Are you wondering about having an excellent, durable, and flexible treadmill with great quality? Are you looking for a treadmill for your home or gym with outstanding features? Then, you’re at the right place as we would discuss the latest and more advanced version of the treadmill. It’s no surprise that the Lifespan company is one of the most popular in this industry, especially for manufacturing and designing treadmills with great features.

Interestingly, the Lifespan TR5500iM Treadmill is perfect for those wanting to work out by themselves at home or office. Also, you can genuinely trust the Lifespan company for treadmills as they’ve been in this industry for the past 20 years and have been ruling since then.

You’d get to know everything including the benefits of this particular treadmill in this article so, keep reading it till the end.

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What do you need to know about LifeSpan TR5500iM Treadmill? 

Undoubtedly, Lifespan TR5500iM Treadmill comes up with the latest features and top-notch quality. It is an exclusive product with innovative screen monitoring functionality. Such a feature would help mirror your smartphone with the Treadmill screen. Also, the user could track their training results simultaneously, and it is a plus point about this treadmill. Let’s get into the brief discussion regarding this particular folding treadmill below. 


  • Extra thick belt and eight compression shocks for joint support with additional support
  • Intelligent step counting steps and guard ensure to turn off the belt when you’re stepping out from safety. 
  • Powerful and quiet continuous DC motor
  • Device charging option available with a USB Port in console
  • Huge 10” Color Touchscreen display available 
  • Easy to step in and out the deck with step-up height 9.” 
  • It comes up with a tablet shelf in the console to perfectly and securely hold tablets and smartphones. 


  • Chest strap and heart rate not included
  • No subscription available 

Who is Lifespan TR5500iM Treadmill best for?

Amazingly, this Lifespan TR5500iM Treadmill perfectly suits severe runners. One could have it for regular or everyday usage with its fantastic construction. Also, those wondering about having entertainment and working out could go for this particular product. For your better understanding, we will explain its parts in detail. 


  • Indeed, Lifespan offers one of the most fantastic treadmills with specific dimensions. When the treadmill is kept folded, then the dimensions are 40.5″ L x 34.5″ W x 65.5″ H and when it’s unfolded, then the dimensions change to 73″ L x 34.5″ W x 55.5″ H. 
  • Power: Amazingly, this folding treadmill comes with a powerful 4 HP continuous-duty DC motor that helps keep up with your regular fitness training at home or gym. 
  • Speed – The excellent treadmill could have up to 13.5mph speed.
  • Users within 350 lbs could quickly go for this particular product without any worries.


You’d surely get a comfortable workout with Lifespan TR5500iM Treadmill, as you’d get the most amazing, making the treadmill one of the safest for regular usage. 


It has ample running space of over 22″ by 60″, making it very safe for walking or jogging and running at the highest speed. You won’t have a fear of stepping off the treadmill with its excellent running space. 

  • One could indeed prevent any strain, especially in the back, knees, or joints, due to 8 compression shocks built within the deck. 
  • The presence of a 1″ thick deck in this particular treadmill makes it beneficial for your joints. 
  • Intelli-guard 

A unique feature of this foldable treadmill is its Intelli-Guard safety. Indeed, this particular feature works the best as it automatically pauses the system or belt within 20 seconds of you stepping off the treadmill running space or deck. 


Probably, it’s another fantastic feature of this particular product. Indeed, it works somewhat similar to a pedometer, ensuring counting steps. 


Undoubtedly, the Lifespan TR5500iM Treadmill is much improved or comes with a large console than several earlier models. 

  • 10″ full-colour LCD touchscreen (Smart Display)

The most vital thing about the console is its 10″ full-colour LCD touchscreen, making it twice more viewing area than others. Indeed, keeping track of your training status and results becomes more manageable with a broader screen. Also, you’d get touchscreen as well as physical buttons for your ease to set up and get started in no time. 

