Matrix T7xe Treadmill: A Fair Review by My Active Tribe

This Matrix T7xe treadmill review examines the treadmill’s design, exercise programs, and assembly instructions to help you determine whether this is the perfect treadmill for your training style.

Matrix T7xe Design Elements

  • Jogging on this top-of-the-line Matrix treadmill, with a large touch screen, and some exclusive Supreme Deck Systems helps reduce the stress on knees and joints.
  • The bar handles and armrests, which lead up to the display console, result from extensive planning. The handles have easy-to-use controls for speed and slope to keep you from letting go of the heart rate monitors built into the handlebars.
  • When shopping for a treadmill to use at home, especially if you’ll be exercising by yourself, seek one with built-in safety safeguards to prevent accidents.
  • A safety key is included in the Matrix T7xe to do this. You can attach it to your clothing using the clip on the other end of the device.
  • If you fall, the safety key pulls out of another display panel, and the running belt grinds to a halt nearly instantly.
  • Including a levelling foot on the bottom of the running deck at the rear is another key element. If the running deck is on uneven ground, you may use it to stabilize the deck.
  • When setting up the Matrix T7xe, ensure enough area for the treadmill to be adequately stowed and not obstruct the room when not in use.


  • The Matrix T7xe seems to be a reasonably straightforward design, but many processes are involved in putting it together.
  • While other treadmills provide you with a few steps to follow and inadequate instructions, the user manual includes detailed instructions that guide you through every step of the setup process.
  • Components come in colour-coded bags with clear labels with a complete list to ensure you have everything you need.
  • In only seven simple steps, you may transform the pieces on the floor into a fully functional, top-of-the-line treadmill.
  • An expanded diagram for these seven processes shows you precisely what you need to do the job.

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Features of the Matrix T7xe Treadmill

  • A 15-inch touch screen panel with Fit Touch Technology.
  • Clear Television Technology provides the industry’s most brilliant image quality.
  • High-performance and long-lasting compatibility with the Nike + iPod Ultimate Deck System
  • Drive system with a 5.0 hp dynamic response and a motor warranty.
  • The treadmill’s display console is one of the features that sets it apart from other treadmills in its price range.
  • One of the most noticeable differences between the T5x and the T7xe is that the T7xe has a bigger and better screen.
  • This 15-inch touch-screen display provides excellent image quality in full colour, making menu navigation and selection even more convenient.
  • When it comes to your exercise, this extra-large screen not only helps you see vital information more clearly but also acts as a great entertainment centre.
  • When you connect your iPod to the display console, you’ll be able to surf through your playlists and choose the music you want to listen to while working out.
  • Watching TV on the screen is possible if the music doesn’t make your workouts more fun, with fast-choice buttons for selecting the station and adjusting the level.

Much effort is put into making the presentation of your actual exercise data as straightforward and as attractive as possible. You may use two separate bars instead of a single number to keep track of your elevation and speed settings. With every step you take throughout your exercise, a progress bar fills to show where you are in relation to your overall goal for the session. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see your heart rate, distance, time, calories burned, and pace throughout your exercise.

Programs for Physical Fitness

  • The Matrix T7xe has four major training programs and an option to take a fitness test. “Manual,” “Level Based,” “Fat Burn,” and “Heart Rate Controlled” are the four options available.
  • It’s easy to find and use any training options because they all have a touch screen interface and a simple control layout.
  • If you like to work out at your own pace and have complete control over the slope and speed of your machine, the manual program may be for you.
  • If you care about the number of calories you burn, you can input your weight to get a more precise answer.
  • It’s all about the levels. For those who have been working out for years or are just getting started, the Matrix T7xe treadmill provides a broad selection of level-based exercise options.

These programs automatically increase the resistance to make it feel like you’re climbing a hill. You can choose how hard you want to work out before you start.

Programs to burn fat — “Fat burn” is a unique level-based program that focuses on increasing the number of calories expended, enabling you to determine the intensity and exercise time before you begin.

Programs regulating your heart rate are beneficial for maintaining and enhancing your cardiovascular health. To start your workout, you must type in your age, the length of time you want to work out, and your weight.

Even though it contains more data than the other exercise programs, determining your heart rate training zone is critical, and you can find this feature on almost all high-end treadmills.

Once you put in this basic information, the slope of the treadmill will automatically change to match your desired heart rate, ensuring you get the best workout possible.

Final Verdict 

The Matrix T7xe Treadmill is a high-end treadmill for serious runners and fitness enthusiasts. The impact absorption system is ideal if you’re recuperating from an injury or searching for a low-impact type of exercise. Along with the wide range of excellent training programs, one of the most appealing things is the Vista Clear Television Technology.

While watching TV or utilizing the ‘Virtual Active’ feature, where you can see your virtual jogging progress across real-world locations such as city streets or mountains, this is quite apparent. This high-quality machine provides over 25,000 miles of maintenance-free operation and some fantastic entertainment possibilities.

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