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How to Maintain a Treadmill: 10 Best Tips to Keep it Running

Maintain a treadmill well and lubricate it properly; you can increase its lifespan by a few years.

The treadmill is a big investment. Taking care of this investment is your priority, as it helps you achieve your fitness goals. Take good care of the treadmill, and know how to maintain it, including lubricating it at regular intervals. That is essential if you want your workouts to be regular.

Tips to Maintain a Treadmill and Lubricate it Regularly

1. Level your treadmill

Ensure your treadmill is on a level surface so the belt can run evenly along the deck. If placed on an uneven surface, the belt may break faster.

On an uneven surface, the belt will slide to one side, hit the deck’s sidelines, and get torn off.

If you plan to put the treadmill in the garage or attic, level the area with the adjustable leveling feet.

2. Keep your treadmill clean

Many gym-goers use a machine without wiping it. If you’re one such person, change the practice now. 

Keep the treadmill dust-free so the frame and belt don’t corrode. Always wipe it clean with a dry cloth to remove sweat and dirt from all its parts.

A clean belt and deck reduce regular wear and tear.

Now, you might wonder how to maintain the treadmill while sitting at home.  So, let’s deep dive into some tips to help you maintain your home treadmill.

Man cleaning a treadmill
Man cleaning a treadmill

3. Clean between the Deck and the Belt

If you use the treadmill often, clean between the deck and belt. This part is wear-prone. Dust and dirt accumulate under the belt, causing faster belt breakdown.

Use a damp cloth or a vacuum attachment to clean under the belt. Clean under and around the treadmill. After you vacuum the treadmill, vacuum the floor around it.

4. Tighten and align the conveyor belt

On almost every treadmill, the belt tension is pre-adjusted. But with time, it loosens up. If you’re slipping while exercising, check the tension of the conveyor belt.

The conveyor belt is an important part of the treadmill, which can change how you work out every day.

5. Install a mat under the treadmill

This is another good way to maintain the treadmill. Using a mat under the machine will protect it from nearby obstructions.

The mat will protect the flooring from damage, protect your joints from shocks, and reduce noise, especially if your treadmill is in a second-story room. This mat can also keep hair and dust away from the machine.

6. Tighten the treadmill bolts regularly

The treadmill is held together with screws and bolts. Checking them regularly is part of the maintenance that keeps the machine in good condition.

Inspecting the screws and bolts will reveal any flaws in the treadmill. If they are corroded, replace them as soon as possible.

7. Adjust the belt if needed.

Check whether the belt is centered on the deck to keep the treadmill running properly. When the belt becomes loose from regular use, it may become off-center and slide to one side.

If you notice this, center the belt to reduce accidents.

8. Replacing the belt

Apart from proper cleaning, if you want your machine to last, replace the belt if worn out. If you can replace the treadmill belt yourself, do it. If in doubt, call a professional.

Also, always buy a treadmill belt based on the quality and model of the treadmill, and it should be under warranty.

9. Get it serviced regularly

The steps outlined above will assist you in keeping the treadmill running for many years. Aside from maintenance, call a professional for regular servicing.

While maintaining the treadmill, you may not find many technical faults, but a professional can easily find and diagnose them. For the best results, service it at least once every three months.

Oiling a gym treadmill
Oiling a gym treadmill

Whether you just bought a treadmill or are using one six years old, keep it in good condition. Also, if you’re unsure what to do, call a professional or read the user manual.

10. How to lubricate a treadmill?

Lubricating a treadmill is another crucial maintenance step to keep it in good condition and increase its lifespan.

Lubricate a gym treadmill
Lubricate a gym treadmill

How do you decide whether the treadmill needs lubrication?

If the treadmill belt pauses with every step or makes more noise than when it was new, your machine needs lubrication. Experts say it will prove costly if you don’t keep your treadmill lubricated.

If the treadmill has too much friction, it will burn out the motor or controller board, consume a lot of energy, and the belt will degrade, among other things.

Most people wonder how often to lubricate it. Oil the treadmill every three months or 130 miles to increase its lifespan. Your treadmill will need lubrication more often if you live in a warm area.

The warmer the climate, the faster the lubricant will dry out over time. For more details, see the user manual.

Tools needed to lubricate the treadmill

According to experts, a treadmill owner doesn’t need fancy tools for lubrication. But the most important thing is the right lubricant for the job. Apart from that, you need a screwdriver to loosen the treadmill belt.

Before purchasing a treadmill lubricant, read the user manual.

A step-by-step guide to lubricating the treadmill

Lubrication steps on treadmills vary by brand. 

Lubricating a treadmill is a simple task that requires only a screwdriver and lubricant. For more information, refer to the user manual.

Shut down the treadmill

Before lubricating the treadmill, unplug it or turn it off completely. This step is essential to preventing injury.

Lay down the towels

No matter how careful you are, lubricant can drip from the treadmill while you lubricate it. Keeping this in mind, place towels around the station. This will also prevent permanent stains on the floor.

Remember to keep clean towels handy to remove extra grease from the machine.

Expose the machine deck

Now, expose the lower section of the treadmill belt. Loosen the rollers and lift the edges of the treadmill belt. To loosen the belt, use a screwdriver.

Apply lubricant to the treadmill deck

Lubricating a treadmill is simple, especially when using the spray lubricant. For the best results, spray the lubricant evenly over the deck.

If the lubricant is too thick, remove excess oil after application to keep the belt from slipping.

Move the running belt

After you finish the above step, apply a thin layer of grease or lubricant to the running belt. This step ensures lubricant is applied to all corners of the belt.

Remember not to apply too much lubricant to any belt section, as this will make it too slippery.

Tighten the running belt

Now lower the running belt to its original position and tighten it with screws. Once you finish this step, don’t lift the edges more than 1 to 2 inches.

Start up the treadmill

After tensioning the belt, turn on the treadmill by plugging it in. First, run the belt slowly from 1 mph to 3 mph for at least 3 minutes to evenly lubricate corners. Afterward, walk on the treadmill at the same slow pace to spread the lubricant.

Unplug the machine again

Finally, unplug the treadmill and use a clean cloth to wipe off excess lubricant. After finishing this step, you’re good to go.

The bottom line

From the above post, you can see that maintaining and lubricating the treadmill is simple. So, to increase the machine’s lifespan, maintain it regularly.

Do it regularly to not miss a single day of workout, at least due to the treadmill’s malfunctioning.

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