LifeSpan Fitness Treadmills

8 LifeSpan Fitness Treadmills: Offer The Best at Low Costs

Treadmills are a popular piece of exercise equipment, and LifeSpan fitness treadmills provide a wide variety of models suitable for both the home office and the home gym. The folding treadmills test the best runners because they have different speeds and incline settings.

Under-desk walking treadmills are available to help you stay active and healthy while working from home. Treadmills for every house or workplace may be found in their extensive selection. This article will look more closely at the LifeSpan treadmills and everything this company offers for your fitness center.


  • Several treadmill types and solutions to meet user demands. 
  • Most of them fold up, saving floor space.
  • Standardized layout and navigation.
  • Aren’t subscription-based.
  • Lower joint impact due to cushioned deck.
  • All incline 13-15% and have numerous preset programs.


  • Subscription training unavailable
  • Fewer console details.
  • Frame and motor warranties are reduced to 10 and 2 years.

Some of the most rated and best-selling treadmills on the market today are LifeSpan’s foldable treadmills. This brand is a perfect choice if you want a folding treadmill that is still sturdy and fast.

All Lifespan treadmills carry a similar warranty. Frame: 10 Years | Parts: 2 Years | Labor: 1 Year

Home LifeSpan Fitness Treadmills

NameCHPTrack InchesIncline LevelsSpeed in MilesCapacity lbsDimensions InchesPrice $Rollers InchesBuilt-in Programs
TR6501.518×470.6-1022056x 38x 4945015
TR1200i2.520×56150.5-1130070x 33x 558992.5& 221
TR2000i2.520×56150.5-1130071x 33x 5611242.5& 221
TR3000i2.7520×56150.5-1235071x 33x 5612892.5& 238
TR4000i3.2522×60-2 to 130.5–1235073x 34x 5514992.5& 250
TR5500iM422×60-2 to 130.5-13.535073x 34x 5519992.5& 224
TR6000i3.5AC22×60-3 to 130.5-13.535074x 35x 5524993& 223
TR7000iM5 AC22×62-3 to 120.5–1240080x 36x 6149993″28

LifeSpan TR650 Treadmill

If you’re looking for a simple way to get in shape in the comfort of your own home, look no further than the LifeSpan TR650 entry-level treadmill. It weighs just 98.4 lbs. Due to its lightweight construction and two front wheels, this machine can be moved quickly and with less effort. The TR650 can also be folded up, making it easy to store in a small space.

You may stow it away in a closet, beneath a bed, or against a wall. The TR650 comes with enough lubrication for two applications, simplifying treadmill maintenance. The TR650’s easy-access lubrication ports allow you to re-lubricate your treadmill in about 2 minutes.


  • Compact and space-saving
  • Easy to lubricate
  • Touchscreen Display


  • No fan
  • No chest strap
  • No high-tech features

TR1200i Folding Treadmill

If you’ve been searching for a reasonably priced treadmill, your search ends with the TR1200i. It has eight compression shock absorbers and a spacious surface area on the belt to protect your knees, back and other joints. Its weight is 221 lbs. It has contact heart rate sensors and a chest strap receiver. You have to buy the chest strap, though.

Thanks to its fast-loading screen and straightforward control panel, the TR1200i allows you to get going in no time. With the 7-inch full-colour touchscreen and built-in Bluetooth, users can quickly and easily sync their exercise data and choose from various dashboard themes customized for their training.

Intelli-Step is the step-counting feature that works like a pedometer, automatically counting steps taken.


  • Bluetooth sync saves workout data.
  • Four wheels for easy movement.
  • Innovative sound system to connect to your iPod, MP3, etc.
  • High-quality two-ply belt.


  • No fan.
  • No chest strap.
  • Doesn’t have many high-tech features.

LifeSpan TR2000i Folding Treadmill

Our top pick for a foldable electric treadmill is the LifeSpan TR2000i. It is the best treadmill for seniors that we’ve tested. Built-in Bluetooth and speaker output let you play music and audio remotely.

