Sole ST90 treadmill

Sole ST90 treadmill: Superior Build but Expensive to Buy

Sole Workout has been among the top companies in the fitness equipment market for many years. In particular, because they are strong, dependable, and long-lasting, their treadmills have gained popularity. Before this Sole ST90 treadmill came out, they were a common sight in fitness centres.

Treadmills with slat belts feature fewer springs and use rubber slats as part of the frame. The rubber slats form a thicker landing cushion that is easier on the joints.

Additionally, rubber belts frequently last longer than conventional belts do. These are now available on newer models and are frequently more expensive. Since there isn’t a deck, running on these appears like running outside on a solid floor, yet it is still easier on the joints.

Sole ST90 Treadmill Design and Quality

We are aware of how strong and stable Sole treadmills are. They seem like tanks to drive because they can carry much weight and are usually built to last.

Users up to that level will benefit greatly from the Sole ST90 slat belt treadmill, which has a 330 lb maximum weight capacity. It might be similar to a genuine tank because it weighs a massive 376 lbs. It’s probably not the best option for an upper flat.

Sole ST90 Warranty

The frame and motor are covered for five years. A three-year warranty from Sole covers the deck and electronics, while a one-year warranty covers the components and labor. This is less than other Sole treadmills and, honestly, the industry average, which is 10 years for the frame to last. The deck comes with a three-year warranty, which is also a worry since its main selling point is that it is made of slat belts instead of a traditional deck.

Running Surface

Since most people of all heights can comfortably run as fast as they desire on a surface this size, higher-quality treadmills typically have a running surface of at least 20 inches by 60 inches. Space shouldn’t be a concern because the ST90 has a 20 x 60-inch running surface. The inclusion of a slat belt with the ST90 is more intriguing.

Additionally, they give shoes a stronger grip, leading to more comfortable running. Slat belts are typically made of thicker rubber slabs than standard belts, allowing them to last longer.


It is well-recognized that AC motors function better than DC motors. They are also excellent at handling heavy use. Long-distance joggers and families with multiple users should be able to use the ST90 since both groups often use treadmills in public gyms that many other people use.

The ST90 also offers a free mode feature that allows you to disable the motor and operate the treadmill much like a manual treadmill, with the speed of your feet controlling the belt. Power incline options give you access to eight difficulty levels in the free mode.

The Sole ST90 Treadmill boasts 15 levels of incline and a top speed of 12.5 mph. In our opinion, most users can work out with this speed and inclination.

Features of the Sole ST90 Treadmill

Heart rate recording

There are built-in grip monitors that can approximate your heartbeat, or you can use a strap heart rate monitor to get a more precise reading (one not included).

Slat Belt Deck

Instead of being one continuous piece of fabric, a slat belt is composed of rubber “slats” that span the deck. Slat belts need less upkeep than fabric belts because they don’t require lubrication every three months. Reduced impact, less friction, and less wear are all benefits of running on slats.

10.1′′ Touchscreen

It has a sizable 10.1-inch touchscreen that runs on Android and has Wi-Fi access and screen mirroring. You can easily watch a workout, a film, or sports on this large screen, staying connected as you exercise.

29 exercise routines.

But if you do not wish to subscribe to Academy, there are plenty of constructed routines on the ST90 as well. These include 12 custom workouts, 10 standard workout profiles, and 7 options based on your heart rate.

While this treadmill does not come with a fitness tracker, the pulse grip on the handlebars will not give you an exact reading of your heart rate.

Other features

Some noteworthy features include a USB connector, an integrated device holder, Bluetooth speakers, and a water bottle holder. Furthermore, unlike other Sole treadmills, it does not arrive with a console fan. Users of the ST90 can effortlessly control speed and elevation on the handlebars with a single touch. The ST90 is truly unique because of how comfortable, how strong, and how the slat belt looks.

Speedy Response Control

A treadmill motor must constantly react swiftly to variations in speed. It can take seconds or longer for some subpar models, making some training quite challenging. Interval speed training requires quick changes in pace, so you need a treadmill that can keep up.

Thankfully, the ST90 can handle it. You’ll get a fast response if you change the speed every 20 or 30 seconds. In addition to the touch panel, controls on the right handrail let you change the speed quickly.

Sole ST90 Treadmill’s Flaws

Large Treadmill

The ST90 is extremely heavy at 376 lbs. The large weight does have drawbacks; if you ever wish to move it, you will require a large crew and a lot of time. That is why you must put it together where you intend to store it.


There must be a 10-year frame warranty for the money spent, if not a lifetime guarantee. The sole does have industry-leading warranties on most of its products.


A machine of this magnitude will undoubtedly need assistance during assembly.

Running surface

There is a 20″ running surface. Most users should be able to operate this, but others may need a little extra room.


The ST90 Treadmill has many characteristics that set it apart from other treadmills from Sole. The Sole ST90 Treadmill’s AC motor, flat-slat belt, and elegant design have people very interested in how it operates. Runners of all skill levels ought to be able to clock many miles while enhancing their form.

Overall, the ST90 would be a fantastic option for a committed runner or a house with numerous people who use it frequently. Naturally, it would also be excellent for someone looking for a luxurious, comfortable treadmill.

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