If you are looking for a treadmill for your office or home that is portable, quiet, and simple to use, the Umay portable treadmill should be your choice.

It is convenient in design, a top-of-the-line treadmill designed for walking and jogging but may not be suitable for high-intensity workouts like sprinting, or interval training.

Umay treadmill is inexpensive and a wonderful option for people seeking high performance at a low cost. For light jogging and walking, the low-intensity speed is excellent.

It is perfect for novices, office workers, rehabilitation exercises, senior citizens and for other modest workouts.

Check the Umay portable treadmill review to know up to date information about this treadmill.

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Umay Portable Treadmill Construction

The device’s base is pre-built. Unbox your product, assemble the remaining pieces, move to the exercise location on transport wheels, and use it. You get a remote control, silicone oil, tools, and an instruction manual along with the treadmill.

Umay Portable is a low-intensity, shock-absorbing, noise-free, and robust machine.

This under-desk treadmill is small, portable, and compact, measuring 57.9″L x 23.6″W x 5.9″H when unfolded. This makes it fun to handle, move, and store.

Umay Treadmill Motor

The Umay under-desk treadmill has a large and quiet motor making it appropriate for home use and office as well. The quiet motor ensures a silent workout, so you won’t disturb coworkers or family members.

The 1.5 Horse Power motor supports all built-in program intensities and speeds. A great way to improve your fitness and avoid noise pollution.

Console & Display

The Umay portable treadmill has a multi-functional LED to display data. You can check the speed at which you are walking/jogging, time spent, distance covered and calories spent. You can track your progress on all these parameters.

Weight & Weighing Capacity

Umay portable treadmill is sturdy and its weight is 72.8 pounds. It has a capacity of 198 pounds. Do not do intensive exercises on it. Just walk and jog on this treadmill and it will have a long life.

At 72.8 lbs, it is easy to handle, carry, or store.

Preset Exercise Programs

The Umay under desk treadmill comes with 12 workout plans created by professional fitness experts. Each program should help you achieve the basic treadmill goals of strength, endurance, cardio, and balance training.

Speed & Incline

This smart treadmill has six speeds to fit your training intensity and physical condition. Its top speed is 4 mph. You can jog for pleasure or cardio improvement, or go faster to burn more calories.

Running Track

Umay portable treadmill has a 41.3″L x 16.1″W running surface. This size is adequate if you only walk and jog on it.

It has an anti-slip, low-impact design so the chances of slipping and skidding are minimal. The track also has a shock absorption property. The silicone construction is good for your safety and comfort.

Besides, the cushioned surface protects your ankles, knees, and lower back.

Due to its technology of absorbing shocks, you can train safely while protecting your ankles and knees. It consists of five elements:

  • Skid proof Surface
  • Acoustic barrier
  • High tensile surface
  • Shock absorber
  • Squeezed layer
  • Whisper deck

With so many layers you can work out quietly without disturbing others.

Easy to Fold & Move

Its size and weight make it easy to handle and store. It may be folded up and stored practically anywhere after usage. The Umay treadmill’s folding measurements are 57.3″L x 23.6″W x 8.9″H. 

Being compact in size and portable it is easy to store.

Its robust transport wheels make it convenient to store against a wall, in a corner, beneath a bed, work table, or desk, just about anywhere. The wheels are foldable before and after use.

Heart Rate Monitor

The Umay portable treadmill does not have a heart rate monitor.

Important Features

It has sophisticated features such as a voice-activated user-friendly remote control that allows you to change settings to your liking. You can alter settings and data with the remote control and make changes without pausing your session.

Umay portable treadmill comes with Bluetooth and Spax App.

The treadmill has Bluetooth connectivity with a mobile and a tablet through the app. The treadmill is equipped with the SPAX app, which includes fitness courses.

The Spax App helps you establish fitness plans and track your progress. Exercising with a coach or other players is more effective using SPAX. You’ll be amazed by class videos, coaches, and stats. You are entitled to three months of free courses before Umay begins charging.


The Umay portable treadmill price range is reasonable at $300-400. At present, it is available at $330.


Umay portable treadmill is for walking and jogging only.

It is a small treadmill on which you can only do low-intensity exercises.

It doesn’t have an incline, heart rate monitor or fan as in most other portable walking treadmills.


The following precautions are beneficial for the treadmill’s long life.

  • Do not run at top speed for an extended period of time.
  • It should be used by someone who weighs at least 30 pounds less than the maximum treadmill capacity.
  • It would be great if you rested it for at least 30 minutes after a 45-minute run.


Its unique features including portability, remote, Spax app and design make it a wonderful product.

Finally, the Umay portable treadmill is a fantastic treadmill investment that can be long lasting if used with precautions.