The Horizon 7.0 AT has almost all the essential features you need in a treadmill. It is a good option for indoor running and a winner for those looking for a high-quality treadmill at a low cost.


The 7.0 AT has extra cushioning for joint or mobility issues as indoor walking on a cushioned surface can help improve overall mobility. It has a powerful motor, speed, and incline dials and can easily sync with third-party fitness apps.

The 7.0 AT strikes a nice balance of durability, features, and price and is an excellent choice for users who want to walk and jog, especially if they need a treadmill that can handle more weight.

This treadmill retails for less than $1000, significantly less than many other treadmills of comparable quality on the market.


The Horizon 7.0 AT has impressive features and functionality and a solid frame and construction. The treadmill includes a steel structure, solid and durable enough for longer runs. The steel frame ensures you will benefit from it for many years.

The frame feels solid and ensures this machine can withstand heavy footfalls. The Horizon 7.0 AT Treadmill is a sturdy, affordable option for anyone looking for a quality find.

The extra track length makes it an excellent treadmill for taller runners. Overall, it meets most expected treadmill specs and goes above and beyond durability.


Its 3.0 CHP motor is robust, stable, and quiet, with a lifetime warranty. Intense interval training and conditioning are made possible with it. It is ideal for regular walkers and joggers, and it has a clean and straightforward interface. It has an ignorable low humming sound.

It is ideal for early morning workouts due to the quiet operation when you don’t want to wake up annoyed family members.

One main feature is the quick change in speed and incline, lacking in many comparable treadmills in the same and upper price segments. That makes it ideal for intervals.

Speed & Incline

The top speed is 12 mph, and the inclination is 15% providing tough and aggressive runs and interval training. It’s plenty for good aerobic and lower body muscular training.

It is an ideal speed range for most runners for sprints and HIIT. We suggest not to operate the treadmills at their maximum speeds for long as that decreases their life.

The incline helps target and tone different muscles while burning more calories. It also decreases the impact of hitting a flat surface. Even skilled athletes will find the higher end of the range hard.

The handlebars also have dials that quickly change the settings during your workout.

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Console & Display

The Horizon 7.0 AT has two displays. The upper LCD screen is 7 inches, but it is not touch-enabled. It displays calories burned, heart rate, distance covered, current speed and incline, as well as the time elapsed. There also is a 16-digit alphanumeric LED.

It has QuickDial controls on the upright handles that connect to the console, making it easier to adjust the speed and incline.

Connect your tablet or smartphone to the treadmill to use the free AFG Pro Fitness app.

Some treadmills in the same price range have a larger 10-inch touchscreen display.

Easy to Fold

The Horizon 7.0 AT may be folded for storage when not in use. The hydraulic system makes folding and unfolding very smooth and easy.

This machine’s dimensions are 76.5″L x 36″W x 59″H. It folds into a V shape, so you can’t store it in tight spaces. It’s also difficult to maneuver, despite the the two wheels. The V-shape, and a weighty frame make it difficult.

Preset Programs

There are 7 preset programs. You can skip these and set your speed, and run. 

If you run in manual mode, both screens show your stats.

Running Track

The belt fits the folding treadmill well. The 60″ length allows for a full stride on the Horizon 7.0 AT, even for taller users. There is also plenty of room to walk or jog.

With deck dimensions of 20″ x 60″, this treadmill can accommodate taller runners with longer strides and those with more than average weight.

The belt is 1.6 mm thick and the roller 2.5 inches, so minor wear and tear.

The Horizon 7.0 AT has three-zone variable response cushioning like Horizon 303, which reduces the impact on joints, allowing runners to run longer and faster.

Weight & Weighing Capacity

This treadmill weighs 253 lbs., making it tougher to move around, and is an excellent value with a weight capacity of 325 lbs.

Important Features

  • The heart rate monitor features a grip pulse.
  • No specific workout apps are included, but the machine’s Bluetooth can connect to and sync stats with Zwift. You can compete in a virtual race with other runners. The live community makes your runs more fun and engaging.
  • The Bluetooth can also connect to any fitness app, and you can use the tablet holder to stream workouts to your treadmill. It works with Peloton, Map My Run, ViaFit, and others.
  • AFG PRO is free for Horizon 7.0, or you can watch Netflix on the tablet rack.
  • The treadmill has seven built-in programs:
  1. Calories
  2. 5K
  3. Distance
  4. Fat burn
  5. Hill climb
  6. Manual
  7. Max heart rate
  • Horizon’s three-zone variable deck cushioning helps absorb impact. It cushions the landing and takeoff shocks. As a result, you can run for longer.
  • The Horizon 7.0 AT supports both Android and Apple smartphones.
  • The 7.0 AT comes with two Bluetooth speakers that stream music from your Bluetooth-enabled devices.
  • A small fan is located near the 7.0 AT console’s base, but you don’t get much air from it.
  • The 7.0 AT’s curved handlebar pulse grips are visually appealing and allow for good heart rate monitoring.
  • This machine has a USB port for charging your phone or tablet while streaming classes.


The Horizon 7.0 AT treadmill retails primarily at $999.00


The LCD screen is not a touch screen.

There are various treadmills with 10 inch screen.

Very few preset programs.


Horizon 7.0 AT offers a lifetime frame and motor warranty, 3 years on components, and 1 year on labor.

It also offers a 30 days money-back guarantee.


It is one of the best treadmills in this price range, better than it’s own 303 even. It should be a treadmill of choice for the sub-1000 price range.