LifeSpan started in 2001 and has a reputation for high-quality, low-cost workout equipment.

LifeSpan provides a superb collection of sturdy, high-quality treadmills with unique features, including the TR1200i. The LifeSpan TR1200i is a popular choice and one of the best treadmills under $1,000. It is a small treadmill that delivers on performance, and it gives excellent value for money.

LifeSpan TR1200i Motor 

The treadmill has a 2.5 CHP motor that allows for a peak speed of 11 MPH. Though it’s not the most powerful motor available at this price point, it is best suited for light walkers and joggers who don’t need a lot of workouts. It runs gently, emitting a familiar sound that won’t bother your family or neighbors.

TR1200i Display

LifeSpan TR1200i

The TR 1200i has one of the best displays in the < $1000 category. It has a multicolor LCD that shows workout parameters clearly and easily. It displays several readouts, built-in programs, and USB port data. Time, Calories, Distance, Steps, Heart Rate, Speed, and Incline are readouts. One of the few treadmills with a pedometer.

TR1200i Weight & Weighing Capacity

The weight of this treadmill is 197 lbs, and the weighing capacity is 300 lbs. like most other treadmills in this category.

TR1200i Pre Set Exercise Programs

With 21 built-in programs, 17 are pre-set for sports training, healthy living, and weight reduction. The additional programs on this treadmill include two heart rate programs and two user-customizable programs. Professional trainers created these programs, so you know they work. If the pre-made programs don’t exactly meet your needs, you may create your own. Members of the LifeSpan Fitness Club may also download personalized routines. It’s fantastic for novices to have so many training possibilities. 

Speed & Incline

The TR1200i’s speed range is 0.5-11 MPH, perfect for walking, jogging, and light running. The treadmill provides users with quick walking and jogging to assist them in reaching their fitness objectives. It has handlebar speed, and inclination controls as well.

To provide a more rigorous, high-intensity exercise, the LifeSpan TR1200i treadmill’s inclination range is adjusted from 0% to 15%, the highest in a 2.5 CHP and < $1000 category. The arrow keys may alter the inclination in whole numbers or 0.5 increments. Incline offers more variation, calorie burn, and focused muscle toning. To burn as many calories as jogging without the impact, try walking at an elevation.

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TR1200i Running Track

This treadmill has eight compression shock absorbers to protect your knees, back, and joints. So, if you’ve been having trouble exercising on stricter terrain, this treadmill may assist. The two-ply belt and large 2.5″ rollers make this belt more durable than other starting treadmill belts. Shock absorbers and a cushioned deck support it. The running deck is also the most comfortable in the category.

The 20-inch x 56-inch tread belt is long enough for most walks or jogs. But some runners who are above 6 feet tall will require a longer track.

TR1200i Easy to Fold & Move

The TR1200i treadmill’s dimensions are reasonable, and it fits in most rooms. When unfolded, it is 70.25″L x 33″B x 55″H. You can quickly fold your TR1200i treadmill with the help of EZ fold, the hydraulic shock mechanism. It also allows the deck to automatically lower slowly. The TR1200i treadmill folds to 39″L x 33″B x 63″H.

The treadmill has four wheels for easy mobility.

TR1200i Heart Rate Monitor 

The LifeSpan TR1200i treadmill tracks heart rate in two ways.

The TR1200i has heart rate-sensing grips. Grab the handlebar to activate the heart rate monitor. These work well at slower speeds.

Wireless heart rate monitoring is also available. However, you must purchase the chest strap receiver separately. LifeSpan treadmills only work with LifeSpan heart rate monitors. 

TR1200i Bluetooth

TR 1200i has a built-in Bluetooth to sync your workout results. The treadmill can store your exercise data on a USB drive or a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone for instant download. In this manner, you can track your progress using a computer or smartphone.

The LifeSpan TR1200i treadmill has no cooling fan.

This machine has a high-tech sound system that lets you listen to music from your iPod, MP3, or any other smart device while working out.

TR1200i Drawbacks

  • A smaller belt at 56 inches. But if the treadmill is meant for only walking, jogging & light running, then this is sufficient.
  • A cooling fan is not included.
  • The chest strap for monitoring heart rate is not supplied with the treadmill. Besides, only a Lifespan chest strap is compatible with the treadmill, so even if you have one, you will have to buy another one from Lifespan.
  • Rails with short armrests
  • The data tracking feature is only for four months. Then you have to purchase the subscription though it isn’t expensive at only $69.

TR1200i Guarantee

The LifeSpan TR1200i treadmill is backed by a lifetime frame guarantee, a 5-year motor warranty, a 2-year parts warranty, and a 1-year labor warranty, among other things.

In addition, extended warranties are available. Customers of Lifespan also benefit from free delivery and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

TR1200i Compared to the Higher Model

  • Motor Size TR2000e – 2.5 CHP / Tr 1200i – 2.50 CHP
  • Weight capacity TR2000e – 300 lb / Tr 1200i – 300 lb.
  • Roller size TR2000e – 2.5″ / Tr 1200i – 2.5″
  • Display TR2000e – 6″ LCD screens / Tr 1200i – 7″ LCD
  • Price TR2000e – $1099 / Tr 1200i – $949

There isn’t much difference between the two except for price.

TR1200i Price

The best value price on the company site is $1199 though it is available in the market at $999 also, which is a reasonable price for this model. If you buy the treadmill for walking or jogging, there aren’t many drawbacks. 

Compared to competition in the category it has the best display and the highest incline. LifeSpan also has made a very good name for itself in the industry. At 2.5 CHP it is not percieved to be the best for running but for walking and jogging it is the best value for money.

TR1200i Preparing for a Race

Though this is an excellent treadmill in all respects, it is not meant for running or races. Still, at a 15 percent incline and 11mph speed, you can achieve a lot in terms of fitness even if you cannot prepare for the race.