Treadmill Desk Attachments: A Remedy and the Best 8 Fittings

How does one go about acquiring a treadmill desk attachment?

Attachments for use with treadmills may take the form of 

  • Tables 
  • Stands or 
  • Clamps

All are intended to hold items like computers, tablets, and books while you run.

A Velcro strap wraps over the treadmill’s handles and secures the table. Treadmill stands resemble treadmill tables. But instead of a flat surface, they have a little stand attached to a bar to prop up a tablet or a book.

Treadmill clamps are similar to table clamps in that they hold a laptop or tablet in place but don’t include a table.

Treadmill Desk Attachment

A treadmill desk attachment is an alternative to a dedicated treadmill desk.

Treadmill workstations usually have a standing desk with a treadmill under the desk. So the user can walk while working.

What is the quality of treadmill desk attachments?

You can transform your current treadmill into a functional workstation using the attachment.

The fitness treadmill’s tables can be quickly taken off to use the treadmill for running. You can use a few different gadgets while walking on the treadmill. They are a more cost-effective option than a dedicated treadmill desk.

These add-ons are often tiny and need less storage than a standing desk. Treadmill stands can only hold a small part of a regular standing desk’s weight. Because the height can’t be changed, they aren’t comfortable enough to use all day.

Here are the best treadmill desk attachments:



  • Height adjustable
  • Tilts to an angle
  • It fits different treadmill handrails
  • Secures to handrails by tightening knobs
  • Ventilation to prevent the device from overheating
  • Rubber pad on top to rest wrists

Walk-i-Task’s home-based clients love not having to choose between work and health.

It has an adjustable height for optimal comfort. It fits most treadmill brands & models. It is simple to attach and detach from the treadmill for a large, sturdy desk for laptops and textbooks.

It can be inclined to comfortable reading. If walking while working makes you nervous, you can use their 21-day free trial to see if you like it.

Walk-i-TASK offers free shipping and no desk assembly. Start making active changes to your sedentary lifestyle now. Enter “WALK45” at checkout for a $45 discount.

Vivo Universal Treadmill Desk


  • Brand-VIVO
  • Color-Black
  • Product Dimensions-31.1″D x 11″W x 0.6″H
  • Item Weight -3.42 Kilograms
  • Material-Engineered Wood, Rubber
  • Assembly is required.

This robust 34.1″ x 11″ platform accommodates handlebar lengths between 26.8″ and 31.5″. It connects to your treadmill to create your very own active workspace.

It holds your equipment securely as you walk and work. It can support your laptop, Macbook, iPad, tablet, etc. 

Sturdy particle board construction supports weight up to 22 lbs. Your new walking desk can revolutionize your training regimen while working. The flexible Velcro straps can accommodate most treadmills available on the market.

Protective Padding: Rubber anti-slip cushions are included to provide traction. They also guard against scratches on your treadmill.

Very Simple Assembly: Connecting the two platform pieces is needed to change how you work! With the velcro straps, attaching the tray to your treadmill is fast and easy.

Nexan Universal Ergonomic Platform Treadmill Desk


  • Brand-NeXAN
  • Color-Black
  • Product Dimensions: 36″D x 17″W x 0.6″H
  • 6-pound item weight
  • Material: Engineered Wood

This desk has a cup holder, a tablet holder, and a phone holder.

The treadmill desk is universal. You may create your very own active workplace with this robust 35.4″ x 15.7″ platform attached to your treadmill. It fits handlebar lengths between 25″ and 32″. It secures and retains your equipment while you stroll and do your job.

Exercising while using your laptop or watching a movie, you won’t feel as exhausted. Durable Weight support up to 22 lbs.

Nnewvante Treadmill Desk Attachment Bamboo


  • Brand-Nnewvante
  • Form Factor: Desk Workstation
  • Compatible Devices: Desktop, Tablets, Laptops.
  • Mounting type—tabletop
  • Material: bamboo
  • Special Feature: Adjustable

The treadmill desk attachment is 33.66 inches wide and 11.8 inches deep, and it fits the majority of treadmills. You can multitask with the treadmill desk workstation! You may use a simple manual installation to watch a TV program, read a book, or even work while exercising. And you can remove it as simply.

You may adjust the view while holding your laptop, tablet, phone, or magazine. The tray’s original seven slots have tilting angles for easier viewing. Neck and shoulder aches may not happen with the treadmill laptop holder.

The most robust and friendly treadmill desk is solid bamboo and has a full frame. The desk attachment is steady, with little to no shaking while running on the treadmill.

Dual security for your laptop: We put 18″ heavy-duty straps and non-slip strips under the desk. The stands on the treadmill to ensure that neither the treadmill nor the computer on the desk would move. Don’t you worry that it can accidentally slip off? It wouldn’t occur with our dual fix.

