Rhythm Fun Treadmill: Step to the Beat for Exciting Sessions

The RHYTHM FUN treadmill offers a sleek design and a large, clear display—a fantastic home or office walker.

No assembly is needed! Just take it out of the package, and you can start.

The RHYTHM FUN folding under-desk treadmill works as a normal jogging treadmill for walking at home or office. This slim 2-in-1 has two modes of operation: under-desk and conventional.

The treadmill also includes a smart remote for speed control and an app for tracking your speed, time, mileage, and calories.

RHYTHM FUN Treadmill Construction

The RHYTHM FUN Treadmill is 2.3″ thick, weighs 78 pounds, and takes up very little space in your living room or office.

Its ultra-thin folding height is only 3″. It’s a small unit with a big running surface.

The treadmill has a remote control for speed and an app for Android and iOS phones. The app allows users to track workout details on their phones and set goals for time and distance covered. You also get to know the details of calories burned.

The RHYTHM FUN Under-Desk Treadmill is ISO9001, thus proving its high quality.

The treadmill base has rubberized stabilizers for floor friendliness.


The RHYTHM FUN Under-Desk Treadmill has a quiet, 1.5 HP motor, which isn’t the most powerful but allows users to walk and jog on it. The motor can reach 7.5 mph, so light running exercises are possible.

During a workout, the motor and tread belt make no noise that might disturb the family or neighbors, and you can watch the TV or listen to music too.

Speed & Incline

The seven-level elastic running platform is anti-skid and shockproof and can increase walking speed to 3.7 mph. You can change your speed and see it on the LED display with the remote control.

The light changes as the speed or running mode changes, adding a cool visual element that alerts you to adjustments.

The treadmill’s walking speed ranges from 1–6 km/h in under-desk mode to 12 km/h in standard mode.

The RHYTHM FUN Treadmill does not have an incline. Nor does it have a manual incline, as it is difficult to work on a desk while walking on an incline. For this reason, most of the office treadmills used under desk walking do not have an incline.

Console & Display

This treadmill has a small round home button with an LED display showing speed. It can be twisted either way to increase or decrease the speed.

You can track all parameters like speed, time spent, distance covered, and calories burnt using the workout app on the smartphone.

With the Start, Off, and Speed buttons, the Smart Remote can control your treadmill while walking or running. This app can also track your workout on your phone and set up a training program.

Easy to Move

The treadmill is compact, collapsible, and has integrated transport wheels for easy storage. It’s easy to stow in a closet, under a bed, behind a door, etc. As a result, it’s great for the house because of its small, space-saving design.

You may also work and walk simultaneously by placing it under your desk.

Its unfolded dimensions are 61″L x 30″W x 44″H. The treadmill requires a 5 ft x 2 ft workout area. 

The folded dimensions are 61″L x 30″ W x 8″H.

Running Track

The RHYTHM FUN under desk treadmill boasts a wide 18″ running belt, superior comfort, balance, stability, and robust construction. It’s big enough to stroll or run on. A wide running or walking belt allows you to focus on your work without fear of slipping.

An air shock and noise reduction system on the RHYTHM FUN treadmill ensures your run is quiet and pleasant, whatever the skill level.

With good shock absorption, it’s one of the best noise-reduction tools.

The 63-inch long belt makes walking easier for taller people.

Weight & Weighing Capacity

Its weight is 78 lbs and can support up to 220 lbs of users. 

Important Features

It includes a wireless remote control and an app that syncs with your phone to track workout data like speed, time, mileage, and calories.

You can connect the smartphone via Bluetooth to the built-in speakers to watch a movie or listen to music while exercising on the treadmill.

The phone holder holds a smartphone for browsing and tracking workout progress.


Its price as of today, which is the day this article was published, is $499.00.


  • No slope
  • Doesn’t have a heart rate monitor.
  • No pre-set workouts
  • No tablet or device holder
  • Larger if you’re limited for space with a desk


The RHYTHM FUN Treadmill comes with the following warranty

  • Frame -10 years,
  • Motor – 2 years,
  • Parts – 1 year


The RHYTHM FUN Treadmill is an excellent home treadmill with a compact design

For this matter, those with limited space at home or office can own a treadmill. It’s perfect for jogging or walking at home or at work.

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