Finding the personal time to attend a gym might be challenging for many people. In this busy life and not-so-easy fitness schedule, we look at the vital market-made treadmill, the Sole F85 treadmill. Not only is it a viable choice, but it is also the best, as the Sole F85 treadmill is currently a popular option and a viable alternative to its smaller sibling, the F80.

SOLE F85 is a leading home treadmill with health spa quality that is the best in its class. This folding treadmill has a 4.0 CHP motor, an extra-large track, and an automated incline. It folds up for easy storage at home but is capable of long-distance running and hard interval training. The new F85 can link with mobile devices and fitness apps and has a 10.1-inch screen that displays workout progress.

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Surprisingly, the Sole F85 treadmill is not just ideal for folks who wish to work out alone at home or in the office. Don’t be taken in by it. Furthermore, you may rely on the Sole F85 treadmill firm because they have been in this market for the past 20 years and have ruled since then. Please keep reading to find out more about it. We shall provide you with everything you need to know about this treadmill, so read it to its conclusion.

Let’s begin!

What you need to know about the latest Sole F85 treadmill? 

We were happy to publish the updated 2022 review of the Sole F85 treadmill, which is one of Sole’s best-selling treadmills. The new model has the same solid deck and motor as the previous model, but the console now boasts a 10″ color touchscreen that can accommodate up to seven external apps! It means you can use this robust treadmill to run, walk, jog, or do your preferred workout while watching Netflix or your favorite news channel.

One of the first inquiries we hear about treadmills with touchscreens is whether or not users can browse the web or use other apps — the answer is usually no. However, on the F85, you now have that option. Netflix, YouTube, ESPN, CBSNews, NBC News, ABC News, and CNN. The programs have already been in them.

Sole treadmills are known for their longevity and robust build quality. Because of its huge motor, built-in programs, entertainment options, and firm structure, the Sole F85 has been named the finest treadmill for heavier runners. This treadmill is ideal for anyone who wants to jump on and run. If you’re training for a half or full marathon and need a dependable treadmill to put miles on, this is the treadmill for you.

Who would love to have it?

Runners who are looking for a quiet, well-powered folding treadmill with essential features and technology.

The SoleF85 treadmill is intended for users who are looking for:

  • Quality building for those who do not wish to pay for an internet membership.
  • The inclination ranges from 0% to 15%.
  • The maximum speed is 12 mph.
  • The folding treadmill is easier to transport and has more wheels than comparable models (4 instead of the standard 2).
  • A new 10-inch touchscreen with seven pre-installed apps
  • A mirroring feature for WiFi phones and tablets is now available too.
  • Seven fitness tests and 12 personalized routines

What are the pros and cons of what the Sole F85 treadmill has to offer us?

Talking about the consumer’s choice to love it is as follows:

  • A folding deck for convenient storage and saving space.
  • A strong 4.0 CHP motor.
  • Cushion Flex Whisper Deck
  • Bluetooth technology
  • Built-in speakers with MP3
  • Display with high resolution.
  • With transport wheels, it is simple to move.
  • Heart rate training programs require a chest strap.
  • On the console, there is a device holder for your device.

Reasons to not have it:

  • Speakers are a problem for many consumers, who state that the sound system on this treadmill model is subpar.
  • Handles are difficult to reach, as customers have reported difficulty reaching the handlebars while in high incline mode.
  • The assembly procedure is a little complicated

Why and what is the Sole F85 treadmill best for?

Serious workout enthusiasts will appreciate the Sole F85 treadmill for running and walking routines. This machine is simple to assemble, transport, and store after usage as a piece of foldable workout equipment. The whole piece of equipment is powder-coated and rust-proof, and its steel-welded frame shows how long and stable it is.

This treadmill’s flywheel component is analogous to heavy-duty elements of gym workout equipment, allowing for fluid motions when utilizing the gadget. And, because it has a shock-absorption system, it will have less influence on the spinal cord, hips, knees, ankles, and feet.

Explicitly talking about its features.

