The ProForm Smart Pro 5000 Treadmill is a premium trainer for runners and walkers. This family treadmill has a long track, high peak speed, superb impact deflection, wireless pulse monitoring, and other needs for professional athletes.


The ProForm Smart Pro 5000 is a high-quality treadmill that will meet all of your running demands. It is a wonderful home treadmill for any indoor runner if you are looking for a quiet yet powerful runner.

The ProForm Smart Pro 5000 is a high-quality treadmill that will meet all of your running demands. It is a wonderful home treadmill for any indoor runner if you are looking for a quiet yet powerful runner.

The ProForm Smart Pro 5000 treadmill is a great choice for running training. This heavy-duty treadmill can handle tough exercises, whether you’re speed training or running. Coupled with the intuitive controls, you have a treadmill that will last for years.

ProForm Smart Pro 5000 Construction

The Pro 5000’s strong frame and large base keep the treadmill stable at any pace or inclination. It is a durable, multipurpose treadmill. The auxiliary bar adds greater strength and durability to this strong machine. 

It features a powerful motor and a greater inclination range than others. With its strong motor, low price, and extensive feature set, the ProForm Smart Pro 5000 treadmill is an excellent treadmill.

It does take up a lot of floor area, but it can be folded up quickly. The Pro 5000 is also one of our quietest treadmills.


This motor is a 3.75 CHP Mach Z commercial pro motor. For a regular household, its power is plenty and dependable for long-term usage. It can propel you through any activity, whether it’s a walking routine with iFit Coach or a lengthy run during marathon preparation.

Despite its size and power, the Pro 5000 is one of the quietest treadmills on the market and delivers power without being loud, making it a fantastic alternative for people searching for a quiet treadmill.

The Pro 5000 treadmill’s rapid response is due to its robust motor. This treadmill’s professional motor ensures smooth training whether walking or running. This treadmill is also incredibly quiet while running, so you may work out without worrying about disturbing anybody unless you tend to make strong contact with the deck.

Speed & Incline

The Pro 5000 has an good speed range of 0-12 MPH and an excellent inclination range from -3 to 15%, so you can mix and match your speed and incline levels to truly test your fitness. This treadmill’s swift speed and slope changes allow you to quickly move through your training.

Using the Pro 5000 treadmill’s inclination range from -3 percent decrease to 15% incline increases the challenge and calorie burn of your exercises. Although power inclines are common in treadmills, drops are not. An intriguing approach to workout is to use a ramp. With this machine’s inclination range, you can replicate more realistic outside jogging and keep your body and muscles engaged throughout your treadmill exercise.

You can fast change speeds without having to repeatedly use the up and down arrows. These keys sit flat against the console and absorb less dust, making it easier to clean.

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Console & Display

The Pro 5000 treadmill’s beautiful 10″ HD touchscreen has several advantages. On this treadmill, you may easily access the pre-programmed fitness routines, iFit training, see your workout statistics, or log into your user profile. The touch screen is quite responsive and has great video quality.

You may also adjust the touchscreen’s angle to suit your height. Also, don’t worry about sweating on the touchscreen as it is water-resistant.

The console also contains a bracket for firmly connecting your tablet computer. The Pro 5000 treadmill’s beautiful, HD touchscreen provides a number of features, including quick navigation of the treadmill’s choices through a water-resistant touch screen interface.

Easy to Fold & Move

Even though the Pro 5000 treadmill is large, the EasyLift Assist function helps conserve room. When you’re done using the treadmill, just elevate the treadmill deck high enough to hear the automatic lock activate.

To unlock the deck for a workout, just push up on the locking mechanism. You may now stand back and let the deck fall. The treadmill deck will softly fall without your aid.

This cardio trainer folds up easily with the EasyLift Assist, shock-assist technology. The Pro 5000 is one of the finest foldable treadmill solutions available. The Pro 5000’s folding feature preserves durability and dependability while saving space.

Running Track

The Pro 5000’s track is 60′′ long and 22′′ broad, making it wide enough for most runners. It also has a maintenance-free tread belt. With this much running room, you should be able to max out your stride.

The ProShox cushioning protects you if you tend to hit the treadmill deck hard when exercising. This cushioning is standard on all ProForm treadmills and will help prevent you from overuse injuries that are prevalent among runners.

On the Pro 5000, ProShox cushioning can safeguard your joints, muscles, and bones. For many other outdoor runners, ailments such as hairline fractures in the foot and leg muscles prevent them from running.

The Pro 5000 also has textured foot rail grips that provide a safer landing than many treadmills.

 Preset Programs

This treadmill has over 50 workout routines! These include incline exercises, calorie-burning workouts, speed workouts, high-intensity workouts, and mixed workouts that target many forms of exercise.

These programs are accessible even if you decide not to renew your iFit Coach subscription after the trial year.

Bringing the Pro 5000 treadmill home might open you a whole new world of exercise. The Pro 5000 treadmill comes with a free one month trial subscription to iFit Coach.

Your free month subscription gives you access to the iFit Coach exercise library. This fitness library has hundreds of training programs to help you mix up your routine. These exercises may be basic Google Maps routines or you can follow an iFit Coach personal trainer.

These trainers can themselves vary your pace and elevation to push you farther, though you can change it if it is too fast or too steep for you. Along with the pre-made fitness plans, you may build and store your own. So, if you’re planning on doing particular training, your Pro 5000 treadmill will be ready to go.

Enjoy immersive global experiences where all lessons are held in front of stunning scenery!

The Pro 5000 supports iFit Coach, a popular workout program. iFit Coach has an extensive video exercise library, simulates outside hiking on your treadmill with any Google Maps route, adapts customised training programmes to your activity record, and much more. The new Pro 5000’s HD screen is perfect for iFit features like HD fitness movies and Google Maps routines with interactive Street Views. Your fitness/health will improve dramatically with iFit Coach.

Weight & Weighing Capacity

Because treadmills are great aids for weight reduction, having a large weight limit is crucial, and the Pro 5000 has it. This treadmill can help people lose up to 300 pounds and its own weight is 261 lbs.

Important Features

Dual 3′′ Bluetooth speakers allow runners to communicate with live trainers or listen to music while jogging.

With a CoolAire Fan, runners can keep cool throughout the lengthy runs. Integrated EKG Grip Pulse Rate Sensor on the Pro 5000 handlebars.

The ProForm Smart Pro 5000 is also compatible with a variety of chest strap HR monitors.


This treadmill is frequently available at a discounted price of $1499.00


  • This treadmill has no chest strap.
  • A larger treadmill that takes a lot of space.
  • Consumers typically complain about the manufacturer’s customer service.
  • Return shipping and a 10% restocking fee may still apply.


The ProForm Smart Pro 5000 treadmill comes with a good warranty. The warranty on this treadmill covers components for 2 years and labour for 1 year. The frame and motor are covered for 10 Yrs.


This treadmill is a strong, well-priced, feature-packed gadget. It may take up more floor space than other treadmills in use, but it can be folded simply.

ProForm Smart Pro 5000 treadmill is an excellent value for money at $1,499.00. It can help expert runners while also providing specialised training for new users.

This treadmill is ideal for a family seeking a treadmill that can accommodate many members.