If you lead a hectic life and find it challenging to squeeze in a fast cardio workout, we have the tool for you! With the aid of our handy treadmill holder, you can work while you walk and do many tasks at once.

Miden Treadmill Desk Attachment


  • Brand-Miden
  • Color Upgrade 36″-Black
  • Product Dimensions: 15.4″D x 36″W x 0.78″H
  • Material-Rubber, Polyvinyl Chloride

This treadmill desk’s edge guard and tablet holder are exclusive features. While working, take a walk. Attach this table tray to the treadmill and do more than one thing simultaneously. You may take calls or watch training videos.

While you walk and do work, your laptop is safe and protected on this robust 36″ x 15.4″ x 0.78″ desk for the treadmill. (suitable for railings measuring 25″ to 32″)

The three slots and two movable nylon straps can accommodate most flat treadmills. But these are not for a treadmill with incline handrails, please. Or it could not work with your treadmill if our product covers the heart rate, speed, and on/off buttons.

This treadmill desk attachment material includes an edge protective guard and a tablet holder. Despite friction from walking, the edge rubber guards against scratches. A newly added edge safety cover prevents your laptop from toppling. Your tablet or phone may now be attached to the treadmill’s laptop holder.

Desktop treasury that is simple to assemble:

Place the particle board on your treadmill and align the handle with the slot. Pass through the space from bottom to top, and firmly secure the board with two nylon straps. And this treadmill with a laptop stand is ready to change the way you work! Attaching the tray to your treadmill with the nylon straps is fast and straightforward.

Special features include:

  • An ergonomic platform table tray.
  • The ability to walk while working.
  • Compatibility with most treadmills with flat handrails.

Vivo Universal Treadmill DesK TDML3


  • Brand-Vivo
  • Color-Black
  • Form Factor: Laptop
  • Compatible Devices—Tablets, Laptops
  • Mounting Type-Desk, Strap Mount, Tabletop
  • Special Feature: Adjustable

This 29.5″ x 11″ desktop riser can fit most treadmills. Please attach it to handlebars with velcro straps to create a sturdy workspace. The maximum handle diameter is 7″, and the inner distance between handlebars can’t be more than 33″.

Adjustable height: It’s simple to select the ideal size, thanks to the built-in desktop riser! It adjusts from 1.8″ to 13.9″, so you can find the perfect height for watching and typing. How you work out will change if you use your new walking desk to multitask in style.

Assistance with Heavy Laptops: This workstation riser is built to last and accommodate laptops up to 11 lbs. Anti-slip cushioning gives support and avoids scratching.

Simple Installation: The riser is easily installed using the included velcro straps, which firmly tie it to your treadmill. Because the mounting brackets can be moved, changing the width to fit your handlebars is easy.

Natheeph Treadmill Desk Attachment


  • Brand, Nathaniel
  • Colour: Black.
  • Material: Wood.
  • A treadmill Desk Tray and a non-slip mat are included.
  • Maximum recommended weight: 22 pounds.
  • Deck Length-36 Inches

The desk has a cup holder, a phone holder, and a double anti-skid feature. You may watch TV programs, read books, or even work while working out. It measures 36″ long, 15.4″ wide, and has a weight capacity of 22 lbs.

The laptop holder may help you avoid neck and shoulder aches. It is the original non-slip design tray for your laptop, tablet, phone, or magazine reading.

They provide a non-slip mat. The treadmill laptop stand has a small 6.8 “L x 7.8 “B drawer. 

You should store your accessories in the drawer if you need to work out.

To install the treadmill desktop attachment by hand, you must 

  • Put it on the machine, 
  • Thread the snap-on straps through the slots,
  • Tighten the socket-style belts. 

The micro-bombs are long enough to tie around the treadmill handle.

Treadmill tables have thick rubber edges to shield the equipment from scratches while adding strength and texture.

Prolee Treadmill Desk 34″


  • Brand: PROLEE
  • Form Factor -Laptop
  • Compatible Devices—Tablets, Laptops
  • Mounting Type-Board Mount, Strap Mount
  • Product Recommendations: Laptop, Tablet
  • Adjustable Length-Yes.

The Adaptable Treadmill Desk has a 34 x 11.5 inch size of the holder. The desk has the most up-to-date design, with two adjustable straps and three slots. It can fit most treadmills on the market.

Load capacity of 120 lbs. : Unlike other boards, the Prolee Treadmill Desk uses an extra thick board to hold up to 120 lbs.

The surface won’t slip, so your laptop and other devices will be safe and secure while you work out.

It’s Simple to Assemble:

  • Place the board on the handles of the treadmill.
  • Line up the slot on the board with the handle of the treadmill.
  • Pass through the space from bottom to top.
  • Fasten the board with two straps as firmly as you can.

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