both are foldable treadmills you can store anywhere in your home after a workout. The 5925 CAI is equipped with solid hydraulic cylinders, while the 6134 EAI is integrated with double hydraulic cylinders. 

folding and unfolding are also super easy and can be moved to the store when not in use. Thus, both are good even for small spaces that save around 40% of space.

Workout programs

These OMA home-use treadmills come with three modes and 43 workout programs. It includes one heart rate-controlled program in the AnyRun app and three countdown programs with time, distance, and calories. 

Also, three custom interval programs let you simulate different types of terrain based on speed and incline. So, make your plans and track your total time, calories burned, pulse rate and speed to achieve your goal.


The OMA models offer an impressive range of inclines up to 15%, which makes every workout challenging so that individuals can reach their fitness level quickly. However, the best part of both models is that the incline can be changed gradually from the console via the arrow key. 

These treadmills’ instant incline selection buttons are 6%, 9%, 12%, and 15%.

Weight capacity

The weight capacity of 5925 CAI is an impressive 300 pounds, and 6134 EAI is 350 pounds. So obese people can lose weight while walking or running on these.

Top speed

The 5925 CAI delivers a speed of 11.2 mph, and the 6134 EAI is up to 12.4 mph. Users can change the speed gradually with the arrow keys on the console.

Additional features 

These treadmills have a good range of additional features for their users. Tablet holders are placed above the display, like a shelf, two-item baskets, two Bluetooth speakers, etc.

Running deck

The OMA 5925 CAI comes with a 55″ length and 20″ width, with the running surface made up of HDF material, which is highly durable. 

The 6134 EAI treadmill’s running surface is even wider at 22″ and has a 60″ length. Under the running surface, they have shock-absorbing cushions for low impact on joints and comfortable runs.

What we don’t like


  • The frame is guaranteed for only five years.
  • Components are guaranteed for two years.
  • The motor has a one-year warranty.

The customer’s warranty is non-transferable. This warranty does not cover freight damage.

Various treadmills in this price category have a lifelong warranty on the frame and motor.


There is no proper website of the company if one wants to know more about it before buying its product.

The bottom line

The OMA 5925 CAI and 6134 EAI treadmills are great for home users who want to stay healthy and fit and reach their fitness goals. Both are sturdy treadmills that will live a long time if maintained properly. 

Moreover, if you talk about their price, I know they are expensive treadmills that differ in price but are worth an investment. The reason is that they are packed with advanced features that are quite impressive.

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