Echelon Stride Treadmill: Fair Offer at a Good Price?

Are you looking for a treadmill that doesn’t take up too much space and delivers a solid workout experience? In this Echelon Stride treadmill review, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about this popular compact treadmill.

The company has many workout-related products like bikes, treadmills, rowers, apps, etc.

The treadmill looks quite enticing with minimal confusion, and the companion software does an excellent job of educating you about safe exercise techniques.

Echelon Fit

The Echelon Stride App, Echelon Fit, offers live and on-demand classes to maximize treadmill use. Thousands of live Echelon Stride workout programs are available on it. Expert trainers can push you with HIIT, weight training, and yoga to supplement your runs and walks. Echelon’s tablet app offers instructor-led classes.

Echelon Stride Specs and Dimensions

The Echelon Stride treadmill boasts a slim and sleek design, making it a perfect addition to your home gym. The treadmill weighs 156 pounds and has dimensions of 69.3 inches in length, 31 inches in width, and 49.2 inches in height when unfolded. When folded, it is just 10.25 inches tall.

Echelon Stride Deck Height & Size

The Echelon Stride treadmill features a 20-inch wide and 55-inch long running deck. This impact-absorbing rubber surface provides a comfortable experience for users, but those taller than 6 feet might find it a bit short. The low deck height ensures safety for seniors, and you won’t worry about hitting your head on low ceilings.

Treadmill Construction

The Echelon feels more stable than other, cheaper treadmills that feel flimsy and likely break down in months. Its build, power, and features are adequate in most categories.

Yes, the Stride is an oddball treadmill that defies categorization. It is not a fragile folding treadmill that will last a year. But, with a weak 1.75-horsepower brushless DC motor and a small deck, it’s not the best treadmill. Though it can reach 12 mph like most treadmills, it is better suited for light jogging and walking.


You can use it as a standalone treadmill with its digital touch console. The 18.5-inch large, clear backlit screen shows all the usual metrics like calories burned, distance, incline, time, pace, pulse, speed, and steps. It has eight pre-set workout options and several quick-select incline and speed buttons. You can access the Echelon app via Bluetooth if you own a tablet.

The display also includes a tablet holder and a USB charging port. The only issue is that the tablet covers the central portion of the display, which shows the pace and incline metrics. While using apps like Zwift or Apple Fitness+, your pace and incline numbers are covered. So you have to make guesses regarding the mid-run incline and speed. 

During your workout, your mobile device will display treadmill stats like speed and incline, as well as your output. The Echelon Fit app can also show your pulse on a screen.

Weight & Weighing Capacity

This lightweight treadmill folds easily and weighs only 156 pounds. Remember that you’re only picking up one end, sliding it around, and not lifting it off the ground. But it can still bear 300 pounds.

Despite its weight, the treadmill is easy to move around, even when upright, thanks to well-placed wheels. Its small size and lightweight making it easier to store than other treadmills.

Pre Set Exercise Programs

The Echelon Stride treadmill has eight pre-programmed workouts.

Users can access app programs at will with an Echelon United App Membership. An endless variety of routines is available, with thousands of training programs and live streaming by trainers. This app also works with other Echelon equipment; you may download it to other devices.

Speed & Incline

The quick speed buttons on the right side of the console allow you to set it to 3, 6, or 9 km/h. The left-side quick incline controls let you tap to levels 3, 6, or 9.

In addition to the quick on-screen controls, the Stride has incline and speed buttons on the left handlebar for finer adjustments. The armrest buttons made changing speed and incline a breeze. The handlebars allow you to adjust your speed easily and incline too.

The Echelon Stride treadmill’s speed and incline ranges are limited to 12mph and 10%, respectively. But with such a weak motor, it is better suited for light jogging and walking than hard running.

Running Track

It has a 55-by-20-inch impact-absorbing rubber running deck that can support 300 pounds but is smaller than most competitors. Running is not recommended on this treadmill if you are taller than 6 feet due to your bigger strides.

It protects objects from being dragged under by a metal safety bar. The running deck is comfortable and impacts absorption with a frame-balanced elastomer.

Easy to Fold & Move

Echelon Stride folding treadmill for small spaces has a patented auto-fold system and wheels for simple storage and shift. In the process, it becomes smaller than conventional treadmills. The treadmill is easy to carry thanks to a handle on the back and wheels on the front. You can also place it upright against the wall or beneath your bed.

To fold the Stride, you must push down the arms and console, then step on a lever, and the arms will automatically fall to the track. The unit, with 69.3′′ lengths and 31′′ width, folds to 10.25′′ in height and unfolds to 49.2′′. 

The Stride treadmill has fewer features than more expensive treadmills except for auto-fold. While there are more affordable treadmills, the Echelon Stride treadmill makes a convincing argument.

The main reasons are that it can be folded away, and the sophisticated app feature makes you feel like you’re part of a full-fledged exercise community right away. 

Heart Rate Monitor

The handlebars have heart rate monitors. The Echelon Fit software may also display your pulse on a screen. The heart rate monitors on the handlebars seem to have little accuracy. It is better to buy a heart rate monitor.


  • An 18.5-inch screen with big numbers.
  • Connect your tablet or phone via Bluetooth
  • Patented folding mechanism
  • Two water bottle holders
  • Tablet holder


  • Not meant for serious running due to the 1.75 HP motor.
  • Expensive
  • The warranty period is only One year.


The price of the treadmill is $1299.99, and that of the app is $ 399.99

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