Silent treadmills are the best kind of treadmills, because they don’t distract you from your workout or your Neighbors!

When we looked for the quiet treadmill for home on the market, we found many options. The best quiet treadmill depends on several factors. Some factors affect your treadmill’s performance and efficiency as well. So we compiled a list of factors responsible for keeping a treadmill quiet.

We did not consider the walking treadmills with smaller motors here as these are mostly quiet except for those substandard ones.

Quiet apartment Treadmill

The following aspects have to be noted for the best quiet treadmill for apartments:

  • Motor Type: There are two kinds of motors. AC & DC. While AC motors are more powerful, DC motors are quieter comparatively and are more suitable for homes.
  • Motor Size: A smaller motor is typically more silent than a 3 or 4 HP motor. But you can’t always go in for a smaller motor. For example, a walking treadmill will always be quieter than a running treadmill, needing a bigger motor. So it is better to check which size will be optimum, keeping in mind the task and the noise.
  • A cushioned running track will absorb the thumping sound of footfalls better than an ordinary deck.
  • If there is a mat placed below the treadmill, it is very effective in absorbing such sounds.
  • A belt too tight or loose will be noisier compared to a normal belt.
  • A weak floorboard will keep making squeaking noises under the pressure of your feet as you run.
  • An unlubricated belt will also make loud noises as the first signs of needing lubrication.
  • A treadmill with a heavy and stable base will be less noisy as compared to the lighter ones.
  • Similarly, rubber feet beneath a treadmill will reduce its sound further.
  • One should well lubricate the second motor used for the incline & decline function to minimize noise.
  • You also need to wear properly cushioned running shoes to avoid the thumping sound of footfalls.

A quiet treadmill is ideal for apartment dwellers. These options are also great if you want to start a healthy lifestyle without disturbing others.

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Best Silent Treadmills for Apartments

NordicTrack 29504.2560″ x 22″-3 – 15%12 mph300 Yes
LifeSpan TR5500i4.0060″ x 22″-2 – 13%13.5 mph3501899
Bowflex BXT2164.0060″ x 22″0 – 15%12 mph4001799
Nautilus T6163.0060″ x 20″0 – 15%12 mph3001299
Spirit XT2853.0060″ x 20″0 – 12%12 mph3501699
Horizon Elite T72.7560″ x 20″0 – 15%12 mph350 1499
Reebok Jet 300+ Series2.5059″ x 20″0 – 15%12.4 mph3081100

NordicTrack 2950

NordicTrack 2950
  • Preset Programs – 40
  • Warranty- Frame & Motor- Lifetime. Parts- 5yrs Labor- 2yrs

The Commercial 2950 is a flagship model of Nordictrack. An ace of a treadmill in all aspects of silent running. Although it has the biggest motor in the selected list of treadmills, it is very quiet.

It features a 22-inch touchscreen to promote longer workouts. The large screen is also HD, making the most of the interactive iFit Coach video exercises available. 

You may pair Bluetooth headphones with the treadmill. The treadmill has a power incline and decline, cooling fans, water bottle holders, and storage compartments. The NordicTrack’s training surface may be power-adjusted from -3 to 15% slope.

With these programs, the treadmill’s pace and inclination are controlled to mimic landscapes and help you achieve particular fitness objectives.

The WhisperQuiet(TM) Deck: The treadmill deck reduces the sound of your feet hitting the ground. It makes the Commercial 2950 a quiet fitness machine that is ideal for home usage and exercise.

Long enough for a running stride and 2 inches broader than usual for additional elbow space. The tread belt is two-plied for longevity and quiet operation.

Tracking your heart rate during treadmill exercises helps you exercise more effectively. The new 2950 comes with a Bluetooth wireless chest strap for a continuous reading of heart rate.

Keep cool with three exercise fans. You may set the AutoBreeze to your speed. Alternately, you may control the speed of the fans.


  • 22-inch touchscreen display
  • The heart rate monitor
  • Use the iFit app to control incline, decline, and speed.
  • Outdoor workouts for all fitness levels
  • Live classes and leaderboards


  • It is expensive.
  • Personnel from the company were required to assemble.

LifeSpan TR5000i

Lifespan TR5000i
  • Preset Programs – 40
  • Warranty- Frame & Motor- Lifetime. Parts- 5yrs Labor- 2yrs

The new LifeSpan TR5500i is the best-buy folding treadmill for nearly any household. It outperforms many higher-priced competitors. The track’s top speed potential of 13.5 mph stands out to advanced runners. Other features include:

  • A built-in step counter or pedometer.
  • A power decline.
  • Two downhill slope settings for incline training.

 The tread belt is 2.8 mm thick, and the running surface is extra wide for elbow room.

