OMA Treadmills for Home

3 OMA Treadmills: Best for Home Gym for Walking & Jogging

OMA is one of those brands of treadmills that will give you a lot of “bang for the buck,” as it comes directly from the factory. It’s a great example of a reliable treadmill, perfect for home gyms. The OMA fitness treadmill’s price is also very reasonable.

These treadmills are a good option for enjoying a healthy lifestyle at home with their advanced features, durable quality, and superior performance. You can choose from three models that suit your home or office space. Alternatively, you can also opt for an under desk elliptical that lets you exercise while you work.

OMA Treadmills: Comparison Chart

In the following OMA treadmill review, we discuss the three popular treadmills of the company.

  • OMA Treadmill 1017 EB
  • OMA Treadmill 5108 EB
  • OMA Treadmill 7200 EB
Key SpecificationsOMA 1017 EBOMA 5108 EBOMA 7200 EB
Product Dimensions(“)58.1 x 32.7 x 3559.5 x 26.7 x 50.655 x 27.8 x 48.4
Motor Peak HP2.50 2.50 2.50
InclineNo Incline3 Manual3  Manual
Speed (mph)8.7 8.1 10
Weight Capacity (lbs)300300300
Item Weight (lbs)91.592.294.8
MaterialAlloy SteelAlloy SteelAlloy Steel
Running Surface(“)17.7 x 4816.5 x 45.316.5 x 45.3
Folding180″ FoldFlatEasy fold up Fast folding
Approx Price569.99499.98399.99

OMA Treadmills Pros & Cons


  • Foldable and space-saving.
  • 36 preset programs and 3 custom programs for different fitness goals.
  • High-performance and quiet motors with adjustable speeds.
  • LED touchscreen displays showing various metrics and iPad holders.
  • 8 layer shock-absorbing and non-slip belts for comfort and safety.


  • Lack cooling fans.
  • Larger than some other options.
  • Short warranties.
  • No Bluetooth connectivity or compatibility with fitness apps.
  • Customer service

OMA treadmill customer service is mainly dependent on Amazon, which allows a 30 days time for returns.

OMA Treadmills: In-depth review

OMA folding treadmills are pre-assembled and almost ready to be used when unpacked. We don’t need to do any installation.

OMA – 1017EB

OMA home treadmill 1017 EB has a high-quality deck and 8 flex cushions. Every time you step, your joints, muscles, knees, and ankles will feel less pain because the 8-layer running belt doesn’t slip and absorbs shock.

Monitor your heart rate, speed, and the on/off switch on the handlebars. The handles have a built-in height adjustment. Put your smart device in the iPad holder to watch videos or listen to music. An emergency stop button will help keep you from getting hurt by accident.

OMA 5108 EB

The 6-layer elastic cushioning belt is antislip and shock-absorbing, which protects your knees. Three manual incline positions are a bonus.

Easy to set up: 86% of the treadmill is assembled, and one person can set it up in 15 minutes. It can be easily folded and moved to a corner of your room, making it ideal for a small space.

OMA 7200 EB

It has a larger screen with 3 LEDs to easily track distance, speed, time, calories, and pulse.

The 6-layer non-slip running belt has a running area that cushions your knees, joints, muscles, back, and ankles. The tough deck cushioning absorbs shock with each step and provides premium comfort. With a non-slip feature for added security. It also has three manual incline positions.

Pre-programmed workouts

All the models of OMA treadmills give you many options for workouts. They come with 36 pre-set programs along with three custom programs. This fantastic feature is not found in other treadmills in this price range. In short, while using this treadmill at home, there is no need for a fitness coach, and you can plan your workouts yourself. 


All three models of OMA treadmills come with 2.5 max HP high-performance motors. On top of that, while exercising at home, this treadmill will not disturb your family members, as the motor is quiet. So, you can enjoy the fun of indoor running anytime without disturbing others.

The maximum speed of these treadmills differs. The three models offer top speeds of 8.7 mph, 8.1 mph, and 10 mph, respectively.  


All OMA treadmills are made with high-quality, commercial-thickness steel and grit blasting. Made of heavy-duty steel, it can easily support individual weights up to 300 lbs. Before this treadmill came onto the market, it passed several tests to ensure it was safe and highly durable for home use. 

This folding treadmill’s strong gauge steel frame and robust construction design make it sturdy and robust, making jogging safer, quieter, and more pleasant.

Running surface

In terms of running surface, all the OMA treadmill models have a wide running surface to quickly accommodate all types and sizes of individuals. The 1017EB model has a 17.7″ x 48″ running surface, the 5108EB has a 16.5″ x 45.3″ running surface, and the 7200EB has a 16.5″ x 45.3″ running surface.

That means it will protect your body joints, like knees, backs, muscles, shoulders, etc., whether you are old or young. Besides, tough deck cushioning absorbs shock for premium comfort with every step.


The incline feature on the treadmills is very helpful because it lets the user burn more calories and build muscle during each workout. Only two of the three OMA treadmills we’re talking about have manual incline options with up to three choices. The model 1017EB doesn’t have an incline.

Using the treadmill without an incline makes walking or running easier than running outside, as we face wind resistance while running outside. 

Features: The OMA treadmills come with the following features: –

Multi-function LED Display

The OMA treadmills have an easy-to-read display and a large and intuitive interface that can track speed and time, distance, calories burned, and pulse rate. 


The updated version of OMA treadmills for home is perfect for jogging, walking, and running and can fit into a house, office, or apartment. Also, it is one of the lightest treadmills that can be folded, moved, and stored anywhere. 

Folding SpaceSaver design

1017Eb folds flat at 180 degrees and can be pushed under a bed.

The treadmills made by OMA are easy to fold up, which makes them great for small storage and making the most of a person’s living space. On top of that, the built-in transport wheels and EasyLift Assist system allow them to fit any space.


In addition, 1017EB has a device holder, heart rate grips, start/stop buttons, quick speed control and a water bottle holder.

5108 EB has 2 phone holders and an item holder too. fast control handles for speed, start/stop, and heart rate sensors.

The 7200 EB has quick access buttons, a device holder, a water bottle holder, heart rate sensors, start/stop buttons, and speed adjustment buttons.

The bottom line

I couldn’t find much wrong with all three models of OMA folding treadmills except for customer service, which is a great negative, actually. But in terms of price, they all shine, as they are not as expensive as other treadmills. They are sturdy and robust equipment, because of which most of the users feel it is good to exercise on them.


Who makes OMA treadmill?

OMA Metal Industrial Co. Ltd. manufactures OMA treadmills. It is a leisure products company based in China that is famous for producing fitness equipment.

What is the best OMA treadmill for me?

The best OMA treadmill for you depends on your needs and preferences. If you are looking for a treadmill with a high top speed and incline, then the 7200EB is a good option. If you are looking for a more affordable treadmill, then the 1017EB is a good option. If you are looking for a treadmill with many features, the 5108EB is a good option.

How do I set up an OMA treadmill?

Setting up an OMA treadmill is relatively easy. Most treadmills come pre-assembled, so you only need to attach the base and the console. The instructions are included in the box.

How do I maintain an OMA treadmill?

To maintain your OMA treadmill, you should:
1. Clean the treadmill regularly with mild detergent and water.
2. Lubricate the treadmill belt every 3 months.
3. Inspect the treadmill for any damage regularly.
4. Have the treadmill serviced by a qualified technician every year.

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