Dc Vs Ac Treadmill

Dc Vs Ac Treadmill: Which is the best for long term use?

Treadmills are ideal for people who want to run or jog as part of their exercise routine. In the DC vs. AC treadmill comparison, DC treadmills dominate the market.

Which motor is best for the treadmill, AC or DC? Will the DC or AC treadmill last longer? Is the DC or AC treadmill quieter? The article focuses on the differences between AC and DC motors. We also discuss their effects on treadmills.

Dc Vs Ac Treadmill Comparison

AC vs DC Motor
AC and DC Motors: Differences and Advantages

DC vs. Ac Treadmill Comparison

AC and DC Motors: Differences and Advantages

While both motors have benefits, our individual needs decide the more useful one.

DC Treadmill

A Direct Current treadmill is the most common type among home treadmill users. This type of treadmill motor is quiet, durable, and energy-efficient. It’s suitable for commercial as well as home use.

  • A continuous electrical current powers the DC treadmill. A motor turns with no belt or chain. This allows for quieter operation since there’s no need for an engine and fan to cool and vent the motor.
  • DC motors can start up rapidly and provide a significant amount of initial torque.
  • DC motors run on direct current; unlike AC motors, their speed is adjustable. Its torque-speed curve depicts a DC motor’s properties. It shows that speed and load torque are inversely related.
  • DC motors are more energy efficient and require less maintenance. They are 30% more efficient than AC motors due to the secondary magnetic field generated by the permanent magnets.
  • You can control the DC motor’s speed by modifying the supply voltage.

A DC treadmill might be an excellent option for a small home or apartment.

There is no significant disadvantage of a DC motor. But they have a shorter life span than an AC treadmill.

AC Treadmill

Alternating Current treadmill is the most common type of treadmill among commercial users. Their motor is turned by a chain, belt, or flywheel pushed by a rotating current.

  • They’re more potent than DC motors, so they can quickly move a heavier person or run at a faster speed.
  • AC motors have a longer life. DC motors need more maintenance due to mechanical wear in brushes and commutators.
  • It may take a little longer to warm up an AC motor than a DC motor, but once it’s up to speed, it’ll run smoothly all day.
  • AC motors work best when the speed of the motor is slow to medium and stays the same, but the load on the motor changes.

Difference – AC motor and DC motor treadmill

AC motors are usually larger than DC motors. For a given amount of mechanical work output, brushless DC designs are the smallest.

A sizeable permanent magnet is required for the stator of a DC motor of equal output. They are heavier than the wire coils used in the stator of an AC motor. So, DC motors are heavier.

AC motors have a long service life. DC motors require more maintenance for those designs that use brushes and commutators.

You’ll want to invest in an AC treadmill if you have a commercial gym.

Which is better? Treadmill AC vs DC?

DC motors offer the following advantages: 

  • Greater starting torque
  • Faster starting and stopping and changing speeds
  • It is simpler and less expensive to manage than AC motors.

Also, if you don’t need a powerful treadmill to get the job done, you may get away with using a smaller-sized DC treadmill. This is especially true if you have an apartment with a small backyard.

The DC Treadmill might be a better option if you need a powerful running, walking, or HIIT treadmill. It’s quieter and more energy efficient.

The DC Treadmill could still be a better choice if you want to get the job done with a smaller, quieter option.

Which Type Should You Buy?

The DC Treadmill might be the best option if you’re starting your fitness journey with basic equipment.

It’s easier to move around and also more affordable. Treadmills with brushless motors are even more compact.

Is the DC or AC treadmill worth it?

With so many choices available, deciding which is better can be challenging. The DC Treadmill might be your best option if you’re starting and want something basic. It’s quieter and less expensive. Having a DC motor treadmill is better if you are more into HIIT.

But if you are a long-distance runner and usually run at constant speeds, buy an AC treadmill.

There are more choices for DC motors in the market. They are more easily repairable. They are better suited for home use. So unless you are a long-distance runner or are buying it for your gym, you should go in for a DC motor only.

AC Motor Treadmills

Very few AC motor treadmills are on the market, and almost all are in the commercial space only. Some of the best-selling models are mentioned here.

As against these, the market is dominated by DC motor treadmills. Several companies are in this sphere—for example, NordicTrack, Sole, Horizon, LifeSpan, etc.

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