9 Amazing Benefits of Whey Fantastic Pure Grass Fed Protein You Need to Know

Whey Fantastic Pure Grass Fed Protein is one of the best protein powders available in the fitness industry. The product is worth investing in if you want a blend of perfect protein formulation with good bioavailability.

Let us highlight some of the critical benefits of this Grass Fed Whey Protein. If you are dedicated to fitness, you will be aware of the grass-fed protein powder that is buzzing today. When it comes to fitness, we choose the best for your body.

Let us provide some insights into the Whey Fantastic Pure Grass Fed Whey Protein, which will help you make the best choice for your protein powder.

Highlight Features of Whey Fantastic Pure Grass Fed Protein 

  • A unique blend of three proteins 
  • An excellent nutritional blend of vitamins and minerals
  • Scientific research-based elements 
  • It boosts muscle growth and recovery.
  • It is an entirely natural, grass-fed protein.
  • Hormone-free grass-fed protein 
  • Gluten-free and soy-free
  • It blends and mixes easily and has a high absorption capacity.
  • Tastes great.
  • No flavored or added preservatives.

Let us discuss each feature in detail.

Unique Blend of 3 Proteins

Protein, in whatever form, provides a variety of health advantages. This product, Whey Fantastic Pure Grass Fed Whey Protein, is the perfect blend of 3 in 1 protein, which includes 

  • Isolate 
  • Concentrate 
  • Hydrolysate

If you are looking for that perfect blend of all three types of protein, this is the best choice. Each type of protein boosts the other for that excellent absorption of amino acids, which is a must for your body. If you want to lose weight, i.e., fat loss and build muscle, Whey Fantastic Pure Grass Fed Whey Protein is the best option.

Good Nutrition for Vitamins and Minerals 

Ingredients: Check out the nutrition facts, which include the following:

  • The 19 essential amino acids
  • BCCA (Branched Chain Amino Acids) 4.6 g
  • 22g of cold-processed and undenatured whey protein 
  • 1 gram of dietary fat
  • Vitamin D 
  • Iron 
  • Potassium 
  • Calcium 
  • One serving = 72 gms = 120 calories.

Scientific Research-Based Elements 

This unique scientific formulation is best suited to building muscle and reducing fat for that perfect body workout. Many of us tend to gain muscle mass during high-intensity workouts, and this scientific formulation has elements that can help you lose fat and gain muscle. Remember, body weight consists of bone, water, muscle, and fat. Here, this formulation helps reduce fat without disturbing bone metabolism. 

Boost Muscle Growth and Recovery

Whey Fantastic Pure Grass Fed Protein has the power to provide quick recovery after a high-intensity workout. The perfect blend of the three types of protein mentioned above helps with faster absorption and instant recovery. It has a higher binding capacity than protein isolates, which helps muscle growth and converts the stored fat into energy. 

Completely Natural Grass-Fed Protein 

Whey Fantastic Pure Grass Fed Protein is derived from pure whey and casein (the purest form of natural protein) from natural grass-fed cows. The whey derivatives are sourced from natural and high-quality proteins, which is the best protein feature and makes it worth investing in for all fitness-crazy people. 

Hormone-Free Grass-Fed Protein 

This cold-processed whey protein is free from synthetic hormones that mimic HGH (Human Growth Hormone) to help increase cell growth artificially, which can cause side effects in the long run. One should not consume synthetic hormones, which can hurt the body’s hormonal balance. Whey Fantastic Pure Grass Fed Protein works without disrupting hormones and instead helps in naturally stimulating energy at the cellular level. 

Gluten-free and soy-free

If you are allergic to gluten and soy, this is the best pick you can make in whey protein powder. We understand that whey protein needs to be consumed regularly, and gluten and soy products can hamper the body’s metabolism and the absorption rate of vitamins. 

Blends and mixes easily and has a high absorption capacity.

The best way to prepare Whey Fantastic Pure Grass Fed Protein is to mix one scoop of this protein powder in water or low-toned milk. The best feature of this protein powder is that it mixes easily with water, which helps instant bodily assimilation. 

Tastes great 

It is available in 3 flavors, which are:

  • Chocolate 
  • Vanilla
  • Strawberry 
  • Unflavoured

No sugar or added preservatives 

Whey Fantastic Pure Grass Fed Protein is a healthy whey protein free from artificial sweeteners and preservatives. It means less toxin build-up in the body with maximum absorption of nutrients.

Pros of Whey Fantastic Pure Grass Fed Protein- 

  • A blend of isolate, concentrate, and hydrolysate 
  • Maximum absorption of protein 
  • Instant recovery 
  • Best suited to people for fat loss and muscle gain. 
  • Long-term benefits of regular consumption
  • Increase bioavailability 

Cons of Whey Fantastic Pure Grass Fed Protein

Levels Grass-fed 100% Whey Protein V/s Whey Fantastic Pure Grass Fed Protein 

Product Levels Grass-fed 100% Whey Protein Whey Fantastic Pure Grass Fed Protein 
Best suited Long-term usage will give desired results. Weight/fat loss and muscle gain 
ContentsSunflower Lecithin Sea Salt Monk Fruit Extract Stevia Leaf Extract Vitamin D, Iron, Potassium Calcium 
EfficacyLong term usage will give desired results. Good absorption with 3 types of protein isolate.

Levels Grass-fed 100% Whey Protein has herbal elements with protein derivates. 

Whey Fantastic Pure Grass Fed Protein blended protein formulations with a higher absorption rate. 

You can make the right choice as per your body and requirements.

Is grass fed whey protein good for you?

Grass-fed whey protein is good for you because it provides high-quality protein, essential amino acids, healthy fats, antioxidants, and other nutrients that can benefit your health, fitness, and weight loss goals. It is also more natural, pure, and ethical than regular whey protein.

Is grass-fed whey protein better than regular whey?

Grass-fed whey protein is better than regular whey protein in terms of nutrient content, especially omega-3 fatty acids, beta-carotene, vitamin E, and conjugated linoleic acid. It is also lower in saturated fats and may come from more humanely treated cows. However, it does not have more protein or amino acids than regular whey protein.

Can whey protein be grass-fed?

No, whey protein cannot be grass-fed. Whey protein is not an animal, so it cannot be fed anything. However, the milk that is used to make cheese and whey protein can come from grass-fed cows, which means the cows are fed a natural diet of grass and other plants. This can affect the quality and composition of the milk and the whey protein derived from it.

What are the benefits of grass-fed whey protein powder?

Grass-fed whey protein powder has some benefits over regular whey protein powder, such as:

– It contains more omega-3 fatty acidsconjugated linoleic acid, and antioxidants than regular whey protein powder.

– It is free of hormonesantibioticsGMOssoygluten, and artificial additives that may be present in regular whey protein powder.

– It comes from cows that are treated humanely and have access to pastures, which may be better for the environment and animal welfare.

However, it is a good choice for a natural, pure, and ethical protein supplement, but it does not have more protein or amino acids than regular whey protein powder.

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