Key features

  • It comes with a club-quality 4.0 CHP motor for quiet operation and performance. The motor is powerful enough and of low commercial quality. Furthermore, the engine has a running speed range of 0.5 to 12 mph, allowing long runs without stopping.
  • Foldable design: The F85 treadmill folds easily and quickly with the push of a button. It also saves storage space and can be relocated to other rooms. The frame is folded and unfolded using hydraulic easy-assist folding technology.
  • Running Surface: The running surface measures 22′′ by 60′′ and has an additional two inches of breadth. Users can freely swing their arms while utilizing the gadget. It also comes with the most extended commercial size two-ply belt and 2.75′′ rollers. It increases machine life while also resulting in silent operation.
  • It has a +15 percent incline, so your glutes and hamstrings will be engaged throughout your workout. At a steep inclination, the F85 maintains and holds the deck steady. Its varied speed combinations and angled range add variety to any exercise plan.
  • Cushioning: It has a Cushion Flex Whisper running surface, decreasing joint shock and impact by up to 40%. This function makes exercise easier on the joints and the body.
  • Heart rate monitoring includes hand pulse gripping and is associated with chest straps that compute the heart rate monitor depending on age, gender, and other factors. All the data and comments collected can be stored on a smartphone and then looked at again later at a later time.
  • Audio and Bluetooth technology: The SOLE F85 treadmill has an MP3 playback connector and built-in MP3 speakers. Furthermore, it features Bluetooth technology, allowing Bluetooth-enabled devices to be connected. This function will enable you to listen to your favorite music while working out.
  • Frame for design and comfort: The Sole F85 treadmill has a sturdy and well-made frame. Sole’s construction quality is uncompromised. The treadmill leads the pack with steel support beams, cross rails, uprights, and handrails. Because of its sturdy design, this exercise equipment creates less noise when inclined.


  • Display: The new touchscreen is a welcome upgrade. This 10″ Android screen isn’t as flashy as those seen on competing treadmills, but it does provide some unique features, like seven preloaded apps. There are a few bugs that need to be addressed. Regardless of the level of your program, the console makes a slight feedback noise every time it is turned on. You can’t hear it if you turn on the fan or turn up the volume. But it’s annoying enough that I have to continue adjusting the level to compensate. However, in general, this console is a significant improvement over prior iterations, and we are excited about the direction Sole is taking. The majority of customers want to access other information on a treadmill touchscreen. Sole has made this, so simple, it reflects their attention to user feedback.
  • Aside from the larger screen, the remainder of the console is the same as the previous model. The screen is well-positioned and straightforward to see at the center of the console. The incline and speed controls are located beneath that. Again, these appear to jump at random. The speed buttons are as follows: 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, and 12 mph. The incline buttons are as follows: 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 12, 15. Buttons on the handrails are another unusual feature of the F85. There are speed and incline buttons on the right handlebar, whereas, on the left, there are no buttons. These are well-positioned for easy switching, but they also get in the way and can be an issue if you mistakenly grip the bar and press a speed button.
  • Other accessories/fans: A fan is located immediately above the screen. However, it doesn’t provide a lot of airflows. While it’s lovely to have some options, the fan is weak and doesn’t provide much of a breeze. On the F85, a tablet holder is located directly above the console. The tablet holder allows you to exercise on the treadmill while watching something on your tablet or phone. The adjustable clip should firmly hold most devices.
  • Storage: The Sole F85 treadmill has plenty of storage space. It features three more huge pockets for storage. An additional storage tray covers the width of the deck under the console, in addition to two huge pockets on either side of the console.

What does the warranty cover?

Sole F85 Fitness offers an exceptional guarantee period that ensures the machine’s lifetime protection:

  • Warranty period: The motor, frame, and deck are all covered by a lifetime warranty.
  • Parts and Services: A five-year guarantee on electronics and a two-year labor warranty is included. Sole Fitness also has a 30-day money-back guarantee if returned within 30 days of purchase.

Winding up!

The F85 treadmill from Sole is one of the best-selling folding machines in the price category. It boasts a smooth and quiet 4.0 HP motor. This treadmill has an incline possibility of up to 15% for gruelling, sloping hills, circuit work, and balanced conditioning. The maximum pace of 12mph will challenge even the fastest runner, and the numerous speed settings offer opportunities for any runner or walker. The preloaded programs are simple to use, so you always know what to anticipate. Some people may not use the F85 because there are only 10 pre-set programs. The F85 is a good choice for people who prefer simple things to high-tech things.