Echelon EX-7s Smart

Echelon EX-7s Smart: A Game-Changer in Exercise Technology

Echelon has become a competitive alternative to the industry leaders Peloton and NordicTrack. The 24″ full-color interactive touchscreen on the Echelon EX-7s is about the same size as those on the NordicTrack s22i and Peloton bikes.

Similar content, including riding classes and off-the-bike classes, is also available through the FitPass app from Echelon. For taller riders, the V-shaped frame design provides more space between the handlebars and the saddle. This article will examine the Echelon EX-7 smart bike’s features and technology.

Highlights – Echelon EX-7s Connect Bike

Warranty: 2 years


  • Item Dimensions: 58 x 21.5 x 61 
  • Item Weight: 124 Pounds
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: 300 Pounds
  • User Height Range: 4’5″- 6’8″
  • Number of Resistance Levels: 32


The modern and matte black style fits perfectly in your living area. It is sturdy without being heavy; even at over 100 pounds, it is not difficult to move. It also has a tiny footprint. But while you’re riding, you never feel like you’re truly going all out and standing on the pedals.

Of course, at-home riding has become so popular recently because it has replaced some of the traditional in-person sessions we used to attend with large groups. With a 24-inch touchscreen that can broadcast interactive and on-demand lessons, including off-bike choices like yoga, stretching, and meditation, the EX-7S simulates some of that sense of community. 

The screen turns 180 degrees for specific lessons, or you may watch them via the Echelon app.) Even more picturesque rides feature scenes from exotic Cleveland, Ohio, the Normandy countryside, and Singapore’s tropical gardens.

Echelon EX-7s Smart
Echelon EX-7s Smart Connect Fitness Bike

It’s not the same as utilizing other riders’ space in real life. You may digitally “high-five” others and try to get your name above others on the leaderboards. You could even get a shout-out from an instructor while riding. It still seems like you’re riding alone and staring at a screen unless you have a companion riding in the same room.

That may not be an issue for other individuals, though, as having a bike at home makes it much more difficult to ignore than if you’re used to making the long walk to the gym. A streamed-in trainer also provides plenty of encouragement. Furthermore, $2000 worth of equipment isn’t meant for those who aren’t at least somewhat committed to their fitness.

Your Fitbit can be connected to the EX-7S. However, its capabilities are limited to showing your heart rate. I want to have additional capabilities with such data. Moreover, it would be fantastic if the software enabled users to customize their heart rate-based comfort zones and have the bike motivate them to go a bit harder. (In case you missed it, artificial intelligence is already present in fitness facilities.)



The steel frame has four adjustable points and a powder-coated finish. Riding in and out of the saddle doesn’t cause the bike to sway or shake; it feels solid. Traditional exercise bikes have a slightly different back flywheel configuration.

As you increase the height, the distance between the handlebars and the seat rises because the seat post and handlebar post slightly curve outward. Most riders should be able to fit within the frame, but those taller than six feet might want to test the bike to ensure enough leg room.


The 29-pound flywheel at the back of the bike brings the weight back under the rider, potentially increasing stability. The flywheel feels smooth underfoot and has decent motion in the drive. It is nice and heavy. As a result of the lack of brake resistance drags on the wheel, pedaling is fluid.

The handlebar coating deters perspiration. There’s an aero loop in the middle and several hand positions. These handlebars are comfortable for me. If you ride in an aero position, the upward angle assists, and the broader space at the foot of the horizontal bar offers cozy support for your forearms. The handlebars do not obstruct the screen.


It’s a comfy saddle here. The EX7s seat is surprisingly pleasant, especially considering exercise bike seats are usually small and firm.

The seat post allows you to adjust the saddle’s height up or down, and the carriage post enables you to move the saddle forward or backward.


With a screen about the same size as Peloton and NordicTrack’s bikes, it is evident that the screen was created to compete with them. Only a tablet holder is available with lower-end Echelon versions. The only Echelon bikes with a screen are the EX5-s and EX7-s. When you ride, the screen is steady and doesn’t sway.

Because the screen is fixed to the handlebars, it rises with them. Although this isn’t a common issue, you may need to reposition the handlebars slightly to reach the ideal screen position.

Resistance level

A tension knob located on the down tube allows you to change the resistance levels. Although I adore how a knob feels in my hands, preset numbers are more accurate. Though it doesn’t ruin the experience, I’m not against it.

However, it makes level switching and finding a little more complicated. There isn’t much sensitivity on the dial. I turned it up a notch and only went up two levels. This prevents you from unintentionally raising resistance, but it also means that you must spin it quite a bit before seeing a difference.


  • 24″ HD touchscreen
  • Displayed includes Live Leaderboard, Watts, RPM, MPH, Calories, Distance, Time, Heart Rate, Resistance Level
  • Maximum user weight of 300 


  • Short warranty
  • High price

User Experience

Here is the Echelon ex-7s review by an owner

Brendan milliken from the United States states: I’ve been using an old friction resistance spin bike for years now, and appreciated it’s sturdiness and ease of maintenance at the tradeoff of limited tracking capabilities, but finally opted for one of these as an upgrade. So far, very pleased with the quality construction and functionality.

I suspect these models have likely been sitting in a warehouse for some time, so keep in mind you’ll have to ensure the firmware on both your bike and display will have to be up to date when you set it up. And at the ~120lbs, it’s a robust enough frame that my 6’2 210lb can push it hard without worrying about tipping the thing over (lol), which is something you legitimately have to worry about with some of the cheaper magnetic resistance bikes out there.

As a comparison, I had bought a DMASUN magnetic resistance bike back in June, only to soon discover that it’s very lightweight construction (barely 60lbs) rendered it quite useless for me. You get what you pay for, and i’d consider this bike model to be on par with a Peloton. We’ll see how it holds up after everyday use for the next few months.

Oh, and if the subscription thing is not in the budget for you, the freestyle mode works fine and provides you all of the realtime tracking and resistance control functions, so you can do your own workout and have no problem with this bike.

Edit: I think the low ratings here are mostly a product of people’s assessment based on buying the bike at a much higher price. At its sub $400 price currently, it’s ridiculously low. Any concerns about the pedals can be resolved by applying a thread locker. I’ve done so with mine and have experienced no loosening since. It’s an excellent bike at its current price and I’m certain you won’t find a better equipped one anywhere near this price.


When compared to other bikes, such as the Stryde Bike, consumers should give the Echelon Connect Bike EX-7 serious thought due to its robust construction and versatile programming options. It’s a little more expensive but has many more features, so riders should consider it.


How long is the warranty for the Echelon EX-7s Smart Bike valid?

Two years of warranty are included with the Echelon EX-7s Smart Bike.

What are the Echelon EX-7s Smart Bike’s dimensions and weight?

The dimensions are 54 x 10 x 20 inches in size and the weight is 127 pounds.

What is the recommended maximum weight limit for Echelon EX-7s Smart Bike users?

Users are advised to weigh no more than 300 pounds.

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