Spirit XT685

Spirit XT685 Treadmill: Ultimate Guide to Fitness Excellence

The Spirit XT685 is the best treadmill in the Spirit XT series. While it’s considered a ‘Light Commercial’ machine, it has a lot to offer for home users. Its specifications and the price tag make it an excellent value for money. You only need the space for a non-folding treadmill. We have tested the XT685 to see what it can do, and we’ll share our findings with you.

Features of Spirit XT685 Treadmill

The Spirit Treadmill XT685 Treadmill has the following features:

9″ Display: The multi-color screen on this treadmill’s console is pretty simple. You can see it clearly during workouts due to its size. 

12 Workout Programs: This machine has 12 built-in workout programs. These include all the standards like manual, hill, fat burn, etc. 

It also has two custom user workouts and two heart rate-guided workouts. Then there is Spirit’s unique “Fusion” profile, combining strength and cardio intervals.

Audio Jack: Connect your MP3 player and enjoy music through built-in speakers.

Cooling Fan: Stay refreshed during intense workouts with the swivel fan.

Direct Access Buttons buttons allow you to set the speed and incline instantly. It makes interval workouts easy and fun.

Handlebar controls to control the speed and incline for quick adjustments during the workout.

Bluetooth compatibility connects the treadmill to the Spirit Fit App to track progress.

The treadmill is compatible with heart rate monitors. But the chest strap is not included in the package.

Spirit XT685 Specifications:

Incline15 Levels
Programs12 Programs: Manual, Hill, Fat Burn, Cardio, Strength, Interval, Calorie, Fusion, 2 Users, 2 Heart Rate
Console9″ Blue Backlit LCD, Heart Rate % Profile, Muscle Activation Profile, w/ Tablet Friendly Reading Rack
Direct Access ButtonsSpeed & Incline
Speed.5 to 12 mph
Belt22″ X 60″, 2 ply (2.5mm thick)
FrameCommercial-Grade Structural Steel w/Durable Powder-Coat Paint
Rollers3.0″ Front /3.0″ Rear (Crowned)
Deck1″ Waxed Deck, Double Sided, Non-Folding
Cushioning6 Cushions (rear rigid mount)
Drive Motor4.0 HP – DC Motor
Dimensions78″L x 32″W x 56″H
Maximum User Weight425 lb
Weight269 lb
HandrailsShort Lateral, Incline & Speed controls on handlebars
Unique FeaturesMP3 Audio Jack & Speakers, Swivel Fan, Fusion Program: Alternating Strength & Cardio Intervals, Dual Storage Trays

Spirit XT685 Construction

The Spirit Fitness XT685 treadmill is super sturdy and can handle up to 425 pounds, making it perfect for heavier users.

However, there’s a trade-off.

While it has a much higher weight capacity than similar-priced treadmills, it doesn’t fold. Space can be a concern at home, but remember that even folding treadmills need space to unfold for use. The XT685 takes up about the same amount of space as other non-folding treadmills in this price range.

Spirit XT685 Motor

The XT685 has a 4.0 Continuous horsepower motor, which is standard for treadmills in its price range.

Like all others in the category, it has a top speed of 12 mph, which should challenge even the most serious runners!

Spirit XT685 Display and Console

There is a fan on the console that’s quite effective. It moves a noticeable amount of air. It has two 4-inch fans working together, along with an adjustable vent.

Connect the iPod or MP3 player using the audio input. Control the music through your device since there are no onboard controls. However, the console speaker system provides good sound quality.

On the sides of the console, you will find LED gauges. To the right is a useful Heart Rate Bar Graph that lights up when it detects your pulse rate. It shows your current heart rate percentage based on your details like age and weight. It uses a traffic light sequence with red lights to warn you if you need to slow down during your workout.

Spirit XT685 Running Surface

If you have space to spare all the time, the XT685 gives you a lot of room to run! It has an enormous running surface that’s 60 inches long and 22 inches wide.

With this space, you can worry-free about staying in one spot and enjoy the freedom of a broad, open stride.

Spirit XT685 Shock Absorption

The cushioning system on the XT685 is simple. It consists of three thick elastomers placed under each side of the running deck. The six rubber shocks and a one-inch thick running deck provide a solid and firm feel. The runners will likely appreciate this. If joint protection is a priority, treadmills with more cushioned systems are available. So, it depends on whether the XT685’s stability and firmness align with your needs and the training you plan to do.

Spirit XT685 Running Belt

While the running belt is quite comfortable, it isn’t labeled “orthopedic’. It’s made of a sturdy 2.5-mm-thick material called duraweave. Additionally, the belt runs smoothly over large 3-inch rollers. It reduces the strain on the motor, making it work less and keeping the noise levels minimal.

Spirit XT685 Incline

The incline feature works well and quickly goes up the 15% gradient without any struggle. You can adjust the incline or speed from various control points around the treadmill. On the left handlebar are arrows marked ‘up/down’ for incline, and on the right, they’re labeled ‘fast/slow’ for speed. These are handy if you like to hold on while walking or running. Plus, a console button lets you turn off the handlebar controls if you find them getting in the way.

Spirit XT685 Rollers

The big 3-inch rollers used on this treadmill are impressive. These rollers are what help the belt move smoothly over the deck. It is a big plus for smooth working and less wear and tear. That is because there is less strain on the belt, the rollers, and the motor.

It is also one of the improvements compared to the XT485 model.

Spirit XT685 Assembly

Assembling this treadmill is easy, even if you’re not skilled.

The assembly process for the XT685 is quite simple and easy. The deck comes pre-assembled. Attach the two console uprights to connect the console. Then, add a few covers and attach the horizontal stabilization bar. There are just five steps. The Spirit Fitness xt685 treadmill manual and the assembly are user-friendly.

Spirit XT685 includes written instructions and clear images for each step. Due to its weight, we recommend having at least two people assemble the treadmill.


The Spirit XT685 is a good choice in its price range. Its strong warranty, durability, and decent features make it a good value for money. Thanks to its sturdy design, it offers excellent stability.

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