The TR2000i folding treadmill has 21 workout programs: 2 heart rate management, 5 healthy living, 7 sports training, 5 weight reduction, and 2 user-customizable. Hydraulic shocks help fold and unfold the LifeSpan TR2000i’s EZfold treadmill. Once folded, roll the treadmill using the front and rear wheels.

The deck has eight compression shock absorbers to cushion your knees, back and joints.

The 198-pound TR2000i is a good alternative for many people since it can support up to 300 pounds. It is excellent for walking thanks to its low 8″ step-up height. A soft surface and eight compression shocks make this machine a good choice for anyone with mobility or joint sensitivities.


  • Two speakers and an mp3 jack are available.
  • The frame folds electrically without lifting.
  • The built-in USB data port and free apps
  • For step counting, use Intelli-Step.


  • Reduced space for the arms to rest.
  • More running space may be required for taller athletes.

LifeSpan TR3000i Folding Treadmill

The 225-pound LifeSpan TR3000i has been updated with a full-color touchscreen display. EZfoldTM assisted folding makes storage and unfolding easy. Bluetooth makes listening to music easy. The 7″ full-color touchscreen displays workout outcomes. The new LifeSpan TR3000i treadmill has three dashboards that show exercise results graphically: graph view, gauge view, and track view. The TR3000i’s space-saving design makes storing, folding, or unfolding easy.

The lightweight, robust frame of the foldable treadmill combines performance and portability. The 1″ deck and 8 compression shocks cut down on noise and soften the impact of your feet, making it easier on your knees, back, and joints.

Bluetooth speakers on the treadmill let you listen to podcasts or view movies while running. Plus, the built-in USB charger lets you charge your phone or tablet without draining the battery. The foldable treadmill’s dashboard displays your heart rate so you can stay in your training zone.


  • Two speakers and an mp3 jack are available.
  • The frame folds electrically without lifting.
  • The built-in USB data port and free apps
  • For step counting, use Intelli-Step.


  • Reduced space for the arms to rest.
  • More running space may be required for taller athletes.

LifeSpan TR4000i folding treadmill

The 240-pound LifeSpan TR4000i is an excellent treadmill for runners. A strong 1″ deck and eight compression shocks reduce the impact of running. It also includes the hydraulically assisted folding and unfolding EZFold technology.

Whenever you step off the belt, the Intelli-Guard function will immediately halt the belt, and the Intelli-Step system will begin counting your steps again on your return.

Get fit with these 7″ color touchscreens. The new LifeSpan TR4000i has three ways to show your results: graph view, gauge view, and track view. It has more than 50 different programs, such as races, fitness tests, personal programs, and more than one way to view the dashboard.

The robotically-welded, all-steel frame simulates real-world circumstances over miles of use. Premium-sounding Bluetooth speakers will keep your run interesting. The built-in USB charger lets you charge your phone or tablet without draining the battery. The treadmill’s heart rate sensors help you stay in your ideal training zone.


  • Great Folding design
  • Good running surface
  • Great features for the price


  • Poor support for joggers with more body mass.

Light Commercial Treadmills

You’ll find the ideal balance of power and portability among light-commercial treadmills. These treadmills are convenient for serious runners and those who want a more active lifestyle.

TR5500iM Folding Treadmill

The TR5500iM is a folding treadmill created specifically for runners. This treadmill boasts an all-steel folding frame, a 10″ LCD touchscreen, and Bluetooth. You can mirror Youtube videos onto the big screen as you work out using the touchscreen smart display. This gives you access to an endless number of workouts and shows. You have 3 dashboard views (graph, gauge, and track views).

This treadmill has more than 50 activities, like races, fitness tests, and training programs, to keep you going. Creating and saving your workout is an option. 2 heart rate programs, 2 user-customized programs, and 20 preset programs (5 for weight management, 5 for healthy living, 7 for sports training, a 5k/10k race, the Rockport Fitness Test, and the Navy Fitness Test).

