LifeSpan TR800 Treadmill- Quiet, Inexpensive & Long Lasting

The LifeSpan TR800-DT3 is an affordable under-desk treadmill that lets users walk while working, preventing postural and inactivity issues. Install it under your desk and watch the pounds melt away!

Without an attached desk, users can use their own or one of LifeSpan’s many desk options.

It’s ready to be used when delivered. If you don’t want to move it during delivery, you can pay to place it anywhere. The sale price includes standard delivery.

Take it out of the box and slide it under your standing desk! It’s simple to use and fits in most office spaces thanks to its small size. The TR800 is ideal for a home office.

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The treadmill doesn’t come with a standing desk, and you must supply your own.

Six independent compression shocks below the deck provide support to the joints and reduce foot impact. 

As most office workers do not wear walking shoes to the office, the treadmill has been enhanced for comfort. If you plan to walk a lot during the day, keeping an additional pair in the office will not be a bad idea.

The TR800 measures 60.5Lx 26Wx 6.5H. The walking belt itself is 18″W x 45″L. This suits users with an average height well but doesn’t run on it especially if you are 6′ plus. The hood covering the motor in the front protects the motor well and keeps it quiet.

The side rails along the walking belt for stepping on and off the treadmill are non-slip. These are also higher compared to the belt, preventing foot slippage.

TR800 Motor – Whisper Quiet

TR800 has a 2 HP High Torque Continuous Duty motor. LifeSpan treadmill desk motors are whisper quiet and the TR800-DT3’s motor is no different. The sleek motor supports up to 3hrs of walking per day making it ideal for private or shared offices. The treadmill is so quiet LifeSpan added belt markings to show if the belt is moving. The belt moving along the deck makes the only noise.

Speed & Incline

The TR800 desk console controls the treadmill’s speed which is 0.4 to 4.0mph. You can also set the maximum speed at 2mph.

The Intelli-Guard safety feature automatically pauses the treadmill if you stop walking for 20 seconds. Longevity is aided by this feature.

The TR800 has no incline or decline and is not designed to be used without a desk. It has a flat deck for easy walking and no handrails or arm support, so it’s best used while standing at a desk.

Some under-desk treadmills have an incline, but this is not recommended when working. The incline can cause bad posture and back pain.

If you walk faster than 2 mph it becomes difficult to type, read or write. But the TR800 can go up to 4 mph. The under-desk treadmills generally go up to 2 mph so there is an option in this treadmill also to fix the maximum speed at 2mph instead of 4.

Console & Display

The TR800 console is heavier than it appears. Its dimensions are12.5” W x 3” D x 2” H and the weight is 3 lbs. It shows calories burned, steps, time, and distance.

The Lifespan TR800-DT3 under desk treadmill’s console is heavy but well designed to be easily accessible. All parameters like distance covered, time spent, speed and calories burnt, are displayed clearly on the console.

People like to know their steps taken. Intelli-Step on the console informs you about steps taken in addition to time spent and calories burnt. It also syncs with the LifeSpan app.

The safety key on the front is required to operate the treadmill. If you remove it, the treadmill stops. The key can be clipped to the user’s clothing and in case you trip, the key gets pulled out, stopping the treadmill.

The treadmill has on/start, and up/down keys along with several settings with the help of which you get to see all your parameters.

The treadmill only functions when you are walking and stops if you happen to step away from it.

Download the Active Track fitness app to sync your workout progress.

All the parameters like walking speed, time, distance, number of steps and calories are displayed in red.

You can adjust the speed controls in miles or kilometres.

Easy to Move

The LifeSpan TR800 is surprisingly light for a treadmill at 96 pounds.

It also has two front transport wheels for easy lifting and rolling for proper under-desk positioning.

When not in use, the treadmill can be moved into a closet or behind a couch. The treadmill is also fully assembled, so just tuck it under your desk and go!


Running Track

The TR800 is 60.5 x 26 inches in size with a 45′′L x 18′′W walking belt” and a two-ply track.

It’s smaller and narrower than a gym’s treadmill. Strides are short at low speeds, so the length isn’t an issue.

The TR800 can handle 215 pounds. Hefty people can’t use the TR800 comfortably due to the 18-inch belt being so narrow. Hours of daily use also depend on the maintenance by the user.

All LifeSpan desk treadmills have 6 Independent Compression Shocks.

With its compact design, the TR800 can easily fit under any standing desk.

4.25-inch step-up height helps in getting on and off the treadmill quickly. The step-up height of the belt is only 3.75 inches.

The low-profile design is ideal for those with limited mobility. The low height of the track will suit them. So it is very suitable for seniors and those recuperating from an illness.


Its belt is only 18 inches wide, compared to the larger models’ 20 inches. But the TR800 belt is thin compared to its peers in the company.

An 18-inch broad walking belt is standard in this price range except for The Exerpeutic with its 20-inch-wide and 40-inch-long belt.

The Intelli-Guard safety feature prevents the treadmill from running when not in use. The same also makes it suitable for a home office with kids and pets around.


The TR800 has a 2.0 HP motor along with big rollers that ensure the long life of the belt as well as the motor.

An under desk treadmill is a reliable way to counteract the adverse effects of sitting and inactivity. Sitting can exacerbate postural deviations that cause back and neck pain, tight hip flexors, and chin thrust.

Walking alleviates these issues by strengthening the legs and core while keeping the head upright rather than leaning forward.


Weight & Weighing Capacity

The TR800’s frame weight is 96 lb. 215-pound maximum user weight.


Heart Rate Monitor

No, it doesn’t have a heart rate monitor just yet.

Important Features

A Bluetooth Sync button allows you to transfer your numbers onto the LifeSpan Fitness Club Software.

You may even charge your phone via USB. The LifeSpan controllers are more appealing comparatively.

A lifetime subscription to LifeSpan’s Fitness Club is included with all LifeSpan units. With so many features, this program is unique in this price range.

While the free software sounds excellent, it can track your health and workout data.



This treadmill desk is sometimes on sale for around $800, which is a great deal. As of date, it is available only at $699 from the company site.


It requires upkeep. Keep the treadmill track lubricated to keep it running smoothly.

3-Hour Limit is not enough for a walking treadmill in an office where you generally stay for 8 to 12 hours.

Guard rails can help keep you safe. LifeSpan treadmills sold with desks come with side rails.


LifeSpan backs the TR800 with a lifetime frame warranty. The motor is covered for 3 years and parts and labor for 1 year. Given the product’s low cost, the basic warranty is adequate.

Satisfaction Guarantee of 60 days. Return shipping is your responsibility, but you can get a refund.


Sitting they say is the new smoking.

The LifeSpan TR800 DT3 is an affordable and compact under-desk treadmill that invites you to walk and work for 3 hrs per day. This much walking in a day is sufficient to move you out of the sedentary routines of offices. It was only 96 lbs, so can be moved under various desks if needed. Stops by itself after 20 seconds of non-use. At $ 699 it is a good purchase to keep yourself fit while doing your work.

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