InMovement UnSit Treadmill: Best Option for Day Long Walk & Work

Most people use their desk’s full width while typing, writing, answering the phone, etc. Because of this, the UnSit treadmill is wider.

The Unsit treadmill desk is an excellent option for those interested in walking while working. It is also one of the quietest under the desk treadmills.

Your standing desk must be wide enough to accommodate the UnSit. Due to the UnSit’s 39″ width, a desk with 40″ plus between the legs is recommended.

The InMovement UnSit walking treadmill is a cleverly designed under-desk treadmill that is much shorter. It eliminates unusable and dangerous extra length behind you.

You don’t need the extra length that a runner needs on a walking treadmill. The Unsit’s walking surface sets it apart from other under-desk treadmills, giving you more space to move sideways. The Unsit may even allow you to reach work areas that you can’t get to on smaller treadmills. So you should feel secure and safe while walking to and from your desk.

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UnSit Treadmill Construction

The UnSit treadmill is fully assembled and ready to use immediately upon arrival. Place it under your desk and plug it in.

The Unsit has a powerful motor, app, and a great warranty.

The UnSit walking treadmill has a sturdy frame designed to support hours of walking at a slower pace.

Narrow treadmills often have an extra backspace that isn’t used and can cause accidents.

Not only is the InMovement UnSit under desk treadmill quiet and smooth, but it also handles slower speeds. Using this treadmill while standing at your desk is quiet and straightforward.

With a 56-inch length, the treadmill won’t protrude too far behind you.

Unsit Motor Works Forever

The 2.75 HP motor is quiet, and the self-cooling motor is calibrated for walking at a slow pace for unlimited hours. Its sound is only 42 dB at two mph, which is equal to the sound of home refrigerators.

The UnSit treadmill also uses much less power compared to other treadmills and is faster and more durable over time. Nor does it have any maximum usage time.

The Unsit is a commercial-grade unit that can withstand all-day use and last longer than its weaker counterparts.

Speed & Incline of the Unsit

At 2 miles per hour, it’s as fast as you can walk while working at a desk. Walk more quickly, and you will spoil your typing or writing. Even walking faster is a hindrance, even in your reading.

This Inmovement standing desk treadmill has a simple desktop controller with a speed knob and a ring of LED lights indicating its speed but has no numerical reading.

Even at a slower speed, you can cover a lot of ground. For example, walking at 2.0 mph for 5 hours would cover 10 miles a day.

It doesn’t have any inclines. A desktop treadmill cannot have any slope, as this would ruin your posture and make typing and handwriting difficult.

Unsit Console & Display Unique

The UnSit console has a dial to adjust speed but has no readouts, is easily accessible, and takes up little space. You must use the smartphone app to check the readings.

UnSit offers a mobile app that syncs with the machine and provides detailed information about speed, steps, calories, and time. It also shows parameters like average speed, walking and standing minutes, and workout time in the week, month, and year.

Easy to Move Unsit.

The UnSit treadmill weighs 162 pounds and has front wheels, so you can move it as needed.

The Unsit is one of the heaviest walking treadmills, with a sturdy design and reinforced frame. Still, it’s simple to raise and roll it gently under the desk with two front wheels.

We advise you not to move the treadmill between closets or offices regularly. Place the treadmill where it will be used and move it only occasionally. A mat below the treadmill protects it and the floor and dampens the impact of vibrations.

Weighing 162 lbs., moving the UnSit unit to another room is challenging. As the doors are usually not as wide as the Unsit, you might have to tilt it on one wheel, which is challenging for one person considering its weight, and then the weight will be on one transport wheel.

Unlike regular treadmills with four aligning feet, the Unsit has only two at the back. All pressure is on the castor wheels in the front. The heavy motor is also in the front. Moving the treadmill will be an unnecessary extra burden on the castors, reducing their life.

An Unusual Unsit Belt

The UnSit walking belt is 30″ wide and 40″ long, giving you a more significant area to safely move around your desk than other treadmills.

The belt makes some noise as it moves across the deck, but the motor itself is quiet.

Traditional treadmills are less broader and more extended. Most under-desk treadmills are narrow but long to accommodate a longer stride. Small offices and homes do not require vast rear tracks, so the best treadmill desk doesn’t have it.

The UnSit has a 5-inch height, making it easy to get on and off too.

Safe Unsit at Work & Home

The UnSit walking treadmill is safe for use at home or work due to two important safety features:

  • It turns off when you step off of it.
  • It won’t work until a 70-pound person stands on it.

So a pet or small child can’t use it.

Heavy Weight Unsit with High Capacity

The Unsit’s 162 lb weight, excluding the console, also indicates its toughness. When it comes to exercise equipment, heavier is better for stability.

The Unsit can support users up to 400 lbs, which is impressive for a treadmill.

Innovative Highlights of Unsit

The UnSit uses Bluetooth to sync with the phone and send your walking data to the app. This data can also be synced with the FitBit and MyHealth apps.

The increased width allows you to use all of your desk’s lateral space, while the short length makes it safe and easy to use.

This treadmill has no console, but the controls are simple to use. The single dial to turn on the treadmill and control the walking speed is a novelty.

Stepping off, the Unsit automatically shuts off and starts when a person weighing over 70 lb stands on it, making it unusable by small children.

Unsit-Value for Money or Not


A tad on the expensive side for under desk treadmills, the $2395.00 price tag does reflect the quality of this machine.


  • UnSit does not have the click-wrap liability waiver.
  • There is no simple provision for lubricating the walking belt.
  • At the back, there are only two aligned feet. Two castor wheels support the front.

Unsit Warranty

The Unsit is designed for continuous use, with a lifetime frame warranty. There is a three-year parts warranty, and it comes with a one-year limited warranty on labor.

When a manufacturer backs up a treadmill with a good warranty, it means they believe it will last.


The 30′′ wide walking surface is a welcome change from standard running treadmills. The extra wiggle room is essential and palpable when you have to work throughout the day, day after day, at the same desk.

I like that I don’t have to switch it off every time I step down, and it gets switched off by itself.

Overall, I think the Unsit is a great under-desk treadmill. It’s an excellent option for more movement during the workday.

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