SereneLife SLFTRD20 Treadmill: Good Features-Is It Worth It?

The black SereneLife SLFTRD20 Treadmill is ideal for home use.

It is an excellent choice for all health enthusiasts looking for an effective folding treadmill to meet their fitness requirements.

This SereneLife treadmill is a compact machine and a non-traditional product that is a space saver due to its folding design. It takes only a few moments to set up.

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It has incredible features such as preset modes, a unique folding design, elementary to use, etc.

 This lightweight machine is straightforward to set up. It runs quietly and smoothly, with no noise.

 The SereneLife Smart Electric Folding Treadmill has received excellent customer reviews and ratings.

SLFTRD20 Construction

The SLFTRD20 has a firm grip on the surface, is very stable, and you can install it anywhere in the home.

Designed for walking and jogging, this SereneLife Folding Treadmill provides an ideal combination of activities.

Maintenance is quick and easy for any owner. It will extend the treadmill’s life.

The handles are broad and may be used comfortably while training.

A realistic frame design provides safety while training. Use the safety key, and the treadmill stops by itself if you trip as the safety key gets pulled out.


It has high quality and a quiet 1.0 HP motor.

It is an unstoppable and robust motor, allowing you to run and walk for long periods.

Console & Display

The Serenelife smart digital folding treadmill has an LCD that can easily be operated and displays all the workout data.

The LCD panel shows the current training time, distance, and speed that you can modify with large easy keys, calories burned, heart rate, and other data required during a workout. Installed options are also shown on the screen.

Weight & Weighing Capacity

The SereneLife Treadmill SLFTRD20 weighs 60 lbs. and its maximum weight capacity is 265 lbs. It is recommended that users weighing up to 230 lbs. only train on it for the long life of the treadmill. 

Pre-Set Exercise Programs

The SereneLife SLFTRD20 includes 12 pre-programmed training modes. These preset training modes include weight loss, cardio fitness, and stamina building. 

Use the preset programs to improve your aerobic capacity and burn calories even after your workout.

The variety of pre-programmed training modes, each designed specifically for various training types, include weight lifting or a regular cardio wellness workout.

Speed & Incline

The SereneLife Smart Folding Treadmill with Incline has an electricity-operated motorized plug-in design.

It has a 0.6 to 6.0 mph variable speed. With adjustable speed settings, you may increase or decrease your workout intensity as per requirement.

It also has three incline levels that you can adjust. You can select these manually during your workout.

The safety key is essential and proves to be a valuable feature to stop the treadmill in an emergency to keep you safe. It is recommended that you should always use it.

Running Track

The SereneLife Smart Folding Treadmill has a 39.37″L x 15.74″ W running track. The running deck’s covering is non-slip.

This length and width are good enough for a person with average weight and height but not suitable for running by tall people due to their long strides. Similarly, the width is less for a person with more than average weight.

Easy to Fold & Move

This portable slim running machine folds hydraulically for easy setup and storage.

The sleek and modern folding design saves space for hassle-free storage, though the frame is quite sturdy.

The SereneLife Treadmill may be folded for easy storage and moved with the transport wheels. Due to the transport wheels, it’s easy to move the treadmill in or out of storage. 

Heart Rate Monitor

This treadmill is portable, foldable, and grips with built-in pulse monitoring sensors. Though these grip sensors are inaccurate, they give you a fair idea of your pulse.

Important Features

It has an incorporated magazine/book holder and a cup holder.

It also connects to your device with Bluetooth. You may record your workout details and compare the same with your colleagues. It is compatible with both iPhone as well as Android.

It can also be paired with its app, “Fitshow,” through which the treadmill can connect to all smartphones and smart TVs with Bluetooth.

You can connect the treadmill with Bluetooth to all Android or Apple smartphones. It can also be connected to smart TVs.

You can share the training details on social media as well.


The present company price is $319.99


Not all users can use this treadmill due to the track’s size.

Due to the vast difference in weight and weight-carrying capacity, it might feel unsteady to some.


For the long life of the treadmill, the following precautions are beneficial.

  • Do not run at maximum speed for a long time.
  • An individual weighing at least 30–40 pounds less than the maximum treadmill capacity should use it.
  • Resting it after a 45-minute run for at least 30 minutes would be best.


The treadmill is excellent if used within the suggested parameters set. It can last a reasonably long time. But if we use it near its limits regularly, it is bound to cause trouble within a short period.

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