The Precor TRM 243: Another Great Treadmill Though Expensive

Precor TRM 243 treadmill from Precor’s Energy line of home gym equipment is a big step up from the TRM 223 and TRM 211 models that came before it.

Precor TRM 243 – An overview

  • Energy-Stride Technology offers the right amount of deck cushion and firmness underfoot to reduce joint stress.
  • Using the Preva mobile app, you can keep track of your progress toward your objectives by automatically uploading your workout data.
  • There are 23 pre-programmed programs and an additional 16 custom routines that the user may create.
  • A personalized capacitive touch screen displays the information you care about most.
  • Incline and speed are easily controlled using quick, intuitive, and simple-to-use lever motion controls.
  • It has a 3.0 hp engine.
  • One-inch fiberboard with a phenolic surface.
  • 0-15% of the deck’s height
  • Incline Speed: 0.5 to 12.0 miles per hour (0.8 to 19.3 kilometers per hour).
  • 20″ W x 57″ L running surface.
  • Full-length handrails.
  • You can monitor your heart rate wirelessly using a touch sensor and a chest strap.
  • There are 27 different workout metrics.
  • There are a total of four unique user IDs.
  • 7-inch colour graphic LCD on the console.

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Precor TRM 243 – Intensity and Power Settings 

For roughly $2000 extra, the highest model in Precor’s Precision line has a high-quality 3.0 CHP motor, as does the TRM 243.

Precor also claims, the motor is entirely maintenance-free, so you won’t have to schedule a service visit and wait for a professional expert to arrive at your house.

You have the same range of inclination angles available to you as the Precision treadmills, up to a maximum of 15%.

Storage and Security

You need to consider the amount of room you have available before purchasing a treadmill. Precor treadmills can’t be folded, so you’ll want to ensure you have at least 101″L x 53″W of floor area set up for the TRM 423.

Precor’s safety key and lanyard mechanism stop the tread belt in event of a fall.

Although it’s an upgrade over the TRM-223, it sacrifices a safety feature. The console’s safety code setting is a critical combination that enables and inhibits its functionality.

Console design and interoperability with Apple devices

The Series 40 console combines touch-sensitive buttons and lever motion controls for a more user-friendly training experience.

The Series 40 Customizable Display Console contains a touch-screen display, USB software upgrades, and lever-type controls for deck incline and speed.

The TRM 243 features similar 27 parameters for feedback as the TRM 445.

As a result, you’ll have access to more fundamental metrics like inclination and speed and more actionable data that may help you improve your exercise results.

Your speed, METs, and heart rate, as measured by SmartRate, are all included in this list. To better understand your exercise, you may compare heart rate and speed on the console.

The SmartGripTM tablet holder keeps your devices firmly in place so you can view channels while using the touch-sensitive controls above the console’s primary display screen.

Automated Processes

There are five primary categories for the pre-set workouts:

  • Be Fit includes six exercise routines like interval training and the ‘rolling hills’ workout profile. For example, hard running for 4 minutes followed by rest for a minute is one example of an interval program; for another, hard running for 2 minutes and rest for 2 is another. If you’ve been doing steady-state cardio for a long time and want to shock your muscles, this workout is for you.
  • All pre-set exercise plans help lose weight to an extent, but there is a Lose Weight category for the most significant weight loss in the shortest amount of time including interval training, hill climbing cycles, and a weight-loss program that adjusts the incline to maintain heart rate.
  • All three programs in the Push Performance category are based on interval training methods, with two varying the inclination to maintain your heart rate in a healthy range. Interval programs are different from “Be Fit” programs because they change the high-intensity training ratios to rest time. In these, one minute of high-intensity exercise is followed by a four-minute rest, while one minute of normal-intensity exercise is followed by a two-minute rest.
  • Two exercises target the glutes, while the other two target the legs, giving you a well-rounded workout that will leave you feeling toned and defined. To accommodate a wide range of fitness levels, the Glute Toner and Toner Plus exercise profiles provide a range of intensities and progressively raise the inclination level. Leg sculpting regimens are similar in intensity, but they increase in the number of cycles.
  • Go the Distance — In these exercises, the machine does not automatically adjust the incline and speed. From a one-mile stroll to a ten-mile jog, you may pick the best distance for you and then train according to your goal.

The Precor TRM 243 also features a fitness test, even though it doesn’t come under one of the primary categories.

Precor customer service is very good. Haven’t come across an unhappy customer like many of the other treadmill companies on the market.

Precor’s warranty is also comparable to the best. Lifetime warranty on the frame, five years on the motor and parts, three years on the console, and one year on the labor.

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