Nautilus T618 Treadmill

Nautilus T618 Treadmill: Is It a Good Long Term Bet?

The Nautilus T618 Treadmill is a high-end home treadmill for even the most challenging home running sessions. It is a long-lasting treadmill, a massive and hefty piece of equipment.

The T618 is excellent for running, walking, and hill training. This treadmill is affordable and packed with features, ideal for home cardio workouts, with the console having interactive training programs.

This treadmill’s virtual outdoor training sets it distinct from the competition. A Bluetooth connection allows you to virtually walk or run across stunning areas throughout the globe, either alone or with other trainers.

This Nautilus T618 treadmill review will assist you in determining whether or not the model is right for you.

Nautilus T618 Construction

Nautilus T618 treadmill assembly is not very difficult but requires two men due to its heavy parts.

Nautilus treadmills hold the reputation of being very robust and long-lasting.

Steel support beams keep the Nautilus Fitness T618 foldable treadmill’s structure robust and the surface upright.

The Nautilus Treadmill T618 is a huge treadmill with 72.4″L x 35.2″W x 57.6″H dimensions.

The Nautilus T618 Treadmill is spacious and durable with a steel frame, high-capacity motor, large rollers, 3-ply belt, automatic incline, excellent deck cushioning, excellent impact absorption, an easy-to-read console, four user profiles, etc. The Nautilus T618 has a bare LCD panel and Bluetooth as well.

Ample exercise space, improved cushioning, and a 3.5 HP motor help make it a terrific bargain for runners. You’ll also receive a pacer to compare fitness readings to motivate you.


The 3.5 HP motor is quiet and powerful enough for most runners allowing for speed adjustments from 0.5 to 12 mph. 

That’s fantastic for walking and jogging. For most people, the 3.5 HP motor should be enough. You may stroll, jog, or work up to a 15% incline. So you may increase the intensity while keeping the impact mild.

The motor is beneath the deck, like with previous folding treadmills. The T618’s motor hood is lower than others we’ve seen, so your foot won’t graze it when running.

Like any treadmill, there is some noise from foot contact during running, which is louder than walking, though this is a quiet machine overall. The machine is significantly louder when inclined, perhaps because the deck pivots up, preventing noise from being trapped beneath.

Speed & Incline

The running deck inclination is motorized and may be altered from 0 to 15% automatically or manually.

We can have various combinations by fine-tuning or adjusting fast set speed and incline buttons from 2 to 12 mph in 2 mph increments and inclination from 0 to 15% 

Console & Display

Two 3.75′′ and 5.5′′ blue backlit LCDs show workout progress.

The 3.75″ top monitor shows the exercise objective, user fitness score, and pacer positioning.

The 5.5″ bottom displays program profiles, running time, distance run/lap, heart rate, calories burnt, running speed, incline %, and pace.

The T618 can function with full-color fitness programs linked to a tablet or smartphone.

A small panel with green and red Start and Stop buttons sits below the central console. The fan blows at around chest height. Simple up/down buttons for speed (right) and inclination (left) changes. The safety key is on the lower panel.

Under the console is an accessory tray for a towel and a water bottle. To enhance storage capacity, two storage cups are on either side of the Nautilus T618 console.

The lack of a touchscreen means the display is digital, but it doesn’t affect your ability to utilize and navigate the controls.

The treadmill’s media shelf can securely accommodate your tablet computer for entertainment, training advice, or multitasking.

Each exercise ends with a fitness score to help you track your improvement.

Handrails have contact pulse monitors, and the Nautilus T618 accepts a wireless chest strap (included in the purchase).

Distance may be shown in miles or kilometers and mph or km/h speed.

The Lap Count feature shows the distance in 0.25 mile (0.4 km) laps, useful for people training for “track and field” competitions.

A tablet shelf sits atop the console immediately before the Bluetooth display. The top of the console has a USB connector for charging your mobile while playing. You may use this to access workout applications, Netflix, or read a book. All app services need a subscription and are not included in the Nautilus T618 purchase.

Nautilus T618 Folding Treadmill

The treadmill frame folds down for simple storage between sessions.

The Nautilus T618 treadmill is foldable. You may fold up the treadmill’s deck after use to save space.

Because the motor is at the front of the deck, You may fold it vertically. The treadmill folds flat on rollers beneath the frame. The deck locks vertically to prevent unintentional opening.

