ThermoTread GT with a whisper-quiet mechanism is the first treadmill desk with a touch screen LCD. It ushers in a new era by being one of the best office treadmills.

iMovR’s design features a small footprint, low-profile deck, quiet motor, low power consumption, and accurate digital interfaces.

iMovR treadmill is an IoT appliance connected to the cloud via the optional iMovR cloud station. It allows iMovR to offer a variety of software updates that will help the ThermoTread product line grow.

ThermoTread GT

The iMovR ThermoTread GT desk treadmill is the first designed from scratch for a high-end office. The ThermoTread is intended for long hours and at a slow pace.

The iMovR ThermoTread offers an easy console interface and can manage slow walking with significant friction and torque. It is easy to use while standing at your desk and without disturbing others. iMovR designed it for home or office with several safety features for protection of any business that uses treadmills offices.

Second, before using the treadmill, the user must “clickwrap” a liability waiver. It protects the company from unsafe operations and liabilities. The feature is intended for large corporations and public spaces.

ThermoTread GT Construction

The ThermoTread GT’s sturdy frame and self-cooling powerful motor are designed to support slow, high-friction walking hours. Its quiet 2-ply belt and large rollers provide endless walking.

ThermoTread GT’s extra high-tech features, superior performance, and better warranty compels budget-conscious buyers to spend more for this treadmill.

ThermoTread is optimized for walking. So we have a durable office treadmill that can run at low rates for several hours a day.


Endless walking hours are possible with the quiet 3.0 HP motor at 4000 RPM. The belt makes some noise as it moves, though the motor is silent. ThermoTread uses less power but is faster and more durable over time.

The iMovR ThermoTread GT is for walking and with a self-cooling motor. The duty cycle of this motor is unlimited that supports slow walking.

The motor’s noise level is only 42 dB making it the quietest under desk treadmill that won’t bother others in the office.

A low-profile motor hood on the front of the treadmill protects the motor while keeping it quiet.

Console & Display

ThermoTread GT touchscreen console matches modern office laptops and tablets and is easy to use as a smartphone.

The LCD has the usual speed you walk, total time walked, distance covered, steps taken, and calories burnt. You may change your pace as needed, and there is a timer too.

The console supports multiple profiles, allowing multiple users to share a workstation. 

A red key below the console allows you to stop the workout quickly.

The app allows you to upload various metrics to track the progress. This high-resolution touchscreen has many functions and screen readouts.

The switches on the console tend to crack due to heavy use.

ThermoTread GT uses a modern touchscreen LCD desktop controller with many built-in functions. The console even tracks your time sitting, standing, and walking and includes a programmable interval timer that reminds you to get up and move.

Weight & Weighing Capacity

It weighs 147 pounds, slightly more than comparable walking treadmills. It is due to the sturdy design and reinforced frame. This high maximum user weight at 400 lbs will support most workers.

The ThermoTread has been subjected to 247 simulated stress tests to ensure the maximum user weight.

ThermoTread GT has no duty cycle restrictions to be used continuously without fear of component burnout.

Preset Exercise Programs

ThermoTread GT doesn’t have any preset programs as it is meant only for walking.

Speed & Incline

The treadmill’s UL speed limit is from 0.5 to 2.5 mph. Most treadmill injuries occur due to mishaps or cardio exhaustion due to high speed. The treadmill supports rates that allow users to work while walking.

You can set your preferred speed and time, so you can do you walk accordingly. These tools give absolute control over health and work too.

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Running Track

ThermoTread footprint is 67.5″L x 28.35″W x 9.5″H. The walking belt is 20″W x 50″L allowing for a comfortable stride.

The treadmill has a cushioned deck and a rubberized 2-ply walking belt. The rails are higher compared to the belt, preventing foot slippage. The ThermoTread supports walkers of all heights thanks to ample forward and backward space for a comfortable stride.

Six compression shock absorbers under the ThermoTread deck control impact walking. Though not as high-impact as running, a little cushioning is quite effective. Compression shocks absorb the impact of each step, resulting in longer walks and no fatigue.

iMovR earlier used melamine and phenolic materials. Later it shifted to a better 1″ Bakelit material which lasts longer.

Due to only 5″ high Step-Up, Stepping on and off is simple.

The ThermoTread design provides enough space between the side rails and the walking belt to easily lift the belt and dispense lubrication in under a minute.

In addition to the belt, there are aluminum side rails for standing.

Easy to Move

The iMovR treadmill desk fits anywhere. To put the ThermoTread GT under a desk, roll two wheels forward underneath the motor housing.

One person can lift and push it under the desk with two front-mounted transport wheels.

Don’t move the treadmill regularly. To get the best output, move the treadmill only occasionally. We recommend a mat the base to protect the floor as well as the treadmill. A mat also dampens any other noise like thumping or vibrations.

Important Features

Each user’s profile displays their stats like distance, speed, time, and calories, and you can create five such profiles.

There is internet access.

The console can sync with the iMovR CloudStation to track your fitness stats, including a step counter, data storage, and multi-device control.

ThermoTread is NEAT certified and will help you burn more calories and overcome the effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

No worries if the plugs are far away from your workstation. A 100″ power cord is provided.

Easy downloads via USB Updates.

iMovR promises to add new features over time. Software updates are simple via the USB port. You log in, select one of three options (sit, stand, or walk), and the computer automatically adjusts the treadmill speed and desk height. Instant mode changes.

Treadmill bases bundled with other manufacturers’ desks have been most common.

With iMovR’s new ThermoTread GT treadmill, we expect many users to go all-iMovR. 


The company price of ThermoTread GT is $2,199.00 as of date though it might be available at a discount too.


This system does not include a desk, and you must provide your own.

It costs more than comparable treadmills without a desk.


The treadmill’s frame has a lifetime warranty, and the motor has a three-years. A two-year warranty on parts and a one-year labor warranty are included.

The treadmill is also guaranteed for 100 days. If you decide to return or exchange your iMovR ThermoTread GT Office Treadmill, you get the refund in full minus a 20% restocking fee. Handling and shipping costs are non-refundable.


ThermoTread GT is almost silent and a very compact treadmill for home or office. You can do your walking with no disturbance to others at all.

With this treadmill, you’ll burn more calories while reducing the adverse health effects of sadentry lifestyle. This sturdy treadmill though expensive, is ideal for anyone trying to improve his health & lifestyle.