The treadmill comes with more than 40 pre-programmed workouts. The workout screen has prompts for weight loss, sports training, heart rate goals, and more. The chest strap is sold separately. You can export your workout data to a USB drive or a Bluetooth connection for long-term storage.

The console has a three-speed fan, a tablet rack, and smartphone speakers. It is displayed on a 6-inch backlit LCD.

Eight independent shock absorbers help the treadmill deck flex to protect your joints and connective tissues.

A ramp with an 800-pound thrust motor supports 15 incline angles. 

Weight loss, sports training, healthy living, heart rate, and decline training are included in preset workout programs.

LifeSpan treadmills include smartphone jacks and speakers. The console cooling fan has three speeds.

This treadmill comes with a wireless heart rate receiver, but the chest strap is sold separately.


  • USB charging port for your device.
  • There is even a step counter.
  • Intelli-Guard turns off when you step away.


  • The console takes time to get used to.
  • Subscription options are not there.
  • The chest strap is not included in the heart rate monitor.

Bowflex BXT216

Bowflex BXT216
  • Preset Programs – 11
  • Warranty- Frame & Motor- 15yrs, Mechanical Coverage -5yrs

The Bowflex Results BXT216 is a tempting treadmill. Incredibly powerful and versatile, this top-of-the-line machine will satisfy the most ardent runners. Bowflex Results treadmills include high-quality workout belts, Bluetooth connectivity and cushioning. It also has a full-color screen, calorie calculators, and wireless heart rate monitoring.

It has a foldable frame. Generally, that home-friendly feature sacrifices another desirable quality. However, this treadmill appears to be top-notch. Shock-assist makes folding and unfolding the BXT216 simple.

It has the largest workout belt surface in the new series. In addition, Bowflex results treadmills have three-ply maintenance-free workout belts. As a result, it eliminates the need to wax and recalibrates the belt due to stretching. The treadmill also has a rope that you can pull to stop the unit if a user steps off.

The belt runs over 2.75-inch-diameter rollers. It explains why the treadmill is so durable for the price. The roller diameter is large for the quiet home treadmill, which reduces belt and motor wear.

“Results” is in the name, and it’s true. The burn rate is a great example. Other machines show calorie burn, but only for the entire session. More accurate calorie burn data can motivate you to train harder. BX Results treadmills come with wireless chest straps for “hospital accurate” heart rate monitoring.

Connectivity via Bluetooth allows you to export your fitness stats. In addition to the manufacturer’s new Results mobile app, the treadmill can sync with MyFitnessPal and FitBit. This feature allows users to listen to their music while running.

Full-color workout programmes are displayed on a 9-inch widescreen. The Burn Rate console has a media shelf with a USB charging port. Lively workouts with cool-down programmes are available. The BXT216 is a folding treadmill. Hydraulic assistance simplifies folding and unfolding.

The Bowflex BXT216 has a moderate level of noise compared to other models.
The BXT216 is a light commercial cardio trainer priced for home use (and foldable!). This machine delivers on comfort, durability, electronics, and performance. With so many home treadmills on the market today, this model aims to be the complete package. It delivers. Take the plunge if this machine has tempted you.


  • Maintenance free tread belt with three plies
  • 9-inch colour screen.
  • Four user profiles are available.
  • Blue tooth connection.
  • Speed/Incline controls in handgrips.
  • Handrail with a coating


  • Comparatively new in the market

Nautilus T616

Nautilus T616 Treadmill
  • Preset Programs – 26
  • Warranty- Frame/Motor- 10yrs, Electric Parts- 2yrs, Labor- 1yr.

The T616 has large 2.75-inch crown rollers. In addition, it has a soft drop folding design.
This model is all about comfort. This model has a strike zone cushioning system and a six-hex cell design for extra comfort. e

The console is the model’s highlight. Two high-resolution blue backlit LCD screens display up to 13 workout details on the dual-track display. Four customizable workout programmes and four user profiles separate the 26 built-in workout programs. The Bluetooth-enabled console makes it simple to store and sync all of your workout data. In addition, you can use the contact grips built into the handlebars or the included chest strap to monitor your heart rate. There are also built-in speakers, a USB media charging port, and an MP3 input port. This model also includes two water bottle holders and a 3-speed fan.

Bluetooth connectivity allows you to sync workout data with the Nautilus connect, Nautilus Trainer, or MyFitnessPal apps.

An easy-to-use console. A fan. full audio system. The incline keys are on the left, the speed keys are on the right, and there are one-touch keys for workout programs.


  • Lots of preset programs


  • Unlike competitors, no lifetime warranty
  • Weight capacity too low at 300 lbs

Spirit XT285

Spirit XT285
  • Preset Programs – 12
  • Warranty- Frame/Motor/Deck- Lifetime, Parts- 10 Yrs, Labor – 1Yr

The Spirit XT285 excels in several key areas of a well-designed treadmill. Comfortable belt and cushioning system, powerful motor, durable and stable frame, simple console, and programming.