A folding mechanism enables the T618 deck to rotate and lock against the console. This way, you can open the deck as required and close it when done. The locking mechanism is secure, so youngsters or dogs can’t unlatch it. A soft-drop mechanism modulates the deck’s descent to avoid a thud.

Running Track

The T618’s running surface is 20″ broad, and you get 60″ long, ideal for those with long strides or 6 feet or above. The running deck is 9″ above the floor, with a maximum gradient of 15%.

In contrast to the traditional home treadmill, the T618’s 3-ply, 2.5 mm thick running belt revolves around 2.75′′ rollers. Larger rollers reduce friction and stress on the belt, which increases belt life and comfort. The 3-ply belt surface is lightly textured for a good foothold.

Two shock absorbers cushion the running deck up front and three pairs at the back. In addition to cushioning shocks, Nautilus’ Rebound Cushioning allows the T618 to flex slightly underfoot. It reduces joint fatigue. Users may exercise longer and harder without injuring their joints or spine.

Preset Programs

There are 26 workout programs to choose from, focusing on cardiovascular endurance, weight reduction, or interval training. Bluetooth connects the treadmill to your smartphone or tablet to enjoy RunSocial workouts with streaming visuals.

The console also has 26 training routines organized into categories:

  • Quick Objective: enables users to specify an activity goal like distance, time, or calories.
  • Heart Health: preset goal heart rates of 55%, 65%, 75%, and 85%.
  • Exercise presets include Fat Burn 1, 2, 3, Speed, Incline, and Dual.
  • Interval: includes three preset workouts: Incline, Speed, and Dual.
  • One mile, 5k, and 10k Pacer are six new fitness programs.
  • Customizable heart rate, inclination, and speed programs

The Nautilus T618 treadmill stores four user profiles: age, gender, weight, height, desired exercise parameters, and name.

Each profile allows you to record your exercise outcomes. Also, the calorie counter is more accurate due to the user data kept.

With Bowflex’s Explore the Globe app, runners may see diverse landscape courses recorded worldwide. It can also link external fitness applications through Bluetooth for extra training information. T618 keeps track of stats while watching the app on your phone or tablet. A tablet is not provided, and you must pay for third-party applications.

The T618 has no subscription options. Preprogrammed routines give you all the training you need. As stated above, the treadmill may sync with third-party applications.


Use the treadmill’s lanyard or retractable cable to halt the belt if you lose balance. It also features a prominent “Stop” button.

The belt and deck should be maintained clean, and the belt should be oiled after 25 hours of usage. Check for loose pieces (bolts, cables, etc.) and similar objects.

A big pause/stop button and a conventional safety key are included.

Nautilus T618 Treadmill recall was done at the beginning of the year for some treadmills, which was later rectified.

Weight & Weighing Capacity

The heavy steel frame sustains a maximum user weight of 350 pounds, 253.5 pounds when wholly built.

Important Features

The Bluetooth connection allows for fast synchronization of exercise data. You can wirelessly connect the console to the “Nautilus Trainer 2” fitness app or a Nautilus Connect, MyFitnessPal account, or Google Fit.

The Nautilus T618 treadmill has an internet connection and 26 built-in routines.

With the Nautilus T618’s internet software, users may watch a virtual jogging course based on Google Maps on their smart TV, tablet, or phone.

The Nautilus T618 console includes its sound system, USB charging port, 2x bottle holder, and accessories tray with towel support.

The sound system features two speakers and supports most MP3 players.

A three-speed cooling fan keeps you cool throughout your exercise.

The chest strap monitor is advantageous because it enables the user to monitor heart rate without gripping the sensors on the handles.

The USB connector charges the smartphone or tablet and allows users to upload exercise data to an online fitness account via a USB flash drive.

Nautilus t618 treadmill manual is provided along with the treadmill that gives information about all the spec and features and the assembly process.


The Nautilus T618 is available for $1499


While the product’s guarantee is industry-leading, the frame warranty is just 15 years. It is a minor flaw since the components or electronics warranty is crucial.


This Nautilus treadmill comes with a 15 years warranty on the motor and frame, five years on parts and electronics, and two years on labor. 


The Nautilus T618 is a good treadmill for runners. For $ 1,499.00, it offers superior training instruction, exercise monitoring, performance components, buyer protection, and an excellent warranty on parts and labor.

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