8 compression shocks and a 1″ thick deck simulate real-world circumstances while cushioning knees, back, and joints. The belt stops 20 seconds after you step off the treadmill deck and starts again when you step up. The step-counting feature works like a pedometer, automatically counting steps taken.


  • Assemblage that can be folded up for storage.
  • Has a Huge space for exercise.
  • Energizing engine (4.0 CHP).


  • There is no chest strap available.
  • Problem with the console’s screen being obscured by a media holder.

TR6000i Light-Commercial Treadmill

With its sturdy construction, the LifeSpan TR6000i light-commercial treadmill can withstand heavy use in busy commercial environments without compromising performance. The TR6000i ensures all training goals are met because it can go up and down, has gym-quality parts, and is long enough for sprints.

Light commercial treadmills like this one for running provide a professional level of training with features like a 3.5 HP AC motor that allows for speeds of up to 13.5 mph. The 22″ by 60″ jogging surface suits runners of all shapes and sizes.

The TR6000i is equipped with a 6″ LCD console that is user-friendly and packed with fitness functions, helping you achieve your objectives in record time. The 46 included running plans are great for getting in shape, losing weight, and improving overall athletic ability.


  • Telemetry heart rate monitoring
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Contact pulse sensors
  • 350 lb max weight capacity


  • It has a simple console.

Commercial Treadmills

Our commercial Lifespan Fitness treadmills can help you reach new levels of fitness. The commercial treadmills are state-of-the-art machines with the latest fitness technology and a sophisticated design, but they are still user-friendly enough for first-time users.

TR7000iM Commercial Treadmill

LifeSpan’s top-of-the-line commercial treadmill is the TR7000i, which has an inclination range of 0–60 degrees with a 3.5 HP engine. Because of its 12 mph peak speed and four individual compression shocks, LifeSpan recommends this treadmill for marathon runners. Three-and-a-half-inch-high crown rollers on the 1″ melamine-laminated deck keep the belt in motion.

The TR7000i’s 22″ wide by 62″ long running surface accommodates a wide stance and a maximum user weight of 400 pounds. Extensive information about your exercise may be seen on the 6.5″ LCD screen. In addition to the main LED screen, three more show data about time, velocity, and gradient. There is a USB connector on the control panel, so you can charge your phone while you work out.

Medical handlebars are available as an accessory for this cutting-edge piece of equipment, allowing people in rehabilitation to work their way up to fitness in a controlled and sustainable manner. Use the mirroring function to cast your favourite YouTube channels and keep yourself occupied as you work out.


  • Multi-ply tread belt
  • Large rollers (3″)
  • IntelliGuard track pausing for safety
  • IntelliGuard track pausing for safety


  • Short handrails
  • Large footprint (80.5″ L x 33.25″ W)


LifeSpan’s treadmills continue to astound us with their high quality and craftsmanship. LifeSpan supplies a wide range of treadmills, from the TR1200i (which can be purchased for around $1,000 and gives good training) to the TR7000i (designed for commercial use and features an inclination of 15% with a motor that produces 3.5 horsepower). Certainly, any LifeSpan treadmill will be a high-quality addition to your home gym. These treadmills are great for people who have trouble moving around or are older and want a simple model at a reasonable price.

Why should you choose Lifespan Fitness treadmills?

  • LifeSpan treadmills come in various types and configurations, allowing consumers to pick the machine that best suits their requirements.
  • The fact that most LifeSpan treadmills fold up is a major bonus for anyone who needs to store them while not in use.
  • LifeSpan has standardized its interface so that all its treadmills have the same general look and feel and are easy to use.
  • There is no membership fee associated with purchasing a LifeSpan treadmill. The LifeSpan treadmill is ready and waiting for you to use it.
  • The deck padding on LifeSpan treadmills softens the blow to your joints.
  • Treadmills from LifeSpan offer an inclination range of 13-15% and come with various preprogrammed workout options.

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