There are two heart rate programs, two additional levels of incline, Bluetooth for the SpiritFIT App, speakers for digital music playback, an audio jack, and a deck 1/4 inch thick.

The 7″ blue backlit LCD screen displays 9 data points at once to keep you informed and motivated. In addition, ECG monitoring and contact heart rate monitoring improve workouts.

The XT series offers entry-level units with basic walkers and hikers and advanced programmes and components for runners.

You can tell a lot about a product’s quality by where the manufacturer invests their money. Do they spend it on unnecessary frills or on parts that improve the product’s quality and performance? Spirit Fitness supports quality products like cast motor mounts. Why? A stamped steel motor mount does not provide the secure mounting required for a high-quality treadmill. If the motor shifts, the drive belt loosens, causing the walking belt to slip. Examining beneath the motor cover reveals much about a treadmill’s design.

The Spirit Fitness Folding Treadmill folds up and down easily. When not in use, the treadmill folds up into a small space. First, pull the yellow handle on the back of the treadmill frame to unfold it. Then, please pick up the treadmill deck until it hinges. Our assisted design makes this simple and convenient.

Motor covers keep the drive and elevation motors and electronics cool. In addition, motor covers have ventilation, and lower electronics have large aluminium frames that act as heat sinks.


  • Bluetooth for apps compatibility
  • Heart rate monitor with chest strap
  • Speed/Incline buttons on handlebar
  • Good warranty


  • Competition has stronger motors.
  • Wider running surface needed.

Horizon Elite T7

Horizon Elite T7
  • Preset Programs – 42
  • Warranty- Frame & Motor- Lifetime, Parts- 5 yrs, Labor- 1yr

The Horizon Elite T7 Treadmill is a fantastic home fitness gadget with various benefits. It has Passport video workout technology. It has the ViaFit app to track exercise data. It also has 42 preset, preset workouts.
It is designed for runners as well as walkers and has advanced cushioning for comfort and silent operations.

It has variable response cushioning with three firmness zones below the track. It reduces the chances of injury compared to running on the road. It also increases efficiency.

It has an extra-wide 8.5-inch blue LCD screen. It displays speed, distance, time, incline, calories and pulse. The user can adjust the incline angle. The same can be done by preset, preset programmes too.

A book rack, two cup holders, a fan, speakers and a wireless chest strap. It is much more accurate compared to grips.

The Elite T7 Treadmill has a USB port for MP3 players & smartphones. In addition, prominent speakers are fixed in the console.
It is a low-maintenance treadmill that requires no lubrication. It goes to energy-saving mode if not used for a while.

Their customer service, however, requires some upgrades. Except for that, it is a highly recommended treadmill.


  • FeatherLight folding technology.
  • Many built-in workout programmes.
  • Variable Response Cushioning in deck..
  • Power saving mode gets activated automatically on getting down.


  • Too many button controls.
  • Customer service is a question mark.
  • No. of plastic parts should be less

Reebok jet 300 Treadmill

Reebok jet 300 Treadmill
  • Preset Programs – 24
  • Warranty- Frame – Lifetime, Motor- 10yrs, Parts & Labor- 2 yrs

The Jet 300 treadmill is a new addition to Reebok’s Jet series. The Jet 300 Treadmill has an air-motioning running deck. The treadmill has all the necessary and advanced features for silent operation and a pleasant experience.

The 5.5-inch LCD console displays vital heart rate, speed, time, incline, and pulse. The Soft-drop hydraulic folding mechanism is another key feature of the Reebok Jet 300 Treadmill.

The treadmill is excellent for home use for those who have just begun their fitness journey, as well as regulars. Customers receive the Reebok Jet 300 95 percent assembled, with only minor adjustments required before use.

Reebok’s Jet 300 Treadmill uses the latest technology and design to provide users with safety, entertainment, and fitness. The running area provides a hassle-free workout for people of all sizes. The Reebok Jet 300 Treadmill has an integrated speaker and a USB port. Speakers of superior quality keep you entertained while you work out.

The tread-belt is made of high-quality material. The thickness determines the visible class. The tread-belt has been designed to provide users with a safe and enjoyable experience.

The treadmill also has air pods that cushion the user’s footsteps. The main goal of these AirPods is to reduce ground reaction force to avoid overuse injuries.

The main goal of the Heart Rate receiver is to monitor the runner’s heart rate during workouts. Hand pulse sensors collect all heart rate readings and display them on the console.

The treadmill has 24 built-in workout plans and body fat analysis. These options not only engage the user but also motivate them to try more. If needed, it must be returned within 30 days of delivery.


  • Durable, high-quality & sturdy
  • 24 pre-sets
  • Pre-assembled
  • Exceptional work out performence


  • Safty key very sensitive.