What to look for when buying a Treadmill?

There are many factors you need to consider when choosing a treadmill for home. After all, home treadmills aren't cheap, and you're investing in your health. Before you go out and buy the first treadmill you see, please read the following to get some tips on what to look for.

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If you're looking for the best treadmill for your home, the options could quickly turn overwhelming. You have such a lot of options for features, price points, and brands, and it's all too easy to overlook the essential elements you need. Here's a list of features to look for, so you can discover the perfect treadmill for your needs and budget.

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Today, hundreds of treadmills are available on the market and even more no. of reviews. If we check all the reviews, we will be more confused about what to choose and what not to choose. It would be best if you chose the treadmills keeping the following points in mind.

What to look for when buying a Treadmill?

Now that you have decided to be more health-conscious, why not involve the whole family. A healthy family is better than a fit you. Do not buy a treadmill just for yourself. Buy it for the whole family, even if only you are going to use it.  I believe a treadmill should be used like a dining table by everyone in the family and not like a toothbrush.

Will You Use It?

During our surveys, we have come across many families who have a treadmill but are using it as a clothesline since a month after purchasing it. Be sure you are going to use it for workouts. I suggest, develop the habit of exercising over three months before you buy a treadmill. That way, you will ensure using it regularly. 

User Reviews

Check the treadmills online first. Shortlist on the basis of features and user reviews. You get a fair idea from the reviews about the features, quality of equipment, company service etc. Visit the local stores to physically try out the machines. They shouldn't be wobbly and should be silent while running. After further shortlisting to one or two models check their price online. Mostly, treadmills are bought online nowadays due to heavy discounts. If your local store is offering you the same price, you may buy it from there.


Yes, it is an important factor being a piece of expensive equipment. Please do not make it the most crucial factor as you are investing in your health and fitness.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity should be at least 20kg more than your weight. Rather, it should be 20kg more than the heaviest person at home. Even if you aren't buying it for him now, you never know when he will feel want to try it out.


Home treadmills don't require heavy motors and have DC motors. You may opt for an AC motor treadmill if you live in a joint family. Generally, gyms use AC motor treadmills. If you are up to 100 kg in weight, we recommend the following CHP(Continuous Horse Power) motors.  Consider continuous horsepower while buying a treadmill rather than peak horsepower. PHP is the maximum that the mill can go up to. You may select the machines based on your need.

  • Walking – 2 CHP
  • Jogging – 2.5 CHP
  • Running – 3 CHP

Assembly Requirement

Generally, assembly is not required as these come as pre-assembled. But sometimes, when necessary, company personal do go and do the same. Do not buy from a company if they want you to pay for installation.  

Treadmill Size

Fix a place at home where you are going to keep it. A treadmill is almost 7′ long and 3′ wide. Folding ones also require nearly the same place when being used.

For running, the width should be 22″ and for walking, 20″ will suffice.  The length should be 55″. If you or anyone else at home is 6′ plus, then 60″ length is better. For walking, it should be 50″.

I suggest buying a treadmill for running only. You can always walk on it also. There is usually a person at home who feels like running if there is a treadmill at home.

Treadmill Belts & Rollers

Check the belt before you buy the treadmill. The thicker belt tracks are better. They keep the treadmills quiet also. Track varies from 1ply to 2 & 3plys. A thicker ply treadmill will be better and durable as well. Manufacturers usually do not mention the ply, only mentioning “a thick track belt”.

Roller size varies between 1.5″ to 3.5″. A smaller roller means more wear & tear of the track. So as far as possible opt for bigger rollers.


This is very important. Lubrication has to be done every couple of months. Please understand from the company the proper lubrication process. Rather try it out at the store. Newer treadmills do not need any lubrication as they are infused with silicon or other such lubricants. 


Home Treadmills come with speeds up to 16 km/hr., which is an excellent speed. 

Cushioned Tracks

Some higher-end models come with cushioned tracks which reduce the impact on joints. Make sure you are also wearing shoes while working out on a treadmill.

Incline & Decline

Most treadmills come with an incline option. There are motorized and manual incline treadmills, which give you the experience of hill running. One percent incline works almost the same as running outdoors. For the same purpose, there are mills with decline features as well.


Treadmills come with a host of programs nowadays. You can fix these according to your goals.

Extra features

You get many additional features on treadmills like a water bottle holder, Bluetooth to connect with your phone, built-in speakers, etc. Of course, at an extra cost.


The most crucial part of any equipment. The warranties vary from lifelong to six months. There are three different warranties on a treadmill. 

Frame – Lifetime Warranty

Motor – 2 years to a lifetime warranty

Other Parts including Electronic – 3 months to 5 years in most cases

Labour – Some companies offer free labor in case of a break down ranging from 6 months to 2 years.


There are foldable treadmills available nowadays. You can pick up the track after your workout and free some space. Others become so small you can push them under a bed.  But make sure these are sturdy enough.


Treadmills have an auto stop key attached to the runner's body, which gets pulled out in case of exigency and stops the treadmill. It is essential when elders are using the treadmill.


I will have to re-emphasize buying a treadmill is not enough. Buying is only the first step towards a healthy tomorrow. Most of the people buying it later stop using it out of lethargy or boredom. It is important that we make our workouts as interesting as possible so that we want to do those, days in and day out.