  • Built-in Training programs

Various built-in training programs are already installed within the treadmill, including two heart rate programs, two preset programs ( 5 weight management programs, few sports training, different healthy living, Navy fitness test, 5K/10K race, and Rockport fitness test) and two customized user programs. So, with several outstanding programs, there’s no need to download anything extra from your mobile phone. 

  • Bluetooth connectivity

You can listen to your favourite music while having your most challenging training on this particular treadmill. No wonder you can use the best built-in Bluetooth connectivity and speakers within the treadmill to synchronize with your Android device or tablet. Not only music, but you can also listen to any other audio speech or important audio notes while working out. It’s undeniable that listening to the best music or sometimes favourite audio could boost your energy or motivate you to work even more complicated. 

  • Screencasting facility (for YouTube)

Undoubtedly, the console has a unique function: the screen mirroring function. It helps in synchronizing your smartphone screen with the display of the treadmill, enabling you to see whatever your phone screen shows. Indeed, this feature makes it possible for you to use various apps, including YouTube, Spotify or any training application. 


Amazingly, Lifespan offers the best Warranty service for this Lifespan TR5500iM Treadmill

  • You will get a lifetime guarantee for the Frame and Motor of this great Treadmill. 
  • The Parts will have a warranty service for up to 5 years since the product is bought. 
  • You’d get the warranty for Labour within a year of purchasing the product. 


The product is genuine as it is FCC Certified so, you can purchase without having any second opinion regarding it. As you know, FCC certified products go through various tests to get themselves certified. Eventually, you can rely on your regular workout routine for this particular treadmill. 

Alternatives for Consideration

We had a much detailed discussion regarding one popular treadmill that many would like, Lifespanfitness TR5500iM Folding Treadmill. So, further, we would love to take your little attention towards another treadmill that you could keep within your options of the treadmill. 

  • The Nordictrack 1750 Treadmill

Here’s another similar product to the earlier one that we have already discussed above. It has various impressive features and qualities similar to the above product. It’s a commercial treadmill that comes with a whisper quiet-deck. 

Indeed, it’s a powerful treadmill with a 3.75 horsepower motor especially helping in longer runs. Like the previous treadmill, this product also has a 10″ touchscreen brilliant HD display. If you want to enjoy exercising and losing weight, you could go for Nordictrack 1750 Treadmill. You’ll get a unique iFit app that makes your every run exciting and exciting. 

The motor within this particular treadmill is well-designed for easy cooling and quiet. Users, up to 300 lbs could go for this great treadmill without worries. Though this product has satisfied several runners hope it’d be your choice. 

  • Xterra TRX 4500

If you’re looking for any pre-structured workout ideas, have this particular treadmill for yourself without hesitation. Whether you are at home or office, if you have this product, your training sessions won’t be missed. Indeed, this treadmill would enable you to challenge yourself from time to time, and indeed, it would be a healthy experience. 

 Also, a pre-installed Xterra fitness app within the treadmill will help synchronize and track your training easily. Also, it comes with incline and present speed buttons that ensure you have fast and easy controls over the treadmill. Furthermore, one can opt for multiple user profiles and access wireless tablet display options for working out. 

In addition to this, the product has a built-in cooling fan and speakers where you can listen to the music of your choice. Even it ensures the users have a comfortable experience. So, you could have your control as per your convenience and need over the pace. Moreover, the safe deck feature of this particular treadmill enables you to lower the deck of this treadmill hassle-free manner. 

Winding Up 

Indeed, the Lifespan TR5500iM Folding Treadmill is the most fantastic model with excellent features at this price range. You’d be impressed by its extraordinary performance and intelligence. Also, it’s pretty amazing that Lifespan has included Bluetooth functionality within the treadmill. The EZ folding system and 10” full-colour touchscreen, no doubt, makes it unique. Honestly, you’ll get many points to ensure it is the best choice for working out at home as well as office. Lastly, we would say that this could be an excellent option for multiple users.